Honeymoon Dessert 满记甜品 @ Bugis Junction

When I came to a new city, with similar culture and similar people perhaps, my heart still ties to my home where mom often cooks us the dessert named Bubur Cha Cha on Chap Goh Meh of Chinese New Year. My homesick actually got sweetened for a dainty bit by this bizarre combination of Durian and Matcha Ice Cream in Vanilla Sauce which I had for today with the dudes. The creamy durian flesh was like melting in the mouth that is filled with green tea aroma. What a bliss to feel at home.

ps. what a sweet coincidence to meet up, way too dramatic

Photographed at Honeymoon Dessert, Singapore with Alf and Danny.

#01-70, 200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021.


+65 6837 0027


By The Sea

My very first time by the sea since touched down in Singapore. It reminds me of the home and island where I belong throughout the windy Friday night, too. :(

ps. quite an odd thing to be the only one from different industry, laugh

Photographed at Pasir Ris Park, Singapore during BBQ session with Michelle, Zoe and the bunch of new friends.

Making New Friends

People often take me as an amusing person who can form an alliance to become friends easily which in fact, I aware of my strength and weakness in living. I speak and share my inner thoughts easily only to people I am close with. Guess this is my first point to overcome and learn in living abroad.

ps. the idea of sparks between two people to know each other bewilders me

Photographed at Olive Vine Pasta Fusion, Marina Square with Alf, Danny and a bunch of new friends.


Travelled alone via shuttle bus 913 to Woodlands Checkpoint and immigration office in order to meet up with Kris at Johor. Tiring, yet fun. I actually requested for having satay and other local delicacies as our dinner. Home sick for a bit, laugh.

ps. feel like studying out of sudden and I really don't understand you...

Photographed the chandelier I heart during my sweet date with Kris at Johor today.

CrazyWorld Cafe @ Temple Street

Now we walked out from Chinatown MRT Exit A, went straight and turned right at the first junction. Then, walked further and made a left turn at first junction. Guess we should all reached at Temple Street where CrazyWorld Cafe is located.

We are meeting Sam today at CrazyWorld Cafe and spotted me the petite who gotta shoot this way in order to capture a full shot of the cafe's exterior. Laugh.

Entering the glass door, we will spend our leisure afternoon in this cozy place which will cease operations on Mar 1, 2013. What a pain and thanks dear Sam who invited me over.

Once we stepped in the cafe, we will find a artsy crafty ambience that wrenched my heart for pondering  over some issues but soon, the lovely design and handmade goods far outweigh the unpleasant feeling.

I have a thing for vintage music player, always. To me, very romantic stuff to play with a little bit of jazz and oldies.

Heart the bow Lego badge and rhinestone, way too much!

Ok now, shall we get the hungry tummy some filler. Flip the menu please.

Sam recommended me the curry chicken + prata bread + hot cuppa of Vanilla Sencha for my late lunch.

Lingered upon the table with Sam for a really long talk while my eyes busy looking around for beautiful details.

There is a little corner, near the ceiling, filled with appreciation notes from visitors. Oh love.

Under the notes, we will find the polaroids of many artists who visited the cafe before.

And what a coincidence, it is like knowing I am going to attend Mayday's concert soon, they played Mayday's song for almost the whole afternoon when I was in.

It is time to leave now after a few hour's stay in the cafe. The colourful christmas card simply caught my eyes.

And here, we have a full shot of customers' thoughts from all over the world.

Good bye, CrazyWorld Cafe! May you will appear again, someday and somewhere.

The street will still be busy and I, will be move on my journey to unravel the beauty of Chinatown.

ps. stay tuned for upcoming post if you are a sweet tooth :)

Photographed at Crazyworld Cafe, Singapore which will cease operations on Mar 1, 2013 with Sam. Ouch!

24 Temple Street, Singapore 058569.



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Crazyworld Cafe

Standard Of Living @ Kandahar Street

The same weather we have here in the city, raining still through the noon. I went to Golden Mile Complex to run some errands alone while friends are working.

Walked further and further, unknowingly, I spotted a special sight on the street. The other side of the city, really. What does the Standard of Living carry for?

Peeking through iron bars on sunny window sill, the shop is like an oasis that drove me madly to enter it. And here we will have a glance over the shop with their consent for photography.

Welcome to pay a visit to the shop and adopt your home sweet home a piece of artful living, beautiful no?

ps. contented afternoon spent in the shop before heading to Little India and my dinner date with Shyuan, Nicholas, Alf and Danny :)

Photographed at Standard of Living, Singapore the representation of new edge living where beauty meets details.

34 Kandahar Street, Singapore, Singapore 198892.

Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 18:00
Sat: 12:00 - 19:00

+65 6298 2349


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Standard of Living

Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant 義法厨房

Today, our Taiwan journey will move on, with a little spin of his magician hat, to a more classic, finer dining experience with Mr. J.

And yes, if you happen to be a fan of the famous Taiwanese singer Jay Chou, you should be able to grasp the idea that where are we heading to - Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant!

Now, shall we move a little backward to the street for a leisure walk towards our destination.

The shop exterior.

Opening the door to Mr. J's exclusive corner, slowly.

Gosh, what a welcoming surprise with this gorgeous steam punk piano that looks too much like a time machine.

Later, the waiter handed over the name card along with menu.

Without further ado, we placed our order and now we have plenty time to adore the restaurant's interior that circling around Jay the artist.

The table setting.

Snippets of our food, which I think just of a decent rating if you ask me.

Before we left, we are now heading to upstairs for a glance over the interior. And still, Jay all over. Laugh.

ps. a must go dear Jay's fans 

Photographed with TOU babes at Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant, Taipei on Oct 23, 2012 during my two weeks stay in Taiwan.

No.43, Lane 308 Guangfu South Road, Da-an District
台北市光复南路308巷43号 Taipei City 106

12:00 - 22:00

+02 2778 7833

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Mr.J 義法廚房 French-Italian Restaurant