happy 2014 . saveur

Thanks to Chew Xing who reached the cafe way before its opening hour at 6pm to got us the first table seating at Saveur for our new year celebration dinner. Feel free to hop over my previous post [ link ] for more stories and interior shots behind the cafe. Truly sorry for occupying the seat at a rather lengthy hour plus despite having ceaseless crowds who were queueing outside. We had a really great time savouring the delicious dishes and sisters chit-chat while waiting for Felicia.

Quite a bliss to be able to try out their festive menu such as Pan Seared Scallop with Pumpkin Disc and Tofu Cheesecake with Passion Fruit Sauce besides all-time favourite dishes by Saveur.

Pan Seared Scallop with Pumpkin Disc, served along with pumpkin puree and parmesan chip.

Saveur's signature Duck Leg Confit, served with homemade mashed potato, sauteed shitake mushroom, orange segments and orange infused natural jus.

Pork Belly served with creamy green lentils, soft boiled egg and natural jus.

Cod Fish served on brandade potato with green pea volute, beure noisette and asparagus.

Garden Salad the mesclun tossed with homemade lemon vinaigrette, quail egg, shaved parmesan, cherry tomatoes, black olive rings and crushed roasted hazelnuts.

Pan-seared Sea Bass, saute potato with crabmeat, french beans and caper vinagrette.

Lastly, we will have a bite of another festive menu, Tofu Cheesecake with Passion Fruit Sauce. Quite of my fancy for the not completely cheesy and slightly aromatic like eating Tofu to be matched with passion fruit sauce. Hmm let's add it into my cooking list in 2014, hopefully. Laugh.

ps. let's eye for beautiful fireworks for upcoming post

Photographed at Saveur Purvis Street during my new year celebration dinner with Wan Chin, Chew Xing, Sin Hong and Felicia on Dec 31, 2013.

05 Purvis Street #01-04 Singapore, Singapore 188584

Mon - Sun (12:00 - 14:15 and 18:00 - 21:15)

+65 6333 3121

How To Get There
Purvis Outlet > Bugis or City Hall MRT
Far East Outlet > Orchard MRT



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present shock . when everything happens now

Thanks to Mashable and Douglas Rushkoff for this signed copy of Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now that made my Christmas more inspiring with a little insight on the shift of social behaviour. What's made my day even happier would be how Rushkoff appreciated my footshot which reminded him that looking at your feet on the ground is the perfect way to find yourself in time. Thank you so much dear Rushkoff for motivating me to keep my foot on the ground though sometimes I'd love to stay being a big dreamer and reach for the sky as well.

ps. if the end of the twentieth century can be characterized by futurism, the twenty-first can be defined by presentism

merry xmas . 2013

Hallo, my dear readers, pardon me for the belated Merry Christmas! My first Christmas spent in Singapore has gone meaningful with the celebration extraordinaire. Giving up the parties and ceaseless crowds on the street, I was having a staycation at somewhere cozy with two of my besties in town. Without the sleighing jingle bells, our mind stayed clear with determination to craft our new year resolution and plan passionately. I promised I will back with pending posts soon and of course, the honour to show you my dream in a good half year. Finger crossed.

ps. I'm seriously having a knack for dreamer :)

happy winter solstice

Tried out Kam Long Curry Fish Head with Kristinah, Kate, Joe Lin and her hubby at Johor Bahru today. Thanks to Joe Lin's recommendation. I really wish I can back to the restaurant again soon! Super duper delicious. I am quite a fan of fried beancurd skin though. The day went really exhausting with an hour plus queue to cross the causeway with Kate where I reached home rather late at night. I used to have the practice of rubbing glutinous rice balls in conjunction with winter solstice at home. I actually felt down for not being able to savour a proper bowl of traditional glutinous rice balls. Thus, I got so touched when my babe, After 8 Miss V sent me this glutinous rice balls shot of hers and someone cheeky who delivered a mugful of glutinous rice balls which was hot still in hand right at a quarter to twelve!

ps. thanks love, def my bliss to have you guys

人前 。人后

The crowds were still there, before and after my dinner. And I want to park myself with a more peculiar position or more precisely, I'd say to eye for different perspective. When people often judge a book by its appearance, I'd rather view their life stories from the core. Just like a backbone that supports, quietly. Consider all of the things that culture tells us will make us happy like a new car, new home, college degree or more money etc. However, these are all short-term happiness where the level of pleasure will lead us to the hedonic treadmill that I've shared a bit in my previous blog post [ link ]. Eventually, the newness wears off and here we start to linger again. Living with purpose, what I saw from the creative duo who performed on the street tonight. Full of zest, full of energy; the fundamental for my new year resolution.

ps. 第一次和妈妈 facetime 聊了好久、好久

keep my foot on the ground . present

Someone told me, I have a raw soul in my photos. I was delighted, really. And I won a signed copy from Mashable photo challenge which is now in the mail from the States! Can't wait to flip on my book soon. Oh yea kakak ( my landlord's maid) passed me a Christmas parcel from Malaysia when I was about to leave home this morning. Grabbed it on the hand, walked at incredible speed to the MRT station from home but suddenly, I slowed down and put my parcel on the red brick pathway with turning-yellow leave. Simply felt that this place is gonna be a perfect backdrop for my parcel. God knows why my heart beats really fast when people passed by, it really takes courage to do random stuff. Laugh.

ps. thanks babe :)

hedonic treadmill . inspiring sunday

Hardly pamper myself with quality me time lately that I think I need more perhaps to clear off my cluttered minds, pending reading list etc. Squirmed in the cozy blanket with a little nap, fruits, drawing and reading did enlivened my flow of creativity out of sudd. Moving onto the next chapter, I learnt a new term that psychologists call the "hedonic treadmill" - the process of continually adapting to improving circumstances and eventually returning to a relatively neutral point. Often, we tend to think we know what makes us happy. Thus, we strive for it or even chase for it. And then we achieved and get used to it. At this point of time, boredom or discontentment sets in and we declare that there is something more we need in order to be happy. For example, you ain't really that happy after all for getting your dream branded goods as you would've thought before the goal attained. Got to know my friend is confronting the terminal diagnosis of her mom and I understand how she feels as the only child. At this point of time, the importance of materialism obsession is basically a nil. So what are we really chasing after, in the pursuit of life happiness?  Think about it.

Tried out the newly launched Kampung Burger for lunch. So-so I'd say.

Though I knew it is not supposed to choose McD as my choice of lunch for I am like feeling the butterflies in my stomach in almost a week.

And today happened to one of the longest nap I ever had, I feel so refreshed despite woke up with puddle of water on the floor. I didn't closed the window. Oh my god!

ps. zen; a way of being worth pondering

itacho sushi . new love

I am actually not too fancy over Japanese food all these while but somehow my besties in Singapore like Japanese food a lot. Oops no, they love it more precisely. Lunch with cheeky at Itacho Sushi before my facial appointment. And god knows why I just added a new love today, Grilled Pork Sushi! Way too tender, way too mouth-watering. Oh gosh.

a little cheerful . a little melancholy

Woke up this morning with perfect daylight on ceiling. I couldn't resist to grab my iphone while still squirming on bed to capture the moment. The borderline between cheerful and melancholy; matters most with your companion.

hiking in flip flops . lamma island 南丫島

Today, we are going to have a really long virtual tour to Lamma Island the third largest island in Hong Kong where my babes and me hiked for 4 hours in flip flop. Oh gosh.

Wandering around Central area before catching our boat to Lamma Island with Dino, the HK friend who suggested us to switch our plan to Lamma Island from Lantau Island initially.

At present, there are two regular ferry routes, solely managed by Hong Kong & Kowloon Ferry Ltd., to Yung Shue Wan or Sok Khu Wan from Central on Hong Kong island.

Five of us will be heading on with around half and hour ride to Lamma Island via Yung Shue Wan route from Central. How thoughtful of the ferry company with this Braille map for visually impaired people.

Oh my god, thanks to Dino who brought us to this island with azure blue sky and leisurely conversation to the nature.

Compared to the fast-paced Hong Kong island, I actually prefer this laid-back island that reminds me of home.

Every single bit of the architecture.

Every single bit of life.

We managed to taste the famous local dessert, Eggette aka Kai Dan Zai as well. It is a kind of spherical pancake or ball waffle that is popular in Hong Kong, Macau and South India.

For the first stop, we are checking out wind power in action at Lamma Winds.

On our way.

The hot weather was def a killer in the afternoon. God blessed there was this Ah Por Beancurd Jelly 亚婆豆腐花 where we could grabbed a bowl of cooling taufufa.

Reaching Lamma Winds the green project in a bit.

Standing 71 metres tall, the 800kW wind turbine is Hong Kong's first and was built to provide a practical look at operating wind turbines.

And Tai Ling on Lamma Island was chosen for this installation owing to it is one the breeziest places in Hong Kong.

Walked along the walking trail.

We are now at second spot, Hung Shing Yeh Beach that is famous for its clean water and powdery sand.

And hey, meet Dino.

The breathtaking, sweeping coastal vistas.

Following the family walking trail, we are now at Hilltop Pavillion which offers the magnificent view of Lantau Island and Cheung Chau in distance.

The trail ends in Sok Khu Wan where we get to visit fishing villages and explore a 150-year old Tin Hau temple.

And the mango-flavoured Nestle drumstick that I kinda missing now.

Not forgetting our seafood dinner by the pier in our sweaty mood.

And no worries, this is a fishing boat and we not gonna back with it. Laugh. We gotta catch the ferry back to Aberdeen and here we bid goodbye to the fishing villages.

A bit at the down side on our way back despite the breezy evening and shiny moon in the clouds. Tired and a little lethargic; the things that outweigh.

A spot worth visiting if you are fond of non-typical Hong Kong shopping, food hunting trip. Really.

Photographed at Lamma Island 南丫島 during my recent HK trip with babes Vivian, Saw Yean and Pui Yan.

backdated / oct 9, 2013