red dot design museum . maxwell road

I have finally visited the Red Dot Design Museum, the first contemporary design museum in Singapore and Asia with Ching Ching. This museum is located at 28 Maxwell Road, merely 5 mins walking distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT. Trapped beneath this colonial-era building which was converted into the creative hub known as Red Dot Traffic today, creative souls can be spotted every single step we lingered around this red building.

Swing with the Plants. This swing by Droog along the walkway is a direct result of a thriving fantasy and expresses a particular affinity to nature and poetry. The seat can be filled with soil and plants and when the first budding branches of a vine rise up to the sky, the swing turns into a special phase for relaxation.

The museum was set up in 2005 to exhibit the works of the newly launched Red Dot Award: Design Concept as an extension of the internationally recognized award Red Dot Competition that are housed within the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany that are based in Singapore as the second design museum.

Exterior of the Design Museum Shop.

Eva Solo Bird Bath. Danish design by Eva Denmark A/S has shaped the aesthetics of this bird bath before we entered into the Design Museum Shop. It is an adornment to any garden and fills the need for water of domestic bird species, which can use the eye catcher to drink from and bathe in it at the same time.

Under the azure blue sky, we will slow down and appreciate the aesthetics of each product in the Design Museum Shop.

The museum shop sells an array of curated design products from international brands, selected for their unique and cutting-edge designs.

Moorigin, exclusively captured in stainless steel, can be seen here as well! I am particularly in love with their necklaces for the minimalistic appearance with futuristic touch.

Oh my god, they are selling this scratch map as well. I miss mine that is left behind in my Penang home badly. God knows when I'd be able to give it so many colours as theirs. Travel and taking photos truly soothe my mind and feeling good when I happened to see the world with my loved ones.

It is truly an interesting shop to browse through, though slightly pricier but def worth to own a piece of art that garnered recognition with red dot awards if being labelled in red.

Walked further, we are now visiting the Red Dot Design Museum which is linked to the Design Museum Shop.

Showcase of award-winning communications designs 2012/2013.

Showcase of award-winning product designs in the house.

Glad that I managed to spent a fruitful afternoon in such a eye-catching building with Ching Ching during her weekend trip down to Singapore.

And, here we continued our journey later on to our special encounter [ read about it here ] with inspiring old uncle at Maxwell Food Centre. Ciao!

backdated / May 3, 2014

28 Maxwell Road, Red Dot Traffic, Singapore 069120.

Mon, Tue & Fri (11am - 6pm)
Sat & Sun (11am - 8pm)

+65 6327 8027


d' good cafe . blend & brew the way you like it

Lovely Friday dinner spent with cheeky at D' Good Cafe and it has been the third impromptu visit that I did not bring my camera along, aaarrrgggghh. Guess it is time hold on the practice to carry my small ass camera in my bag as often so that I won't miss certain pictures that my iphone does not suffice. Shall wait till my next visit for the cafe interior, I promised. Quite a miss that I stop drinking coffee though. The cafe actually allows customer to create their own blend from a range of single origin coffee beans. Their concept that the best cup of coffee is one that is exactly the way you like it truly hyped up my lust for caffeine again. Laugh.  However, I'd love to come back again for it is def one of my favourite cafe in town that serves really delicious Prawn Aglio Olio

backdated / May 23, 2014

273 Holland Avenue #02-01/02 Singapore 278992.

+65 - 6219 9807


hongkong . the gourmet's guide

Hong Kong, the booming eastern oasis or the melting pot, is a rich fusion between international and local flavours which contribute to its vast gastronomical landscape. Thanks to Darren Kingman who approached me earlier on with this definitive Goumet Guide to Hong Kong, it is definitely our pleasure to share some insights into how impressive the contemporary culinary scene in this independently governed city-state within China today.

Highest number of restaurants per capita if being compared with other major cities in China.

Remarkable density of exquisite cuisine from all around the world in this city.

Hiking numbers of wine importation.

The average restaurant bill has been rising year-on-year since 2008,
this is likely why chefs like Jamie Oliver are opening restaurants there as well.

Gastronomical culture such as Chinese table etiquette and tool like chopsticks.

Food recommendation by Ale Wilkinson, the discerning palate behind The Dim Sum Diaries.

Michelin-starred Tsim Chai Kee Wanton Noodle; that can be seen on [ my previous post ].

Lastly, we will end the day with our top notch food connoisseur Andy Hayler,
the man from andyhayler.com who has eaten in every 3 star Michelin restaurants in the world,
and his recommendation of Michelin starred jewels in Hong Kong!

Thanks again to Darren Kingman and HotelClub Hong Kong for the sharing.