nightmare . dear all

ps. oops, black coffee no more

mission : getting stuff altered

Got myself a little black dress from H&M at size XS which still seems lengthy for my petite frame. Without mom around in the city, I gotta take up the errand of altering myself via hand-sewn. Mission completed, happily.

kouign amann [kwiɲaˈmɑ̃nː] . tiong bahru bakery

Our delicious tea time with caramel-coated kouign amann after visited a cozy place with perfect day light. What a beautiful Sunday. Stay tuned!

Photographed at Tiong Bahru Bakery the artisan bakery with Hazel and James.

56 Eng Hoon Street #01-70 160056 Singapore
North Bridge Road, #B1-11/12 Raffles City Shopping Centre 179103 Singapore

Mon - Sun: 08:00 - 20:00

+65 6220 3430


how much does your life weigh . priority

My little brain started to trigger some random thoughts again throughout my ride to meet up with babe that gonna take me for an hour. My eyes couldn't stop in unravelling tiny details, like seriously. Spotted the shadow of train's window on the floor and hey, have you ever wondered how much does your life weigh? What are the priority out of all?

My main aim right now is to treasure my life and self-pampering with beautiful encounters.

ps. well, still many friends who couldn't link me up with workout :)

Photographed with my babe, Shyuan during gym workout before we caught in the 'maze' in town with Nicholas on our way to meet up with Hazel and James for dinner. Laugh.

yolo . you only live once

The psi reading has been hiked up to hazardous level of 400 today. People started to put on their masks wherever they are going. It was really sick to breathe hardly and government still did not show any intention of issuing stop-working order. Sighed.

Just in the mood of lingering around my kitchen table on hazy Friday night to pamper myself, in a healthier manner at least. Thus I rushed over to mini mart after work to do a little bit of ingredients hunting.

And hey readers, let's say hello to my heartie dinner the mushroom aglio olio and what-so-ever as you gonna name it. Laugh. Seriously in love with the honey glazed chicken ham though. 

ps. disappointed, somehow; and learnt a new term 'yolo: you only live once' today!

sg haze . terribly sick

ps. mcdonald's kitty is really a fad in town, luckily got friend who did me a great favour :)

Photographed my little surprise the 3d paper cut on work desk from Louise. Mood today: my brain is like smoke-grilled in the haze. Gosh!

hazy street . after workout

Strolling on the street after my workout at gym, it was such a hazy one tonight in Singapore. I actually find it quite hard to breathe as my respiratory system has always with a downside since kiddo. Sighed.

mini bowl of choco . breakfast

Photographed my grab of Koko Krunch that comes in mini bowl with milk powder satchel and spoon inside the plastic container from Batam Island. Stuffed into tote for breakfast later at work. 

home with nothing . smitten

A home filled with nothing but yourself. It's heavy, that lightness. It's crushing, that emptiness.

/ Margaret Atwood /

Photographed my massage maestro back in weekend trip at Batam Island, unintentionally, who left her family to explore and to meet people from all over the world. 'It's really fun to listen to stories from all over that I wouldn't have in my hometown if I did not leave,' and I got smitten by her charms as she says.

eat - pray - love . batam island

Carrying my instax choco and kindle along, I headed to Batam Island with my colleagues Joe Lin, Man Hwa and friends for my eat-pray-love kind of weekend.

Took a deep breath, sat for around 45 minutes boat ride and chit-chatters with babes that accompanied me through my way to the island. And meet my aztec print reflections on the window, oh beautiful.

Strolling along the busy street, I am witnessing the different childhood memories and life that we anticipated.

Standing still at the point where I have been, I am listening to the ringing gap between rich and poverty.

Somersaulting between the flashing stories of tour guide and massage maestro, I am feeling glad for my bliss to be able to witness the beautiful potpourri of culture and people with my eyes.

And of course, the bliss to savour good breakfast under perfect day light at Nagoya Mansion where we stayed over the weekend.

Good bye, Batam and thanks for the inspiring journey my babes.

Photographed my weekend trip with my colleagues Joe Lin, Man Hwa and friends at Batam Island.

localized . urban term

Singaporeans really have a knick-knack in their so-called-localized urban terms. Found two interesting ones from menu this afternoon where Cappucino has been translated as 搞不清楚 and Fanta Grape being translated into 发达葡萄水 that are not related at all! Way too creative, laugh. 

Photographed my dinner for today, the mini tomyam steamboat after six-hour singing session with colleagues.

longing for july . broadway

Photographed the ticket of awaiting broadway, Phantom of The Opera in July with lovelies on my delicately yellow le petit price moleskine journal that is somehow match well with the master card logo, to me at least.

of natural and wooden . marché somerset

Kind of tired with the overtime working but writing a word or two in this space has became my reflections of life. Just in for a quickie on this long-forgotten album in Marché for Alf's birthday celebration which I just get to sort out tonight.

Read a quote from Eddie Huang, There is a lot of food culture that goes on in the home and in the community in non-traditional ways. Food is a lot more than restaurants. that could probably depicts my petite curiosity in culture and people pretty well.

ps. dear people, how can I read your mind? Not even mine.

Photographed at Marché, 313@Somerset during Alf's birthday celebration with friends on May 1, 2013.

Level 1, Discovery Walk, 313 Orchard Road Singapore 238895

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restaurant 10:00 – 23:00 | bakery 07:30 – 23:00

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scientist for a day . singapore science centre

Fortunate enough to get my corporate pass which allows me to bring over four other friends for our scientist-for-a-day trip to Singapore Science Centre for free, along with omni-theatre tickets. Oh love.

Visiting the Science Centre was like back to good old memories during our kindergarten, everything regardless big or small were all composed by childhood stories or characters we used to encounter with.

Shall we meet this piece of Life In A Fishbowl the illusion that I truly heart for the day before we moved on other chambers.

First, we will visit the sound exhibition chamber (hall C), one of which I find really interesting out many others in the Centre, to discover how the science of sound enriches our life.

Next, we will move on to the uniquely you chamber that we are able to measure our stress level towards different external influencers in our daily lives. For instance, babies crying, heavy traffics, waterfall dripping, wind blowing and so forth. It was really amazing that mine started at moderate point and remain calm at a straight line where my friend started at the maximum point that juggled like electrocardiogram and the others who hiked up when heard babies crying. Laugh.

At the same chamber, we will discover how beautiful is each individual for the wonderfully complex us that composed of mix of genes and environmental influence. We will learn about genetic make up besides the roles attraction and genes play throughout our development.

Nothing in the world is more complex than a human being and I guess this could be the nature that triggers our curiosity in the life chain and other creatures which stay together with us in the same habitat, the earth as a whole. Last thing to share for the day, did you know that most chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch from egg to chick though artificial incubation period might varies? Do you?

Photographed our scientist-for-a-day trip at Singapore Science Centre with Alf and friends on June 1, 2013.

15 Science Centre Rd Singapore 609081

Daily 10 am – 6 pm ( last admission to Science Centre: 5.15 pm )

+65 6425 2500

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