the hub singapore . somerset

A quickie on interesting concept and interior that I encountered last Saturday, feel free to hop on [ here ] if you'd like to know more about the hub singapore. Ciao!

Photographed at The Hub Singapore, Somerset with Wilson and friends on Apr 27, 2013.

macaroni . cooking sunday

It is dad's birthday today, but rather bad that I couldn't cook and celebrate for him. Thus, I got him a 'virtual' treat this afternoon. Laugh. That was how my rainy Sunday turned a little bit more fruitful with gastronomic experiment and laid-back reading. :)

xoxo durian . killiney road

My pick of awesome xoxo durian chee cheong fun and Wilson's fresh prawn chee cheong fun that he brought us to. Def a local food stall that is worth visiting to unravel the different facet of Singapore's culture.

Photographed at House of Rice Roll & Porridge with Wilson, Teng Yew and Lee Chon on Apr 27, 2013.

89, Killiney Road, Orchard 239534 Singapore.

+65 6736 1355

the right decision . kindle

I do not believe in taking the right decision, I take a decision and make it right.

/ Muhammad Ali Jinnah /

Photographed my kindle-reading on The Right Decision by James Stein in train.

sweet embarrassment . durian

Durian, a fruit that either you love it or hate it.
Find it really hard to forget the sweet embarrassment in train with my partner in crime after work.

gastronomic & rejuvenation . newyork newyork

My weekdays caught in quite a huge dose of overtime working lately. Lucky enough to skip overtime tonight and reluctant to back home that early, thus we decided to pamper our tummy slightly better than usual weekdays dinner. The culture here is similar to my hometown Penang but the long queue in front of basically every restaurant and cafe in Singapore did a vast difference between the two islands I'd say.

Photographed at NewYork NewYork AMK hub with Alf and Danny.

dinner treat . corporate culture

Promotees' dinner treat to whole department in office, corporate culture in my new company.

home . heart

Home, is where the heart belongs. Though having friends around in the new city, I am still like being alone deep in the core of my heart.

Photographed with Alf, Danny and friends at Ikea Alexandra on a rainy Sunday.

cheers . aston

Encountered my first complaint case in the new company and unexpectedly, I felt seriously bad. Thanks goodness for the awesome treat and night out that made my day. Keep calm and carry on, my favourite quote for quite a while. Cheers.

Photographed during company's promotion treat at Aston, Safra Toa Payoh.

first wedding lunch . singapore

Attended first wedding lunch in town today at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant. That was pretty awkward at first for alf and I to sit at hosts' table because we were late. Laugh. Fortunately, the chit-chatters with big bosses circling branded goods, europe etc filled the atmosphere just awesome later on. Different culture, really.

Photographed the famous chili crab at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, The Riverwalk.

salmon oyaku jyu . hifumi

Photographed at Hifumi Japanese Restaurant with Alf and Danny after seeking MBA's programme at Kaplan.

Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road #04-68, Singapore 238839.

11:30am – 10:00pm

Tel: +65 6338 4712

roll & roll . bowling

Hang out with colleagues after working over time and heaven-like, my first time playing bowling in Singapore! Glad to meet my new bowling buddies in town. :)

ps. happy birthday sweetheart

lavish lunch . crystal jade

Though being glamoured as a rather affluent nation, the city dweller in Singapore generally spend quite little on daily food for weekdays. My heart actually wrenched a bit, oops no way too much! for such a lavish lunch in restaurant today owing to late-lunch. Laugh.

Photographed at Crystal Jade with my colleagues during late-lunch Friday.