Happy Halloween

Be frank, I did not celebrate Halloween before but still, Happy Halloween!

Feeling 18C 18度C巧克力工房 @ 埔里

Looked upon the hand-painted signboard with a cute bear,  we are here somewhere at the place that we gonna visit today. Neither a developed city nor significant spot in Taiwan, the endless crowd brought up this mysterious sight in Puli.


The first glance from car park was the ice cream parlour that offers mouth-watering Gelato italian ice cream. Guess they are sold in either two or three scoops for a deal.


Move forward a little bit more, we reached the main entrance of Feeling 18C.


You might be surprised that we actually gotta queue up to enter the tiny space.


I spotted this puppet with a big grin on his face that def made my day. Cheers.


The owner even prepare these gorgeously designed map and product catalogue for customers' view throughout the bee line.


Were you getting bored? C'mon, finally it is our turn to enter the cozy looking space.


What a place that caters to my fond of white and christmas especially! Oh gosh.


The beautiful name and packaging simply took my breath away. Can I just bring all of 'em home? Laugh.


And we will see these friendly dolls miniature chocolate that depict the sincerity of Feeling 18C towards passion for chocolate and people, the customers.


Pretty no? What a pathetic case that we left 'em in the lodge. We didn't get to taste a piece even, besides  the dainty piece from sampling dude. Argh.


Crossing a street, we will find the coffee machines that are prepared by the owner as well for the long-awaited bee line. And they are free of charge! How considerate, really.


A family photo taking sight actually caught my attention. How cozy, if being placed adjacent to Feeling 18C's donation box. Deeply touched.

要离开的时候瞥见隔壁家的爸爸在为孩子和妈妈照相。超温馨的画面,和18度C的热心公益 [以家为本,希望筑园]相得益彰。

Lastly, people often link a successful man with tide of stories behind. This norm works on 茆师傅, the Founder of Feeling 18C as well. He did not forget the promise made with his son in years back though his son had passed away for 4 years already, unfortunately. He continues to pursue their mutual dreams by spreading the love through chocolates that are all made with heart. Since then, Feeling 18C Foundation has became the man's approach to reminisce over his son. The father's great love for his son.


Photographed with TOU babes at Feeling 18C 18度c巧克力工房 on Oct 15, 2012 during my two weeks stay in Taiwan.

No.20, Cih-en St., Puli Township, Nantou Country 545, Taiwan.

10:00 - 22:00



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Paper Dome 纸教堂 @ 埔里

Leaving the heaven-like Justlike Villa, all of us just stepped our foot on the land of Puli. Hand in hand with the entrance ticket that we got at slightly cheaper price with student card (where people usually get at 100 Taiwan dollar), we will move on to a land of happiness, a stage for dreams - Paper Dome.

离开世外桃源般的喜欢农庄,今天我们来到埔里。手持用学生证买来的入园券 (普通券值是新台币 100 元),一步一步地走向幸福之地,梦想舞台 - 纸教堂。

I really admire the eco-conscious Taiwanese, a lot. It is pretty easy to notice everything, big and small, that is inspired by the mother nature. As seen, the post box even.


Regardless of the colorful flowers on your way.


Or the gently blooming lotus by the pond.


They simply made our day to the Paper Dome.


Weatherproof cardboard has been used as the major fundamental in basically everything, from stool to the walls etc.


Knowing each other for more than ten years, this is seriously the first time ever that we went on a road trip, I mean really far one. Glad that we got a group picture made in such a meaningful building.


There were actually many historical value trapped beneath the ivory building. It resembles the new-born spirit between the countries from their mutual hard time during catastrophe like the Great Hanshin earthquake in Japan and the 921 earthquake in Taiwan. Feel free to glance through Paper Dome's official website if you are interested to know more.


Walking along the path, we will spot Maahapet Area of Health Light Meal.


At the riverside along our way, we could really stop and embrace the serenity which we never get from everyday life in city.


Make a right turn, that is where Maahapet customers enjoy their meal.


Where the next turn will lead us to Paper Shop.


A place where you can purchase some handmade stuffs and souvenirs. Oh yea we can actually  take our entrance ticket in exchange of the goods sold with equivalent value, of course.


Just in case if you do not find anything that catch your eyes from Paper Shop, you may use it to get a cuppa or any titbits from Maahapet Area of Health Light Meal.


So guys, feel good after a cup of hot choco and green hue surrounding you? And guess what, where are we going next?


Photographed with TOU babes at Paper Dome 纸教堂 on Oct 15, 2012 during my two weeks stay in Taiwan.

No. 52-12, Taomi Ln., Taomi Li, Puli Township, Nantou Country 545, Taiwan.

Sunday - Friday 09:00 - 20:00
Saturday and National Holidays 09:00 - 21:00



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Justlike Villa 喜欢农庄 @ 花莲

Today, we will overnight in a room, Bai Lu that is named after planting season. With the slippers that scattered around, mugs, clothes hanger and tv set that are prepared heartily by the owner, we were like home sweet home in such a cozy place.


When you woke up from the bed you that were squirming whole night long, the welcoming birds chirping and breezy air will make you so comfortable. The feeling that we will never find from the hustle and bustle of city life.


And I walked lazily into Han Jie's haven after washed up. Gosh, how gorgeous are the flowers in the Coke bottle. Needless to compete against each other, they just seem beautiful as they are. Simplicity.


When I turned around, here I spotted a mini moo with chalk-written menu on top.


In Han Jie's haven, we gotta follow her sweet words. She is such a caring lady where she aware that most customers do not take breakfast. Thus, she thought of this pumpkin paste so that all her customers can tour out there with their satisfying tummy. Breakfast plays a crucial role for one throughout the day, as she said.


I am blessed, holding the bowlful of pumpkin paste, and smelled the homesick. Argh.


Han Jie has her own principle in her haven. To her, we have to take our breakfast accordingly. So we have to wait for the next dish to be served after the pumpkin paste. Let's meet Han Jie and her silhouette who was busy preparing hearty breakfast for us.


My tiny eyes got very busy as well while waiting for Han Jie. Laugh. Have you feel surprise with me, looking at the owners' effort in building their home sweet home? Perhaps, more like our home sweet home?


Later, Han Jie served us with freshly made soya milk and rice milk. The caring lady even separate the beverages by different colored plate. By the way, the rice milk in brown hue actually tasted like peanut butter. So special isn't it?

过了好一阵子,韩姐贴心地用不同色调 - 青和红的盘子端着浓浓的豆浆和米浆。浅褐色的米浆尝起来好像花生糊一样,很特别。

Tada, here comes the main course. Han Jie prepared homemade waffle set for us today. Truly a bliss to enjoy this scrumptious breakfast, leisurely. I have to name this as the utmost pleasure that I never expect to gain from this trip. Thanks Han Jie!

再来就是今天的主菜 - 手工松饼。能够这样悠哉地享受那么丰富的早餐,是这一趟旅行始料不及的。谢谢韩姐!

The potatoes were too delicious for a grab. I kept looking at the dainty, shining pieces on my friends' plate. Xiao Pei ended up gave me his portion. So kind of him. Laugh. 


Another highlight is Luo Ge's coffee corner. We were deeply moved by the aroma of his freshly brewed espresso, adding on with his facial expression and passion throughout the sharing session.


The couple even decorate their second floor into a mini library where we can surf the net, get a cuppa and grab a book that catch your interest. Such a sad case when we are unable to stay longer. I really wish I could spend my afternoon reading a good book over this mini library.


Moving out of the house, we will see many ducklings. You might feel surprised that Han Jie and Luo Ge can even differentiate, recognize and name them differently. Awesome.

现在, 我们到屋外去走走。韩姐和洛哥都好喜欢动物,喜欢农庄里还有他们饲养的小鸭子。如果没记错的话,应该是叫瓜瓜吧。更甚的是,韩姐和洛哥还能分辨出每一只小鸭的名字。太神奇了!

And this is our lockers that are named after the rooms. The planting season, as mentioned earlier, has been chosen as Han Jie would like us to experience their life.


The nearness of nature, are you longing for it now? This is seriously a place that you gotta visit if you are in Taiwan.

大自然就是那么的靠近,大家向往了吧? 喜欢农庄真的是值得一去的地方,诚恳地说。

Well it's time to bid all of you for next journey. Good bye, Justlike Villa! Good bye, Luo Ge and Han Jie! Thanks for the hospitality. The beauty of Taiwan.

大家来台湾的话要来哦。好啦, 是时候启程了。再见,喜欢农庄!再见洛哥、韩姐!谢谢你们的热情款待。

Photographed with TOU babes at Justlike Villa 喜欢农庄 on Oct 16, 2012 during my two weeks stay in Taiwan.


+886 920 309 568 (洛哥)
+886 985 393 898 (韩姐)


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