homesick & bak kut teh craving; cured

Though having rather similar culture, there are still ample minor differences that caused me to be homesick after my six-month living in this city. Food, especially. I really miss the dried and herbal soup-styled bak kut teh, a lot! And glad that someone cheeky gotta bring me for a bak kut teh treat as I won a bet, theoretically.

I heart strolling on the streets, to unravel surprises via my iphone the everyday camera. Despite walked for quite a long distance to find the dried bak kut teh, we encountered many unexpected beauty from the catchy red wooden door of Sony Music Singapore to the 3d wall mural etc. All, dancing on the streets.

Finally we are here at Far East Square where the shop was just stone's throw away. I will just rate other dishes as a so-so but dried style bak kut teh really so much alike. One of my favourite meal back in university! Seriously made my day with satisfied craving and homesick being cured a little. Laugh.

Later, we walked over to Ann Siang Hill to catch a small bite of tummy-fillers.

It seems like numbers are everywhere today.

Yummy yummy, we are coming to Kki which means 'cake' in Japanese again today.

Argh, new dining place with nice Tiramisu is found! For Kki, its Tiramisu tasted more of strong liquer whereas Poulet's Tiramisu tasted more of strong espresso. Different but simply appealing to my gastronomic journey for both. We also tried out NAO the strawberry mousse with Pistachio centre which has a very sweet combination of soft pink plus lime green. It does not taste too sweet with the layers of sponge cake on the bottom. My new resolution is def back to Kki again with my camera!

We lingered around the area after Kki and went to Ps. Cafe incidentally.

What a beautiful floor of blooms, well another cafe checked on my list. Hehe.

And lately, I am like in a really bad craving for coffee though I know I should behave like sis just said. Went to Tiong Bahru Bakery next for a cuppa of hot mocha and kouign amann. Truly a bliss.

ps. thanks :)


my first chrono watch ever . companion

Watch, has been an important element throughout my life journey and so does it happen as the arm swag I couldn't leave home without, most of the time. Simply get a shot of my first chrono watch ever today which is six-year-old now and still counting. By the way, I still remembered clearly all the designs of timepiece I owned since kid. Laugh. Do you?

ps. keeping the finger crossed, I'd love to home with a new Guess watch with this instagram entry #favouriteguesswatch [ link ] :)

ten of us . feeling thankful

There is this bunch of lovelies who will accompany me through thick and thin; wherever they are. And the karaoke session via whatsapp audio chat was just epic with their sweet presence! Oh gosh, simply my mesmerizing Friday night.

ps. 天后 as lullaby was epic too; surprised :)

Photographed at Chong Qing Grilled Fish, Aljunied with Shyuan and Nicholas.

happy mid autumn . it's only a paper moon

Listening to 'It's Only A Paper Moon', it is a night full of bitter drops for being homesick out of a sudden. Missing the nights to stand under the black blanket of moon and stars in compound once stepped out from home, like really too much. Why there is no moon outside the window tonight? :(

ps. happy mid autumn festival 中秋节快乐

Photographed my current reading of 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami, savouring the mini piece of egg custard mooncake from The Peninsula.

rise and shine, enthusiastically

Iphone-captured morning on my stroll to mrt from new room, everything is doing great after the nightmare.

me . after a month

Finally I am back to gym workout after skipping for a month owing to some errands. And hallo readers, a random selfie celebrating my healing-well lips or hoping to get my haircut done before upcoming HK trip perhaps.

ps. shorter or really short?

holiday . where art thou

New landlord handed me over with a postcard, 'you've a mail from London' today. I just smiled with the mind knowing who the sender is, simply knew it.

ps. thanks :)

little project for new room . ikea


forsaken coffee . no more

With initial thought to get my friends and I a longchamp tote each, I am ended up with a bagful of a few longchamp totes along with satisfied taste buds owing to this tall, forsaken Starbucks coffee. My first cup of coffee since the three-months-back incident where I am basically forbidden from taking it in office now. Laugh.

ps. sudden craving of coffee aroma

of chandelier, japanese food & besties . ippudo

Photographed at Ippudo, Mandarin Gallery during long-awaited dinner with Hazel, Zoe, Ivan and James. Still dislike the queuing culture after my half-year's living in town though.

martyrs' shrine (zhong lie ci) 忠烈祠 . taipei

ps.  super backdated post, I knew

Photographed with TOU babes at Martyrs' Shrine (Zhong Lie Ci) 忠烈祠, Taipei on Oct 19, 2012 during my two weeks stay in Taiwan.

awesome sunday . with new landlord and family

Just a quickie update that I've found and moved to my new room yesterday. The call of bliss is coming back after the previous month which was a total chaos. Fortunate enough to found a decent room with great landlord who even did me such a great favour in terms of free ride to move from previous house. He even brought me along to his company's family day and SEA aquarium today though a couple employees mistaken me as the son's girlfriend. Laugh. Appreciated the luckiness in me to be able to always meet great people out there, heartily. 

ps. having a bad headache after under the scorching hot sun for too long for team building's telematch!

Photographed with my new landlord Samuel and the family at Siloso Beach, Sentosa for his company's family day.