memories etched on memories . in courtesy of printit

Def an utmost excitement when Printit contacted me on one fine day that they are giving me 20 prints at no charges. I was like wow! 20 prints! but how am I going to decide on what to be printed on these precious pieces from my photo archive. After pondered for a few days, finally I have curated 20 humble shots of mine into these black and white postcards where I am giving away 10 pieces of them along with RM 5 voucher respectively!

Out of a sudden, I find it so reluctant to give them away thus I thought of this memories etched on memories photo project for my own collection. And yes, dear who is currently reading, welcome to hop over my facebook page [ here ] for a like and like the postcard that you'd love to receive from me next, at no charges of course.

My memories etched on memories photo project.

By chance, you heart my photos a lot that you'd love to get yours printed as well, let me show you how easy it was to do it via Printit. Simply download Printit for iOS at or Printit for Android at, followed by a few steps and get them delivered right to your door step in a week or two. Yes, this brief as it is.

Products available on Printit app.

As Printit is proudly expanding internationally, here are some of the changes which are taking place from Jul 1, 2014 onwards:

MiniSquare (1.9in X 1.9in) (RM12 for 20pcs)
- The most loved size of Printit that freezes your sweetest smiles into a small square prints. Extremely suitable for photo wall creation.

MiniWide (1.6in X 2.5in) (RM12 for 20pcs)
- Inspired by the old time mini photos for wallets. Bring your family, your loved ones with you everywhere you go.

Square (3.5in X 3.5in) (RM20 for 10pcs, RM32 for 20pcs; available in glossy photo print and matt card print)
- The most sharable size of Printit photo prints. Square gives a beautiful touch to your beautiful memories makes it the best little gift ever.

Let's create your own postcards with your most fondest memories, and share it to every corner of the world. Let your memories travel extra miles to bring happiness everywhere.

SquarePostcard (11.5cm X 13.5cm) - RM20 for 5 pcs, RM35 for 10 pcs and RM60 for 20pcs

WidePostcard (9.5cm X 18cm) - RM25 for 5 pcs, RM40 for 10 pcs and RM65 for 20 pcs

New member in Printit family, Printit Photobooks works marvelously as a photo stand, too. It can sit on your workdesk (you can change photo every day by flipping it), your hotel room when you travel, and of course, an awesome gift for your loved ones.

It comes in two options:
MiniBook (8.6cm X 11.6cm, 20 pages)
SquareBook (11.4cm X 14.8cm, 20 pages). 

Next, as the Official Merchandise Partner of George Town Festival 2014, Printit also proudly present you the limited edition George Town Festival 2014 Postcards (available from Jul 1 to Sep 15, 2014). Available in both sizes, you can create beautiful GTF’14 branded postcards with your beautifully taken photo of the unique, gorgeous, our most loved Penang island. My beautiful land of origin.

Back to the Printit app, we will find navigation menu here where you get to choose your desired size.

Select photos from your mobile, confirm your order, pay directly and wait for your beautiful prints at home. 

The price stated on Printit app is inclusive of all charges applied. So simple, ain't it?

When was the last time we open up the pigeon hole to find something warm other than utility bills and loads of promotional materials? Sincerely, I hope you'll be as happy as I am upon receiving my humble shots via snail mail where RM 5 voucher code will be given via email for the 10 winners prior to the postcard. 

Let's hop over my facebook page [ here ] before Jul 3, 2014 for a like and like the postcard that you'd love to receive from me next, at no charges. Good luck! 

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