Sep 21, 2014

keep calm and capture life . dear tango & mango

I am fortunate enough to meet my colleague or more like a friend, Joe Lin in Singapore who has been treating me like her sister. Coming from the same homeland, she seems to understand my sorrow or hard circumstances I am facing pretty well. And this is part of the reasons that I would love to photograph the daddy and mommy with their utmost precious Tango Mango for the first time ever before she is back to Penang in a couple days. Our Sunday was tiring but so beautiful!

ps. keep calm and capture life

Sep 18, 2014

hearty meal with good company . la nonna, holland village

Truly a surprise from someone cheeky tonight. I had no idea about our dinner at La Nonna at all until we finally stepped into the restaurant. La Nonna, meaning 'The Grandmother' in Italian, serves traditional Italian country cuisine, much like what grandma would usually prepare in an unpretentious and inviting Trattoria atmosphere. This is def a place for discerning diners who prefer to have a hearty meal with good company. 

Good company, that is part of the beauty of all encounters in life. Thanks for everything, really.

Our hearty meal started with this complimentary starter breads and our choices of soup.

Zuppa Di Zucca, traditional Italian pumpkin soup with croutons.

Cioppino, fish and seafood soup in tomato base with fresh herbs and garlic bread croutons.

I decided to have Risotto, carnaroli risotto saffron with asparagus and sautéed prawns as my main.

Whereas cheeky's pick was Ravioli, lobster ravioli with Arrabbiata sauce and fresh herbs for tonight. Slightly spicy despite the decent taste, the dish doesn't go well with my bad cough though. Thus, I have to call it a miss after a pity bite.

And lastly, my all time fav! The dessert for tonight was Tiramisu, the traditional Venetian mascarpone cheese cake for the last. Not forgetting to thanks the gentlemen for our drinks from the house too!

ps. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 when I caught a fish alive :p

76 Namly Place (off Sixth Ave) | 26/26B Lorong Mambong (Holland V) Singapore.

12:00 - 14:30
18:00 - 22:30

+ 6468 1982 Holland Village
+6762 1587 Namly Place


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La Nonna

Aug 12, 2014

flapjaks the house of pancakes & homemade gelato . kuta, bali

在 Bali 的第二天早上,凉风依旧徐徐迎面吹来。慵懒的 vespa 在这不让人厌恶的繁忙道路上比比皆是,我也同时在心里嵌下了 vespa 之旅的小小梦想。



来到了昨晚经过的 Flapjaks

看着五彩缤纷的招牌和叽里咕噜的肚皮抗议之下,毅然地走进 Flapjaks

还没开始营业的 Flapjaks,份外清静。


稍等一会儿,服务员给我们递上 menu。选定了今天的早餐,便是环顾四周的时候了。

Canang,语译以椰叶编制再缀以碎花的小四方格。Sari,语译香料。当地的居民,除了村里有人办丧事之外,每天都会奉上 Canang Sari 以感激上天恩赐的一切事物。家家户户的门前必定可以看见 Canang Sari 的痕迹。


已许久不沾咖啡的我,身边总是很庆幸的有朋友会点上一杯咖啡,让我得以弥补喝不上咖啡的遗憾。倩的 Coffee Latte (25, 000 idr),虽然拉花上没什么大惊喜但看起来还蛮浓郁的。

Spaghetti Aglio Olio (65, 000 idr) 向来是我的至爱。看着忙碌的街道,嘴里含着的却是超好吃的 Aglio Olio。煸炒过的洋葱替嚼劲恰到好处的意大利面加了不少分。佳品!

我们还来份 Black Forest Waffle with Strawberry Sorbet (61, 000 idr)。香脆的威化饼带点苦苦的巧克力味配上店家自制的草莓雪糕,口感不错,可雪糕就是稍微甜了点。

大家来到 Kuta 的话,绝对值得一试。

Jl. Nakula 20X Pemecutan Kelod Denpasar Barat Kuta 80231, Indonesia.

Mon - Sun: 09:30 - 23:30

+62 361 488838

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