55 cafe @ coffee atelier . penang

I am still very much into Penang heritage cafe though currently residing in other city. I got seriously excited when Jia Eian invited me over an awesome pre-birthday lunch treat with 3D coffee art. Just when I was wondering where he gonna bring me to, his car parked at right in front of the cafe. Oh my, the sense of familiarity simply popped out into my mind once we reached 55 Cafe @ Coffee Atelier. Hey there, I actually dropped by a year back [ my previous post ] with my ex roomie! Such a sweet coincidence where I started to busy making pictures with my iphone again.

Well it'd a pleasure as well to see the 3D coffee art even though I don't take coffee nowadays. Unfortunately, all the coffee artists weren't in and I gotta call in a miss. Really disappointed, for a bit until I found this gorgeous shot from Silly Epiphany [ link ] to show you guys. Couldn't agree more with her that how am I supposed to drink it for these extent of cuteness. Laugh.

The cafe offers set lunch at RM 35, including 1 starter, 2 tapas, 1 dessert and soft drink. We are not too keen for the tapas in the drizzling afternoon and the waiter was generous to let us change from 2 tapas to 1 main course instead. Oh love.

As we had two set lunch, thus we chose Mixed Salad with Sesame Dressing for the first starter. Tasted slightly too salty, to me. Still great in overall though.

And Veloute of Pumpkin Ginger for the second choice of starter. So creamy, must try!

Whereas for main course, we picked the Aglio Olio with Smoked Salmon that fresh salmon fillets call the plate a thumbs up!

And the Aglio Oglio with Grilled Salmon which tasted as yummy as the smoked one. What an indulgence to immerse in the spaghetti that came with the richness of extra virgin olive oil. I am a Aglio Olio lover, just in case you didn't know. 

Lastly, the waiter was so nice to came over with Affogato where the scoop of vanilla ice cream drained with coffee where I gotta requested him to give me a new one with a scoop of plain vanilla instead. So pain! And this fellow cheered me up to let me photograph mine with a spoonful of coffee. Laugh.

Perfect lunch treat, thanks dude!

ps. ciao, october; hallo, my fav november :)

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55, Lorong Stewart 10300 Penang, Malaysia.

Mon - Sun 08.30 - 22.30

+604 - 262 2611

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kaffa espresso bar . penang

Heartfelt thankful to Mok and Ching who accompanied me to this beautiful cafe Kaffa Espresso Bar that I've been longing for a visit when I was back in hometown for a week.

Once we entered the cafe, I was spell-bounded to every single detail. Particularly, I am in love with this lamp reflection that I'd named it an art au naturel.

Featuring The Beatles in the cafe has successfully put Kaffa Espresso Bar in the limelight, creating the latest fad over social media platforms with this wall mural which caught my attention about this cafe.

Owing to the late hour when we were in the cafe and basically the kitchen was closed, thus we managed to grab a cuppa of coffee, homemade lemonade and muffin that gonna accompany us through the visual journey in Kaffa Espresso Bar.

Along the hallway, the cafe first welcome us with these lovely enamel mugs and some other merchandise for sale at the cafe counter.

Upcoming, would be the posters of PSYCHE, a solo art exhibition by Rofizano Zaino (Rofi) depicting the principle behind Kaffa 'It is the distinct yet subtle concept of the connection between coffee and art behind it that gives it the wow factor.'

At the central part of this Victorian-styled building, here lies the cafe counter of Kaffa Espresso Bar  adorning with my fav robin blue.

Walked further, we will come to the retrolicious world.

A quaint, cozy space with pop art drawings, vintage tv and wooden couch.

And a little space featuring Rofi's artwork who enjoys painting faces and figures. To him, the face idiomatically conveys a map of one’s life. 

The overall concept and interior design simply caught me amazed when Mok and Ching were busy chatting, leaving me ample time to walk around the cafe. Laugh.

Just when I was making pictures at the cafe counter, I discovered a big piece of artwork that looks tremendously gorgeous in the bling.

Awesome no? This perfect setting with classy vintage decor is def one of the must-visit in town for both day and night. I wish I'll be back soon for some proper meals. Ouch.

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Kaffa Espresso Bar
22 Green Hall 10200 George Town Pulau Pinang.

Mon - Sun 08.00 - 22.00

+604 2622822


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Kaffa Espresso Bar - Green Hall

walk walk, sip sip . toh soon cafe 多春茶座

Been living for quite a long while in KL previously and Singapore for now, I always find myself with a knot towards the beauty of Penang heritage.

Glad to have my beautiful afternoon spent with mom for a quickie heritage stroll and cuppa chat at Toh Soon Cafe the back lane cafe which located in the folds of Campbell Street. Walking further into the alley that is packed with jumble of old-fashioned tables and stools, you'll find the endless crowds.

The beautiful mess.

And def the traditional toasted bread, steamed bread, half-boiled egg and coffee; freshly served by Toh Soon Cafe. A gem in the island, really.

Iphone-captured heritage stroll with mom at Toh Soon Cafe, Campbell Street Penang when I was back to my hometown last week.

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in cabin . my hero of the night

Back to Singapore again after a week's break at my hometown, Penang. When it comes to flight, my backpack has been dumped to the sixteenth row though I was seated at first row. The baggage load for Tiger Airway tonight was just terrible. Thanks to the steward who offered to grab all my belongings for me. Still can't stop laughing when I recalled the clumsy act of him. Guess he never expected my backpack to be such a weight. Laugh. Thanks to my hero of the night.

ps. it could be tough but I can overcome :)

Photograph of heart-made chicken soup by mom. Oh love.

mini birthday bash . la vanille

Spent my leisure Saturday with TOU babes at La Vanille after our singing session for a cuppa chat. The ambience was perfect for the babes' sharing session. I did not make many pictures via my iphone for the day but you may visit my previous post [ link ] for more interior shots of this cafe.

Never expected my babes will held me a mini birthday bash. Oh lovely, so flattered with the beautiful desserts and candles on top depicting my new stage of life which is coming soon. I mean, really soon. Really appreciated it my loves. Thank you.

Photographed at La Vanille Cupcakes & Macarons; Georgetown with TOU babes.

122A Hutton Lane 10050 Penang.  

Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 21:00

04 - 2264024 


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homecoming . penang

Reading, has been my favourite pastime while travelling. Do you?

Photographed my recent good read, Bond Girl by Erin Duffy in cabin during homecoming flight to Penang.

hongkong . a pretty interesting melting pot

It was drizzling when we aboard and the weather doesn't matter much as I basically fell asleep after took the medicine prescribed by doctor in KL. First day of my HK trip was truly mesmerized with the beautiful sunrise and sea cloud once I opened my eyes from a long nap before touching down at Macau International Airport.

We took a cab around 10 mins ride then to Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Terminal. We travelled via TurboJet at the cost of HKD $161 each to Hong Kong which landed at Sheung Wan MTR.

And we purchased the Octopus Card, the debit card to be used in public transport right away at MTR station before went on to our serviced apartment in Mong Kok.

To me, travel is to embrace the local culture where I always read about articles on Hong Kong living like a caged bird generally. Some of my friends might wonder why don't we just spent our lodging in hotel for a better sleep. It was a different experience after all, despite I found it so annoyed with the itchy legs caused by dust mites now. Ouch!

We had our first meal in HK at this local renown cafe or cha chan teng, Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠華餐廳 which came a long way since started in 1967. The colourful LED signboard in Portland Street outlet has further preserved the beauty of its historical value.

Finally, we were led to our table after a long queue. Every dish on other tables seems so delicious or it could be the case where we were starving like did not eat for a few days. Laugh.

Just realized I did not make picture of all the dishes. Gosh! And you have my favourite Soft Bone Ribs and Fried Rice 猪软骨炒饭 (HKD $53) that we thought would be the most delicious out of all.

Next, we will have this Fish Balls and Fish Cakes in Fish Soup 鱼汤四宝 (HKD $39) that I think just a so-so rating though.

And yea right, I am being banned from caffeine intake thus I ordered a cup of hot Red Dates and Longan Tea 热桂圆红枣茶 (HKD 20) instead of signature HK-styled milk tea that I'd to taste a sip. Sighed.

So far so good, HK looks like a pretty interesting place. Like a melting pot where east meets west, where urban meets zen and where I meet you. 

Photographed at Lam Tsuen Wishing Village during my recent HK trip with babes Vivian, Saw Yean and Pui Yan.

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Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠華餐廳
G/F, 244 Portland Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon.

2392 3889

awesome meet up at kl before my hk trip . cafe vienna klcc

Managed to call myself a day off before my flight to Macau on the next day. Blessed with window seat, as I did for most of the time, I took an earlier flight to Kuala Lumpur on lovely Friday morning with my passport, a classic Casio MQ24-7B analog watch and a dainty star bracelet for this trip.

Still in awe of the loads of my medium-sized tote from Longchamp; ouch a pity one.

I took the shuttle bus once touched down in airport to LRT station which brought me then to the fashion house where I stayed here a couple months for my internship.

A place where I met my inspiring idol Melinda herself, where I met my awesome mentor Dirk and June, where I met some creative friends and of course, where my fingers intertwined with romantic lace and couture that were once a dream that came true after all. Memories, really.

Headed on to KLCC next to wait for Yong Chern after a quickie met up with the awesome ones in fashion house. Stopped by to make a picture of the gorgeous Petronas twin tower with my iphone despite carrying my heavy luggage along. Live the slow life to eye for beautiful details, what I've been practicing all these years since I caught into photography. 

I went to Cafe Vienna alone for my late lunch, another cafe that I always wanted to visit again after my last visit [ here ] in two years back. Quite an unfortunate incident where I am banned from caffeine intake recently, thus I just got a glass of sky juice from the house and playing around with my Fujifilm XE-1 which just had its first trip overseas while waiting for Yong Chern. Gotta miss the Austrian coffees, what a pain.

One of the beautiful chandeliers that I encountered, seriously.

And here you have some pictures of the Chocolate Lava Cake and Kaesespaetzle that is tossed with my favourite sauteed mushrooms and hams. Satisfied tummy for my late lunch and really being thankful to the house for letting me spent half a day in the cafe. Only missing my kindle, or else def a perfect afternoon in this Austrian cafe.

My first day escaping from work and Singapore has ended with unexpected incident that seriously freaked me out. Glad to have Nat, Yong Chern and his friend who accompanied me through the scary hour until the doctor diagnosed and confirmed I am fit for flight.

ps. thanks god that I did not miss my trip, phewwww.....

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