Olympus OM 10

Photographed the new member Olympus OM 10, all the way from Aussie, in my array of camera collections. Thanks to Jeremy!

Family Moment

Photographed casio mini + red braided bracelet with 'live laugh love' charm and sneak peek of my leopard print flats while out for new curtain cloths searching with pop and mom.

Wreck This Journal @ OCBC

Office life can be boring and fun at the same time. Thanks god that I am blessed with lovely mentor Kenny and his two other mentee, Wand and Cammie. Today we wrecked this journal with handprints and fingerprints.

The very funny, yet artie mentor-mentee session to get the hands dirty at work! Laugh.

And hey you, let's meet our story-full hand painting. A puppy that is running with its petite paw full of poo all over and a fierce-granny me chasing behind with a big, big palm. Laugh.

ps. life is good.

Wreck This Journal @ The Twelve Cups

Hallo lovelies, I am back again with one of my favourite spot in town The Twelve Cups with Kenny and Saw Yean.

We had something fun today, oh well my Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith which you may find an exact one in the cafe and of course, the limited Christmas edition card with my birth date embossed! Oh love. The card is eligible for only 200 pieces so please grab yours while it lasts.

The feeling good Friday was a plus with our coffee stain masterpiece and a few hours chat with Saw Yean my babe. Drop by the cafe and have some fun with us wrecking the journal ok? I bet you'll love our artie session spent together. See you around. :)

ps. time flies, one month from now...

Photographed at The Twelve Cups, Georgetown with Kenny and Saw Yean.

12, The WhiteAways Arcade, Beach Street, 10300 George Town, Malaysia. (Opposite Alliance Bank)

Mon - Sun: 10:00 - 00:00


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The Twelve Cups


My morning has been brightened up by these titbit, all the way from Japan, that were laying beautifully over my work desk. Shoo the blue working mood!

ps. thanks a lot, dear Joo lin the miss santa :)

La Vanille Pastry . Cupcakes & Macarons

Georgetown is getting too much fun lately with the emerging businesses on heritage, big or small. Hidden in Hutton Lane, there is a new little hut painted with my all time favourite the Tiffany's turquoise. It might not be easy to spot from the first glance.

The little hut La Vanille Pastry is a place to enjoy cupcakes, macarons, pastries, coffee and tea, brunch and snacks.

My petite frame had a sudden boom of romance upon entering this english-styled little hut. Smell the delicate cupcakes already, don't you?

The macarons are available at RM 4.00 for one or Rm 11.00 for three. Guess this is a decent price for rather fine dessert for sweet tooth like me.

Peeking through the glass, my eyes went haywire with many colours and flavours that La Vanille Pastry offers. Indecisive.

On top, there were some cupcakes displayed. Too sweet to be swallowed my dearies.

Now, we will peek at the conceptual shot of the cafe interior before heading on our gastronomic journey.

The geometric bunting flag on wall was way too crafty like how we usually did for scrap booking  And of course, the washed tone of cement wall has made a true wonder to the art. I wish I can have such a piece for my future home, a little place for my love and I.

The cafe counter is also of english-styled brick walls and a chalk board menu.

Where on our left, we will see a little corner displaying La Vanille merchandise for sale.

And on our right, the minimal table setting with a comfy match of hue. Eye candy, I named it. Oh yeah, students are eligible for additional 10% discount from the little hut.

Finally, Seong Leng and I are here at the cashier counter for our orders after heaven long shooting time.

And I just picked a name card to be placed on my journal for the day. Get yourself a piece when you're here.

My eyes simply fluff out the new desire to collect cookie jars and tins when I saw these delicacies. Well I better don't fall into it before my little space running into a scavenger-like. Laugh.

Finally we are on our seats, waiting to taste the few pastries as I am rushing for the next round with Jureen at Sesame & Soy. Yum yum the oreo bar, I supposed. Pardon me that I seriously couldn't recall the exact name after my visit a few weeks back. 

And yes, they are selling these must-have cake deco or toppers at the price of RM 0.50 for each. So cute no? I feel like grabbing them all to home sweet home with me.

Overall, the ambience were good, the pastries were good and of course, a day spent with my 'new' friend Seong Leng was truly awesome. 

ps. more outing please, dear my 'new' friend :)

Photographed at La Vanille Cupcakes & Macarons; Georgetown with Seong Leng on Dec 7, 2012.

122A Hutton Lane 10050 Penang.  

Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 21:00

04 - 2264024 


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Season Of Love

Hello peeps, I am back again for some backdated posts. It has been too exhausting for the past weeks for me to buck up and meet tight deadlines for some errands. Life is still doing good after the so-called doomsday to get a pause for a cuppa with Mok, my photog at Starbucks. Even better, to run into Yu Min, Tanny and Esther amidst the soothing Christmas carol. What a season of love.

ps. have you tried hot green tea latte? not of my fancy, def.

Photographed at Starbucks Egate before my late night sweet date with Saw Yean and Sue Wand. :)

Remaking Penang Together

Photographed during Penang Free Port's treasure hunt with Saw Yean and Joanne on my lazy Sunday morning. Suddenly miss my photogs after a few hours walk in Georgetown, so much.

The 2012 Apocalypse @ The Warehouse

What say you about 12.12.12? I just got mine very meaningful from the awesome presence with Saw Yean at the opening of 2012 Apocalypse, an exhibition by an eclectic mix of 12 contemporary artists. Pardon me and I would love if you are here to ride on the artful journey with me via these iphone shots. C'mon!

The 2012 Apocalypse is such a profound embodiment of human nature. Right after we recover from the millenium bug, we plunge straight into the infectious 'End Of The World' phenomenon where the exhibition is held in honour of the above controversial prophecy.

Meet the floor of guests and their passion despite the cold, windy night was raining like cats and dogs out there.

The warehouse was in the state of dainty bit of chaos with some, or quite much water flowing. Water means wealth, a good thing I guess.

Next, we will meet the first piece of white baby sculpture awaiting us after the crowds.

And next, the hanging plastic cases filled with dried little plants that is just too much like a chandelier that truly of my fancy. What a creative piece of art that caught me into deep thoughts.

What is life? Peeking through the dried little plants, reminding me of the rose in le petit prince, depicting relationship between people.

Have you ever put on your thinking cap that where you gonna be, who you'll be with and what would be the last thing you gonna do if the dooms really reach.

I will definitely drop by the Warehouse during daytime again to have a more-in-depth view of the title and stories behind the paintings.

Let's walk further, at the center part of the Warehouse, we will check a white cage written with message from the artists. Make a wish, leave your words here (and your email add). At that moment, I was wondering will the artists make dreams come true like how santa did. Laugh.

One of the painting Rust Duck, by Ernest Zacharevic that I actually remember the title.

Now we will meet Ernest and the other creative minds before seeing something fun.

The painting next to the counter was so localized with local dialect 'pang sai pun boh eng' which means very busy even in the case of pass motion. Oh gosh.

The Warehouse also served the guests with light refreshment through the night.

Thanks Ee Yan for the invitation. And I am glad to be part of the island, a place that I truly love for its blend of heritage, culture and beautiful people.

Lastly, I went to a heritage cafe The Twelve Cups with trishaw mural painting, located just stone's throw from the Warehouse along the same street. Managed to grab a cup of hot mocha before my one day getaway from the island with Alf.

ps. happiness, can be very simple, ain't it?

Photographed my artful night at The Warehouse & The Twelve Cups, Georgetown with Saw Yean.

Exhibition Time
2012.12.12 - 2013.01.02 ( 10.00 am - 6.00pm )

THE WAREHOUSE: 212, Beach Street 10300 Georgetown, Penang.
THE TWELVE CUPS: 12, The WhiteAways Arcade, Beach Street, 10300 George Town, Penang.