eat well, galloping well in CNY . with gaviscon

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I am actually going back to my home sweet home tomorrow night when my mind is still sorta in the state of celebrating new year countdown for 2014. Time flies, seriously! Not to mention Penang as the food haven itself, I always find it exciting to be at home with mom's cooking. Basically, Chinese New Year is about fireworks, ang pao, gathering with friends and family and vitally, the good food. Just a little funny anecdote that I'd like to share while I am working on this write up. My godbrother used to eat mandarin orange, grapes along with seeds. For once, he swallowed his chewing gum by mistake and I scared him in a very-wise-sister tone that all the seeds will now stick on the chewing gum and they will grow into a baby plant. Later, a big tree will grow on top of his head and he will be trapped beneath. God knows he really freaked out and cried for almost a week. Ok I know I am bad. Laugh. Shall we shift the focus back to improper food intake.

Thus, heartburn and indigestion could easily come into place as the repercussion of improper food intake during Chinese New Year. Heartburn, has nothing to with the heart, is the result of gastric acids backing up into the esophagus. It is an uncomfortable warm and burning sensation in the chest that prone to occur after eating, or during sleep. Some patients may experience difficulties in swallowing as well, as explains by this self explanatory video from Gaviscon.

Next, from the traditional chinese medicine perspective, our body type generally fall into two major properties: hot or cold where food are categorized into hot, neautral or cold based on their "hot-cold " property. We must first know our body type before we are able to plan our diet accordingly. Thanks to Gaviscon which provides us a simple infographic about how to choose the right diet during Chinese New Year based on your body type. 

Shall we keep this in mind to stay healthy while celebrating the festive and have a prosperous year ahead with galloping horses!

ps. happy chinese new year! see you in upcoming post after a week's getaway from the city!

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saveur again . apple of my eye

Discounted the beeline as the restaurant do not take reservations, I am truly mesmerized with Saveur's quality French cuisine at its affordable price. One of my to-do lists in town would def goes to be able to finish off their starter and desserts. Hop over to my previous posts [ link ] [ link ] for more shots in this apple of my eye.

And now, finally I am back here again with someone cheeky as I promised him since ages ago. We tried one of their signature starter Saveur's Pasta for this round. The angel hair pasta was tossed with chilli oil, fine-chopped Japanese konbu and sakura ebi with minced pork sauce. Oh my god, I can seriously grabbed two plates on my own.

Next, we tried out something new and this particular dish actually surprised cheeky with wide open eyes. Laugh. Saveur's Salmon Confit did an awesome job, way to yummy to go with the fennel and apple salad with lemon vinaigrette.

And well the signature Duck Leg Confit, served with homemade mashed potato, sauteed shitake mushroom, orange segments and orange infused natural jus happened to be my all time favourite dish in Saveur. Just realized I forgot to make a picture of Chicken Roulade, the other dish of the night. Argh.

Shall we pass the Chicken Roulade to this additional bowl of Sauteed Potato that I simply couldn't get enough. Laugh.

The night went on with our last order of Tofu Cheesecake with Passion Fruit Sauce again. Yea right, again. Tonight, Saveur changed the topping to dainty purple daisy instead of green one which I got during the last visit. Sweet enough for the hearty manner.

Managed to catch a few musical performances at Waterfront the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre after our dinner as well.

The place that I actually dropped by the night before with my junior and friends appeared to be so much different tonight with the ocean breeze, soothing tunes and make-do aurora crossing above the night horizon. So beautiful.

Photographed at Saveur Purvis after my visit to Singapore Biennale with someone cheeky.

backdated / Jan 18, 2013

05 Purvis Street #01-04 Singapore, Singapore 188584

Mon - Sun (12:00 - 14:15 and 18:00 - 21:15)

+65 6333 3121

How To Get There
Purvis Outlet > Bugis or City Hall MRT
Far East Outlet > Orchard MRT



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galloping to prosperity . chinatown light up

The very first light up that I get to witness with my own pair of eyes in town. Thanks to my colleague, Ivan who informed me about this light up event and high school friends for the stroll. Drawing the inspiration from chinese idiom, 万马奔腾, a few streets of Chinatown are being enchanted by a kaleidoscope of over 88 massive horse-shaped lanterns with dazzling gold coins. The decorations, designed by 19 students from the Singapore University of Technology and Design and assembled by 55 craftsmen from China, took 625 days to design and produce. What an endeavour to the galloping horses! Oh my.

backdated / Jan 11, 2014

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the autograph series . truffol

I am quite an avid iphonographer that I think I ain't going to switch to other brands than Apple in anytime soon. Basically, I can make picture of everything that happened to appear in my everyday. Iphone has thus become my main camera which I always heart to find it some beautiful outfits. I was so excited upon receiving the email from Truffol team which offered me a product sample of their Autograph series solely at their cost. Truly in awe of all their minimally beautiful collections, I struggled hard and finally made my decision to pick myself a matching black leather skin for my black iphone and bumper. They even further added some personal touch to this art by offering free embossing up to 3 letters besides no sales tax and free shipping worldwide. Feel free to hop on their website if you are looking for a minimal piece of art like mine. :)

ps. so happy to travel beautifully with my iphone


the secret life of walter mitty . day-dreamer

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, def one of the particular movies that I'd love to check out in cinema for its beautiful cinematography and the storyline. Glad to have my best companion of the night who actually accompanied me despite he watched the movie so much earlier. This movie is about Walter Mitty the day-dreamer who tend to escape his anonymous life into a world of fantasies. All these fantasies ended when he hopped on the real ride, scribbled on a real travel journal, experienced the bizarre encounters most people wouldn't believe are real. Embarking on a journey, is a journey itself that turns fantasies into a real adventure in life. Here I marked my two dream destination in my secret life, Salar de Uyuni and Alaska. Finger crossed.

ps. to see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other, and to feel, that's the purpose of life

My version of Walter Mitty; photographed at Ocean Park during my recent trip to Hong Kong.

backdated / Jan 3, 2014

entrepreneurship . new insight

Putting my plan aside with my going-to-be partner, I planned to head on my own little project first. A dream, that I always wanted to. Of minimalism, if it works. There is always an element named entrepreneurship in my blood stream. And while many others who defined entrepreneurship as building a business simply, the word actually goes beyond from my recent reading which is short and nice. Quoted from 20 Things I've Learned As An Entrepreneur by Alicia Morga, it's about embracing and building your life. It's about making mistakes, facing your fears, love and loss. It's about stepping out into the unknown and having faith in yourself. It's about forward movement and thinking even when the outlook is foggy.

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Time spent thinking about doing something takes away the time you have to actually do it.

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the little black jacket exhibition . singapore

I was so excited when I stumbled upon the microsite [ http://thelittleblackjacket.chanel.com/ ], knowing that Singapore happened to the last stop from Nov 9, 2013 to Jan 1, 2014. The exhibition showcases over 100 shots of Chanel's classic little black jacket, worn and styled differently by luminaries from all walks where 21 of them were photographed by Lagerfeld himself. I truly adore this honcho of the fashion world for the souls behind each portrait.

As a plus, admission to the exhibition is free! I gave Wan Chin a tinkle last Saturday to ask if she would accompany me to The Little Black Jacket exhibition which was located at Art Science Museum. Fortunate enough to have her who agreed to come with me till the last step despite it's started to drizzle and of course, my iphone which did quite a decent job for all my shots of the day.

The beauty of classic.

ps. thanks to li hern for the Creamier treat too :)

Photographed during my visit to Art Science Museum, Marina Bay Sands with Wan Chin owing to The Little Black Jacket exhibition on Dec 28, 2013.