It's His Big Day

Sneaked out from my crafty space in doing my friend some illustrations to Wei Dee's birthday bash. Smelling the air of laziness was really good, I laid beside the pool and keep thinking.

I am in love with the minimal design and the interior design magazine which was laying on top of this table. Couldn't get my eyes off the sophisticated designs and a thing that I actually remembered. Check this page: http://www.visualid.dk/ peeps!

The night went with the poker games and argh, the flow of liquor!

Happy Birthday dear birthday boy and checked my bro in red who made so much fun with his multiple shots of liquor! Laugh.

ps. bon voyage dear you :)

Photographed at Central Park during Wei Dee's big day.

Up-cycled Project

Wandered again with Saw Yean, Alfred and Choon Hoong last Friday. We've some mission on tonight over the coffee house to do our Mr. Model a favour in designing his white crew neck tee to an up-cycled art piece. That's where my lovely wooden stamps came in place and made the spell worked in the hands of Alf! :)

Photographed my Making Memories wooden stamp sets at my home sweet home with the three partner in crimes.

Itadakimasu @ Nihonkai Japanese Restaurant

Itadakimasu, similar with bon appetite, what Japanese usually say when they are about to begin eating. And well today, you shall move your feet with me and explore this Japanese restaurant, Nihonkai.

My ex roommate recommended and brought me over for its affordable Japanese cuisine. Be frank, once I stepped on and saw the restaurant counter, I found it rather disappointed. As usual, I have a thing over beautiful restaurant counter. I mean, more sophisticated one.

However, the food served was really not bad. And the portion is decent though I hardly finish them as I am going to meet up some other friends after this luncheon.

Meet the close up of smoked salmon.

And my favourite dish the Calamari.

Though the space is small and seems crowded when the customer flow is high, the serenity spelled by the oomph of green tea and cozy environment have made it a plus to savour your pick of meals.

Overall, I had a really good time spent with Nicole babe. :)

Photographed at Nihonkai Japanese Restaurant with Nicole on June 9, 2012.

No. 4-2, Jalan Telok Gadong, Off Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur.



I simply feel sick today and took a medical leave since I joined this organization. Got a message from boss that I have some issue over client which caught me so anxious. Can I not to back office tomorrow? Oh well stupid I thought I knew it. Seriously exhausted with the errands on hand. I dislike being so uncertain, on basically everything. Uurgh...

ps. 模棱两可

Home, A Place With Loves

Day out with Shu Kai whom I just don't get to meet often though both residing in the island. Glad knowing that she got her job already. Later, Zhen Hui gave me a tinkle and joined the girls for the day. We managed to catch the movie Double Trouble and heaven-like, had fun peeking at those beautiful interior designs with Zhen Hui then. Visualizing mine in the future, now. :)

ps. what's wrong? puzzled.

Photographed with Zhen Hui at Borders.


Today's artwork: a 55cm tall vintage lamp silhouette. Just realized it's seriously quite a daunting task to draw in such a large scale. What say you?

Watch me at the window from your place on the couch,
watch me pretending that I am really looking out.
You say 'come here, I can't see you in this light,'
but I'm much safer beside the moon tonight.
'Cause when I am a silhouette' I have no fear, you

ps. God knows I actually went for tarot readings with colleagues after half working day. Gosh!

Love Bracelet From Xin Yin

I always treasure my days staying in hostel during my university study. I heart both my roommate, a lot. Just got to met up with one of them, Xin Yin tonight over steamboat dinner along with my colleague Choon Hoong. And it was so flattering when she passed me this little parcel made by brown paper. So arty can?

Slowly, and slowly I opened the mini parcel. Argh so lovely of her for this brass bracelet, adorning with my favourite snowflakes charm. Def a steal over my treasure box! Thanks babe.

Why Blogging?

I often get the same questions from many people. Why do you love blogging that much? Well, think deeply from the core, guess this post [ link ] explains rather well. The last point about personal information repository especially. I am absent-minded to my own memories, to certain extent which I chose to. :)

Photographed my favourite Artline and here you have my share from Japheth.

Shimokita @ Tokyo Street, Pavilion

Finally I am in for the backdated post on my lovely afternoon spent with Ju and Pui Yan at Tokyo Street, Pavilion last weekend.

Thanks to both of them who accompanied me to Shimokita the creative street market.

However, Ju decided to went on lunch himself, leaving me my own sweet time with babe Pui Yan. I miss her a lot that we never get to bounce into each other again after I back to the island.

My little brain was like somersaulting when I looked at the crowds and tides of stall coming ahead. Laugh.

The first stall I ever dropped by was Geo Wood [ link ] the crafter of wooden miniature charms.

They were all so dainty and just too adorable for a grab in my palm, even though mine is rather small already! And yessie, I got myself a little camera too.

Walking on, there were some other handmade goods which are too many for a shot so I just captured those who my eye balls fell on unconsciously.

Arts and crafts are really mesmerizing that everyone has their own stories and insights.

Next stall that caught me so excited was Individium [ link ]. I am in awe of their human periodic table with epic funny elements.

Look at the Individolls!

Look at the badges!

And the fruit of spirit that are so gorgeous with its typography.

Later, we went on to I'll Studio [ link ] the illustrative duo.

I heart their up-cycled carrier from egg carrier a lot, way too creative with the illustrations.

Get a peek of the handmade rings and badges with their unique illustrations.

And some other colourful badges.

Lastly, we have Mossery the whimsical paper goods maker. They offer personalized stationery, cards, notebooks and rubber stamps. Check 'em [ link ] if you'd like to know them more please.

Then, we have these colourful sands on our way to meet Ju at the milk tea station.

Really enjoyed my day with the lovely two. Appreciated the chit chatters though not much photo taken. Laugh.

Photographed during Shimokita, held at Tokyo Street, Pavilion on June 9, 2012.


Farewell dinner with colleagues tonight. And finally there are times that I really head down on something my own, again. The feeling was really awesome but rustic mind goes haywire too. Argh!

Photographed at Sea Pearl Lagoon, Penang with colleagues.

Dreamy, Again

Lunch treat by boss over a local restaurant today owing to the match we've won. This numerical paint on the wooden table made me reminiscing of the dreams we once had back in sweet twenty-one. Simply great.

And quickie for today, our scrumptious lunch for eight. :)

Photographed at a local restaurant in Georgetown.


Guess my mind gleamed jewel-like only when I am triggering my eyes for detail. Life, will be more beautiful when you breathe artfully no?

Of Polaroids and Coffee

Voila lovelies, I know it's somewhat backdated post again. Let's have a sip of Dark Mocha today with me while reading my night spent with Ching and Mok.

I was in awe of the film cameras and how many eyeballs these babies could actually caught that night. Meet our array of Polaroid land cameras the SX-70 and One Step 600.

I am truly in love with Ching's refurbished SX-70 and its vintage leather cozy!

And heartily, I'd like to thanks Ching for the free pack of film from Impossible Project.

With the words 'Stand On The Rainbow' on the front and battery pack on the back, the film cartridge looks slightly different from those meant for Instax Mini. 

Lastly, here's the slot where we'll place the film cartridge into. So you heard the exciting shouts of KaChak! already? :)

Photographed with Ching and Mok at Starbucks E-Gate on May 24, 2012.

Little Miss Seamstress

Blouse makeover Sunday with these dainty ivory rose buttons after my brunch with my babe, Jesyca. Lovely no?

Rain . Memories

Rainy day, the moment that drives people towards reminiscing a lot of past memories.


Photographed on my way to work yesterday.


 Coffee time after work with Alfred and hang out later with my other colleagues, Saw Yean and Choon Hoong again at Bar B Q Plaza for our late dinner. Basically... four of us again, uh huh...

And hey, here I heard the whispering of June already!

ps. met Jia Eian, what an unexpected surprise