do mind free . nama chocolate that melts

What drives me from escaping overtime tonight / Current reading which I borrowed from Wendy and the Royce Nama Chocolate 'Au Lait' from someone cheeky that is awaiting in fridge. Def my utmost joy to work on my little project, flipping through the inspiring page-turner and savouring the delicate squares that literally melt in the mouth through the Tuesday night while listening to HK drama. Well, I do listen most of the time. Laugh.

ps. nama (na-ma) means fresh or raw in Japanese, derived from the fresh cream being used 

happy valentine's day . fortune cookie

Received the fragrance sample of BRIT Rhythm that I requested via Burberry's newsletter. Truly in awe of its packaging and the scented temporary tattoo.

To apply the fragrance sample, we have to remove the clear cover and press it onto our skin which can be washed off later with soap and water. Besides my current collection of Body and Touch, Brit seems to be another unique scent from Burberry to catch my nose. Soothing, if I am to name it. Bravo again to Burberry for such a creative piece of perfume bottle on the skin!

Oh yea, Happy Valentine's Day dear all readers and friends! I celebrated today with my to-do lists and the power of fortune cookie with its little note which motivated me to keep moving. How about yours?

You are primed to come up with a creative solution. Inspiring, at the right moment.

mesmerizing evening . on my way back to the lion city

Peggy babe brought me to a dim sum restaurant for some good food before heading to airport after my three days getaway from the city.

Cheesy-baked green mussel, my fav dim sum of the day.

Me time - spent on reading, eating taking photos and sitting like nobody's business.

Gifted with window seat, as usual.

Sure a very lucky day for me to spot the moon for my evening flight. My hands simply couldn't get away from my iphone and the windows view. Laugh.

Truly mesmerizing evening I had today while missing my parents, friends and hometown.

ps. when you least expect it, life surprises you :)