saturday stroll . for printit photo shoot

Oh gosh, time flies! July is just around the corner and I still haven't come out with my photoshoot for my Printit giveaway. Pardon the sick lady for my procrastination and cheeky is cool enough to accompany me to Bugis for my saturday stroll. We went to Itacho Sushi for our late lunch before I started my work.

On the right, we will have the Grilled Pork Sushi which is always a must-order for us though frequently visiting Itacho Sushi. Never get bored at it, seriously. On the left, we will have the Grilled Surf Clam which the tip is shimmered in red. The mild ocean aroma of Hokkigai, or the surf clams are lost after cooked while the sweet flavors of flesh are brought out. Thus, surf clams are better cooked than consumed raw.

They currently offer new series: sea cucumber warship that is slightly chewy and not so much of our fancy. This could be Japanese style of cooking sea cucumber perhaps.

Overall, Itacho serves really great sushi at decent price. 

We prayed at Guan Yin Temple, Waterloo Street for good health and blessing as well before we went to Bencoolen.

Bencoolen totally keep me in awe of its vast choices of timepiece. And people always told me that they are selling cheaper here where I spotted a piece of pastel pink leather strap that goes too well with matt silver dial from Anne Klein! Alright, not at the moment. We shall leave for our photoshoot after beat off the hot weather with cooling dessert.

Lasalle campus, on our way to Haji Lane. I truly hope that one day I'd be here as a student, ain't passerby.

Continued our journey.

Here we reached the Short Street.

Very interesting junction where I am short and the moth's life is short too. I decided to stop by and mourned it before its beauty gone terribly bad.

That's how we stopped whenever we saw something eye-catching and ended up with four hours stroll, ceaselessly. Laugh. When I thought photo shoot will turn out to be so much easier after I've visualised how to take them for the past few days but things appeared to rather tedious to finish my actual photo shoot of Printit postcards.

Just as I've mentioned how much I am missing my mom's herbal chicken soup, here I managed to get one for my dinner. A bliss. 

ps. and yes, I am hosting a giveaway of Printit postcards with my humble shots tomorrow! :)

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