frozen . and aurora...

Def one of the Disney animation that caught me spell-bounded. We were like frozen as well in the cinema as the snowflakes falling on the screen. Laugh. How much I wished one day I can see the aurora with my eyes in real. 

table for one . inspired by samantha tio

I came across this photo project namely Table for One by Samantha Tio the emerging Singaporean photographer while I was doing a bit of research yesterday. Table for One depicts the impromptu thought of the photographer, after broke up with her boyfie, to unravel the solitude amidst lonely souls in city life. An interesting photo project that inspired me somehow for tonight's blog post from my recent shots in Hong Kong.

Stayed in Hong Kong for a couple days, the deep impression left in the city def goes to its hustle bustle. Fast, a single word that explains in all aspects.

Both the waiters and waitresses.

And all walks of life.

Or even a dainty bit of coldness in the air.

Each living at the same space, same time but different stories.

I am in love particularly with this black sesame dessert which can almost count on the fingers of one hand in how much I took. Laugh.

And like the city, my solitude is falling in silence as the night has reached its end.

Photographed at Hong Kong McDonalds during my recent HK trip with babes Vivian, Saw Yean and Pui Yan.

backdated / oct 5, 2013

ifc mall apple store . hong kong

Grabbed my opportunity to pay a visit to IFC mall apple store during my recent trip to Hong Kong. Just in time to adore this beautiful double-stories store which is located in its bridge-form between buildings, overseeing the breathtaking street view.

Thumbs up to Hong Kong apple store for the blend of glass and stainless steel in this modernized design.

The iconic glass spiraled stair case.

An array of Apple products.

And the colourful ones.

In conjunction with the launch of Iphone 5C and 5S.

Was trying to do my babe a favour in getting the gold-tone Iphone 5S but unfortunately we gotta log in to HK Apple Store since 6am daily to get a reservation code before we are eligible to purchase them from the store. Oh gosh.

The never-ending crowds in Apple Store as usual.

Not to the extent of Apple connoisseur, I am truly in love with Apple products for their simplicity that I think I am not going to get a switch to other brands anytime soon.

Ciao, more HK posts coming soon.

Photographed at IFC Apple Store during my recent HK trip with babes Vivian, Saw Yean and Pui Yan.

backdated post / oct 7, 2013

International Finance Centre (IFC Mall)
8 Finance Street Central, Hong Kong.

Sunday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

+852 3972 1500


inter-club games 2013 . malacca

Was fortunate enough to tag along with singapore team to Malacca for the inter-club pool league.

Almost midnight; when our company shuttle arrived at Holiday Inn, Malacca.

Our room and your choice of pillows, both soft and firm.

Woke up with this beautiful view from our room and the left over from in-room dining last night with my roommate Mel.

Perfect room; facing the pier and swimming pool.

And we gotta move our butts to the pool league venue after a quickie breakfast. Here you have 'em.

Singapore team won!

Our short stay in Malacca ended with the night stroll after gala dinner to Jonker street where we managed to grab a bowl of local Chendol.

And of course, my lucky smilies won from the stage game which will accompany me through my journey back to Singapore.

ps. ciao!

backdated post / oct 8-10, 2013