ciao, my dear . merlion park

Viv was in town for four days and it is time for babe to back KL for piling works after her long weekend trip. The rain was pouring like cats and dogs, thus I decided to bid her goodbye with heartie lunch before off to airport to compensate her craving for visiting Merlion Park.

Thanks goodness we still manage to sway for quite-a-while-as-usual on our way to airport and checked the Merlion Park on her travel list. Captured the typical drinking water shot as well, realizing there were some tourists mimicking us. Oh funny.

And thanks to Mr. Tourist for this proper duo shot of us. The only one in her four-day trip, I supposed. Oh well I am in love with the 160 cm-alike me in this shot as claimed by Viv which I beg a differ of 170 cm too. Laugh.

Ciao, my dear and I hope she did enjoyed my companion despite having some kinda long stroll throughout the weekend getaway in Singapore.

Photographed with Viv my babe at Merlion Park during her long weekend getaway to Singapore.

la boheme 波黑美亚咖啡食堂 . taipei

Met up with my babe Hazel at Starbucks today, one of the creative minds who always keep me inspired in Singapore. And hey, really appreciate the sweet words you see in me or the inner me perhaps. Sipping the new Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding frappucino, we shared a lot, for our ambitious and gorgeously big dreams. Matter of time, I believe.

In such a cozy afternoon, looking at endless crowds in the mall from coffeehouse, my heart simply popped up a surge of liking to sort up my album of La Boheme cafe in Taipei. Quoted from Julie Roberts, I love going to coffee shops and just sitting and listening. Guess that depicts my current mood pretty well.

And I hope you'll enjoy the following photo journey to La Boheme with me.

ps. mixed feeling :)

Photographed with TOU babes at La Boheme Cafe, Taipei on Oct 22, 2012 during my two weeks stay in Taiwan.



petite merveille . hakodate mel cheese

Headed to Takashimaya after overtime with Alf tonight just to hunt for this award winning Mel Cheese from Petite Merveille which is now available at Takashimaya Food Hall B2 until Jul 21, 2013 only in conjunction with Takashimaya Food Fest Got myself the Mel Cheese Mix of both plain and pumpkin flavour at $18 per box. And yes, I am counting down from the limited pieces of eight. Ouch!

ps. still in awe of its melt-in-the-mouth texture!

new love . fujifilm x-e1

Finally I am out with my new baby the Fujifilm X-E1 when Sherril babe was in town last weekend. Let's have a sneak peek of my baby's gorgeous appearance first before my backdated posting for a while, laugh. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Fujifilm's iphone app for x-series is simply amazing with its detailed information.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And I am really in love with my Etshaim matin leather strap which I got from ebay at such a handsome deal. Oh love.

Photographed via Ginael's Nikon D3000 and her 50mm prime lens that I borrowed earlier on for cafe review. Thanks babe.

bone folder . making memories

ps. nothing beats monday blue more than receiving such a thoughtful gift like bone folder from the States, thanks to Fel & Jay

ximending 西門町 . taipei

Today, we will stay unravelling the beauty of Taiwan where we just arrived at Ximending, one of the shopping district in Taipei.

The name of Ximending came from the period of Japanese colonization. At that time, the crucial business activity circling with cinema theatre that took place mainly on E'mei Street, Chengdu Street and Xining S. Road. This district was once the largest business center in the country and started to appear repressive when business activities were gradually shifted to East District. However, completion of MRT Bannan Line has revivified the spirit of Ximending, bringing the street back to its prosperity.

Another highlight of Ximending would definitely goes to Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle or more commonly enunciated as Ah Zong Mian Xian.

The shop is very popular indeed among locals and tourists with endless crowd of customers who willing to queue a long way, just to savour a hot bowl of mian xian outside the shop. On the little stools, even.

Seriously, I am in love with it and would definitely come back again if I happen to visit Taiwan again.

On the other hand,  Ximending boasts its different facets of cultures like a melting pot of both traditional and pop culture.

We managed to get a stroll at weekend art market around the historical buidling Ximending Red House Theatre.

While my Taiwanese housemate just proudly told me about the culturally rich living in her hometown Taipei, guess I really have to nod in assent though I heart Penang as much. Couldn't agree more for the lack of creativity in metropolitan.

Photographed with TOU babes at Ximending 西門町, Taipei on Oct 20, 2012 during my two weeks stay in Taiwan.

seven star lake (qi xing tan) 七星潭 . hualien

Today, we will detour to Seven Star Lake or usually being pronounced as Qi Xing Tan after our cozy stay at Justlike Villa [ link ] in Hua Lien and of course, way farther from Singapore the current city I am residing at. Many people claimed that Seven Star Lake is an excellent place to view the big dipper, which is an asterism of seven stars and from where did the name derived.

The beautiful stretch of coastline that lies leisurely with beautiful potpourri of faces that myself found some kind of tranquility from this shot. God knows why.

Walking down the stone steps, the Pacific Ocean was welcoming us with a huge pebble beach, unlike the usual sandy one in Tropics.

I really heart azure blue sky and ocean as hidden in my blood as an islander. Penang, my hometown is surrounded by sea literally and that's why I really miss that heritage rich piece of gem. I still remembered the moment I stood right in front of this vast ocean, one of my inner heart's chords has been strike somehow like a humming bird that could not fly away.

Different gestures of life on the pebble beach further assured my dream, just like how other places throughout the Taiwan trip that enhanced my plan and determination to leave my previous job and go somewhere else, to work abroad simply.

I appreciated my babes, or sisters, so much! Ten of us (missing some who wasn't with us to Taiwan) went through a major part of my life and still going on after up to twelve-year friendship. Some of us might not get in touch so often but their existence makes me feel so awesome like you'll never be alone during your hard time. They will surely be there for you, very simple.

And lovelies, I really wish you were here to oversee the God's creation with me.

Let's feel the breeze and the waves that getting close to us.


And closer...

Like seriously close now, shall we just run away?

Oh no, just stop and stay there to clear your mind. A clean mind, that I read from [ here ], is very basic and extremely powerful. A clean mind is totally internal. It’s all about two major things – feeling and thinking. In terms of feelings, you’ll know crystal clear that feelings come and go as we live life. They are nothing more than the body’s reaction to whatever you’re thinking about or experiencing at a given moment. When you understand this, you’re able to let go of what you’re carrying from the past as well.

I couldn't read your mind or predicaments you might be facing somewhere - at work, at home, at relationship but I really happy to be able to dance with tappings on my keyboard, sashaying the deep symphony of life with you.

ps. stay inspired, my word for tonight :)

Photographed with TOU babes at Seven Star Lake 七星潭, Hua Lien on Oct 17, 2012 during my two weeks stay in Taiwan.

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postcard . love from amsterdam

Photographed my postcard from Felicia, all the way from Amsterdam, on table once reached home from bowling time with colleagues. Oh sweet.

eslite 誠品書店 . taipei

Had a brief chat with my Taiwanese housemate last weekend about reading culture between Taiwan and Singapore. A vast difference, I supposed. And it reminds me of Eslite bookstore in Taipei that I happened to drop by during last trip. Really in awe of the bookstore's presence amidst the significance of tourism and cultural value in Taiwan. Well people nowadays rarely read, that's what I am trying to keep myself in the routine of at least a book or a few abstracts weekly. I always wonder, when was the last time you pick up a good read after graduated?

ps. 总觉得,阅读在某种形式上就像在脑海里遨游天下

Photographed with TOU babes at Eslite 誠品書店, Taipei on Oct 22, 2012 during my two weeks stay in Taiwan.