meat your greens . the lawn grill & salad café

My Friday night was awesome to met up with three sweeties at The Lawn Grill & Salad Café though  I find it rather disappointed for not being able to make some pictures of its interior owing to window cleaning and unavailability of menu tonight. We came all the way with full intention to get a bite of Chargrilled Garlic Prawns but the Café was out of supply for prawn and duck today.

Hence, I am ended up with this generous serving of Grilled Chicken Breast with Maple Infusion, with small plate of signature dressing me so spicy that taste some kind like Tomyam or Thai sauce. The grilled set came with two choices of salad or olive rice, five toppings and a few dressing choices where you could get a peek over [ here ]. 

The Café's concept would go with their motto, Meat your Greens, just the way you want it! Well it seems to a good choice to cater for people who want healthy food, yet delicious one. Not too sure about the fish as I am more of a poultry-purveyor typed but I hope my table shot of Butter Dory would cater to some readers who happened to be fish lover.

And the special Fresh Fruit Dory which is not so much of my fancy.

Lastly, we came to this mini jar of Tiramisu from Tiramisu Hero [ link ] which is available in the Café. However, nothing beat my choice of Tiramisu from Poulét [ link ] yet up to date in town. Heartily, I hope you were enjoy reading with the shots in dim via iphone my everyday camera. Feel free to drop me a line please if you'd love to shower me with any recommendations. Appreciated.

Well the night is no longer young for this Friday where we gotta bid goodbye to everyone of you and the last day of May. Hello, June.

Photographed at The Lawn Grill & Salad Café, Singapore with Aaron, Ginael and Danny before late night tau hua with Wilson the inspiring dude.

31 Biopolis Way #01-07 Nanos 138869 ( nearest MRT: Buona Vista )

Mon - Fri: 11:30 - 21:00 ( Last Order 20:15 )
Sun: 10:00 - 16:00 ( Last Order 15:15 )

+65 64789739


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The Lawn

homecoming may . penang

My dreams are blooming, everywhere but still heart Penang the island as ever.

Just a quickie for my homecoming trip in the island. Met up with ex colleagues at Ahmo Cafe with beautiful black ink illustration wall decor that made my first night touching down in the island even cozier. I love to draw and write in black, if you knew it.

Glad to meet my tou babes and Kenny my ex mentor at The Twelve Cups over sweet chat and the newly added Rosemary Cupcake with Ice Cream before headed to Baskin Robbins later at night.

Not forgetting my ice kacang and hokkien mee, second night in the island was so awesome with the sisterly chat. I know who loves me and who doesn't, really. Thanks for the love and care you guys showered me with.

I heart cafe hopping too. Many cafes are mushrooming in the island since I left, argh. Just managed to visit Eighty Tree Cafe this round, a not so spacious but very cozy cafe located at Cintra Street. Always spell-bounded to the heritage's beauty.

The gastronomic night out with Jianquan, two Felicias, Kai Yan and his gf was fun with chit-chatters and free treat of Candy Toast from the house. Thanks boss!

The trip was so rushed with tight schedule but a fruitful one with my last day spent with parents, babes Chendy and Doreen before flying back to Singapore.

ps. feel loved in the island

Photographed during my homecoming trip to Penang from May 17-20, 2013.

mixed berries chocolate tart . fruit paradise

Heart desserts, as usual. I even encounter the struggleness to hit the cutlery on top of these beautiful pieces most of the time, laugh. Do you?

Photographed at Fruit Paradise, Plaza Singapura after my movie catch of Too Fast Too Furious 6 with Alf, Danny and friends.

of laid back saturday & privé cafe . keppel bay

Long weekend couldn't be more satisfied than good food and the appreciation of beautiful ambience. The only flaw of Privé Cafe  will def go to its inaccessibility where I find most of sites recommend to take a cab ride from Vivo City that gonna cost you probably a five-or-six dollars. Turquoise has always been a filler in my colour choice, thus stepping in Privé Cafe was like entering a big candyhouse with gorgeous interior that seriously make me so comfy like at home. Looking afar to the greenery sight and flock of yatchs, just too good to shout it an aaah! for the getaway. I did not take beef before but William's choice of Wagyu Burger was not too bad for its juicy beef patty based on the dainty bite I tasted merely due to courtesy. 

I seem to be in a new eye for layers after TCC's Almond Creme Brulee Latte [ here ],  Wendy and I picked a cuppa of Hot Chocolate and Creme Brulee Coffee respectively for the beautiful layers. Still loving TCC's though this cuppa went pretty well with my Penne alla Carbonara. Slightly creamier but overall a thumbs up for the enriching chicken chunks, bacon and button mushrooms.

I find it a bliss to meet the great minds who think alike. We breathed leisurely, strolled leisurely, chatted leisurely along the walkway overseeing Reflections the award-winning condominium.

Where the flock of yatchs as a plus, painting the afternoon like island holiday.

The blooms were everywhere, as well. Wendy shared with me the eyes to appreciate life, beautifully. The power of explore out there to broaden our horizon has further hummed with another tipping point of me. Cast me some lucky spells, if you are generous enough.

Strolled in the breeze, under the azure blue sky, has grabbed us from the reality that the sunset came by unknowingly. Very beautiful, still.

Heartful thanks dear Wendy and William for the lift and sweet lunch treat at such an awesome spot. :)

Photographed at Privé Cafe, Keppel Bay with Wendy and William before heading to Mount Faber for a stroll in dark. 

2 Keppel Bay Vista GF Marina @ Keppel Bay

+65 6776 0777


friends with colleague . holiday

Sometimes, people often ask me how high do you value your new workplace and to have them as a mere colleague or friend? I am so happy that I come across this place with endearing colleagues who are generous enough to guide me, in work or personal. Truly enjoyed the singing session with them during our day off from office in conjunction with Wesak Day.

And not being a local, I am so proud to be able to introduce my colleagues the new fav XO durian chee cheong fun at Killiney road while they got a bite on Mango and Tomyam flavour for today. 

Never thought we can actually eat a lot, laugh. We headed next to Poulét - Amazing French Roast Chicken for our dinner. My pick for tonight - Chicken and Fig Marmalade Sandwich was just a so-so rating but I seriously gotta put a big thumb over my new fav in the city, signature Tiramisu from the restaurant. Must try on this if you happened to be here.

The night is still young to get back home on lovely holiday thus Ephraim brought us over a cuppa at The Connoiseur Concerto. I am so flattered to order the right choice of Almond Creme Brulee Latte, even Louise also couldn't control herself from drink stealing. The laughters went on till reaching home at the wee hours. A bliss, a bliss.

ps. misunderstanding again I guess?

Photographed at House of Rice Roll & Porridge [ more ], Poulét - Amazing French Roast Chicken [ more ] and The Connoiseur Concerto with my colleagues Louise, Ephraim, Ronnie and Ivan.

like a backpacker . 520

Touched down in Singapore after a few day's getaway to the island, reluctantly. There was a sudden gasp that I want to go back while waiting to pick up my luggage but soon, it diminished with my determination to explore, to wander when I am still young. Thanks to the familiar name being flashed on my iphone and voice that ease my homesick, well quite a bit later on. By the way, it tasted really bad to carry the 20kg luggage like the heavy thoughts pondering deep in my soul. Really heavy, ouch.

ps. move on, sweetie

the marmalade pantry . orchard

ps. check the last table top shot of my sea salt caramel cheesecake that I really heart, a lot!

Photographed our sweet treat at The Marmalade Pantry, Ion Orchard during Alf's birthday on May 1, 2013.

2 Orchard Turn, 03-22, Singapore 238801.

+65 6734 2700

Mon - Sun: 10:00 - 22:00


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The Marmalade Pantry

sea breeze . love


Photographed at East Coast Park, Singapore during picnic Saturday with Shyuan and friends.

today is a good day . freitag

Gosh, what a pampered Friday to have an unexpected half-day off from work. Ended with coffee time at Orchard again with bagful journey this round. Laugh. Got myself a pair of Vince Camuto gladiator sandals at really awesome deal! Oh love.

Photographed at Coffee Bean Ion Orchard before we kicked the shopping mood on.

inequality . black monday

The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.

/ Aristotle /

my first vote . ge 13

Though really tired for the ten-hour road trip back to home sweet home for general election, I am glad that I fulfilled my duty to the nation as a voter for my first time. However, it is pretty heart-wrenching through the night looking at how those filthy-minded bum bum altered the voting result in nasty way which outweigh the fatigue, mentally. Not being one who concerns much about politics all these while, seriously I do not give it a damn on who is the ruling party but for this round, I suddenly feel the sense of belonging in this gifted land we named home and hope for its transparency. God bless the change, for all of us.

Photographed the Java Chip coffee boost at Starbucks Egate and my finger painted with so-called indelible ink implemented for ge13.

birthday . labour day

Awesome, yet tiring holiday with Alf, Danny and friends over beautiful ambience, good food and funny movie Identity Thief simply made my day.

ps. happy birthday :)

Photographed my sea salt caramel cheesecake at The Marmalade Pantry, Ion Orchard with Alf and Danny.