shop wonderland . haji lane

Met up with Sam, who will be back to Malaysia for goods really soon, at Shop Wonderland or The Pantry along the Haji Lane. Shop Wonderland is the retail arm of the Wonderland for Detailed Planners event agency which sells an artfully curated selection of homeware.

The Pantry, the store's first floor that consists of cafe counter and dining place.

Cozy corner next to cake display chiller. I just knew that their cakes are from Maple & Market, while the pastries are from Carpenter & Cook!

I am in awe of how the owner put these jellyfish lookalike hanging lamps together with the understated furniture and store layout.

My pick of Lychee Grape Mint Fizz that soothed my throat in the hot afternoon.

Sam's Flat White that she claimed is decent though the coffee art really gotta improve for a bit.

The special Earl Grey Lavender Cake which lavender had the stronger taste over earl grey in my opinion.

And the Dark Chocolate Molten Cake that caters well to our taste buds. I am a dark chocolate lover anyway.

Part of the merchandise for sale at the first floor.

Second floor of the Shop Wonderland.

I wish I am able to back with grabbing all of 'em! So beautiful.

A quote that caught my attention - sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. Finger crossed.

Minimal floral cushion cover, something that I am really into.

My embellished sandals which Louise owns another pair in silver.

The studio section for conducting flower crafting workshops and classes.

Cozy little space that our Sunday afternoon well spent at.

Hopefully I will able to grab the seat overseeing Haji Lane for my next visit as I really love to observe gesture of the passers-by.

Good bye, Wonderland and we headed for a stroll before Sam joining her friends for dinner.

And my babe, Sam whom I will be meeting again really soon in early August.

Haji Lane, a culturally rich street that I often drop by for photo shoot and can't help falling in love.

37 Haji Lane Singapore 189230.

+65 6299 5848


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Anonymous said...

the place really looks extra magical through your eyes <3 hehehe i got inspired by you and spent some time looking through the different settings on my camera tonight :)))

Jhu said...

sam! I am loving yours as well! guess I really gotta take more photos of myself! seeing yours made me feel my personal photos are really of a poor quantity hahahaha