Little Green Box

I always have a thing for Christmas. I couldn't stop playing this little green box around my fingers upon receiving it from my babe, Jesyca. So Christmas ain't it? Thanks to babe.

Floral Temptation

Rushed all the way after work for some errands. And I am back with a new floral tote today from Topshop. Granny or vintage, as you named it. I simply don't give it a damn. Oh mesmerizing floral temptation. Do you feel the same?

ps. meet me in pink loose tee and lace detailed short jeans pants :)


Spring cleaning my stuff, along with the stuff that I gotta let go. Simply have too many things to do around the house today.

ps. 有些事情,是时候放下了

Photographed my Starbucks Mini Card the impulsive buy.

Breathing, Leisurely

Met up with my babe Peggy and finally I am off with settling my May errands. Hooray! Spent the late afternoon having free cuppa of Caramel Macchiato from Coffee Bean with Saw Yean. One of the few whom I shared my inner thoughts, really a lot. Glad that I've encountered beautiful people like these from time to time throughout my life path.

Upon walking along the bay, the sea view reminded me on someone far far away from the island and my dreams. Chatted with a friend over Viber and yes, I think I should really get my head down to draft my life list again. Something new must be there, somewhere.

And we, breathing leisurely, are striving to live amidst the crowds and present.

Photographed at Gurney Paragon with my colleague, Saw Yean.

Scrumptious Happiness

Scrumptious portion of not-so-delicious lunch with Alfred today while out for some errands. So happy that my team won the company bowling match!

And oops, something funny happened in company. Shall stay tuned and I still couldn't stop giggling whenever I think of the caterpillar man in Men In Black! Haha.

Photographed at New World Park, Penang.

Sizzling Afternoon; Yet So Beautiful

When the Facebook feed is basically flooded with lovey dovey message on 520 which means I Love You if being interpreted from Mandarin, I had my afternoon just sweet with seeing catwalk of these beautiful people before bounced to a cuppa chat with my babe Sue Ann.

Thanks to my Starbucks loyalty card, as a gift from OCBC bank, I got myself a complimentary grande cuppa of coffee today.

My sizzling afternoon was cooler with this Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino and crazy girls talk with babe.

ps. when you basically do not have to think twice like in work, crapping made so much wonder. :)

Photographed at Starbucks Coffee First Avenue, Penang.


Animal prints are seen everywhere in this summer! I have a thing for dainty dose of them, especially zebra prints! Meet my shot with new love the zebra prints flat pump. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Man improves himself as he follows his path;
if he stands still, waiting to improve before he makes a decision,
he'll never move.

/ Paulo Coelho /


Catch up with old time bowling buddies, Cheng Hang and Wei Seong tonight! Time flies, really.

ps. late dinner can kill, poor tummy...

Heart The Blue

My outfit today during Mother's Day dinner with parents. Meet my matching of pink tassel envelope clutch and wild tribal prints in blue. What a season that I truly heart. :)

ps. Happy Mother's Day dear all mommies around the world! 


In Chinese culture, a ceremony will be held when baby gets one month old. Red eggs and ginger parties are to be given from newborn's parents, supposed. Got this gift voucher from my colleague today in conjunction with the ritual that triggered my thought on how minimalism works on our modern life. Everything is just simplified. What say you?

Friends Like A Family

Went Gurney after my bowling match for some errands, initially. Ended up with dinner over fast food again with my colleagues, Alfred and Saw Yean. Life when we were student is just awesome, not to talk about the exhausting workload. I started to miss my campus life, badly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

/ Edna Buchanan /


After checking all the mails I have today, I found an envelope with free Starbucks card inside. Thanks goodness I didn't purchase it last time. Blessed with the starry case from Ken Jee, now I have a new pal that complements it. Oh great.

ps. can't wait for my first free cuppa :)


Checked SAFE with Shu Kai today. And hey, there's seriously no age limit on friends; thought derived from the last movie scene. :)

Wonderful Tonight

Nightout with Eva while fetching her back from work. Got a chance to sneak into her little world after the dinner! Laugh.

Photographed at Noodle Station E-Gate, Penang.

Nerds! @ Overtime

Another seriously-backdated post of my night out with colleagues two weeks back at Overtime after our Tao gathering which is coming ahead.

The highlight of the night was because of birthday celebration of April babies and another, the May 1st guy.

Happy birthday, SY! And Alf! And lastly, HP!

Meet another main character of the night, our Instaxs!

We were busy snapping throughout the laughters and money-burning shutter. Omg, what a satisfying outcome!

Here's all for today. Stay tuned with upcoming post on our Tao gathering then!

ps. I bid you goodbye with my Choco and Union Jack singlet. Oh love. :)

Photographed at Overtime Autocity with my colleagues on Apr 20, 2012.

Beautiful Night @ Kaffa

Had a cuppa chat with Jeng Yang at Kaffa Cafe. Located just adjacent to my university hostel last time but I seldom dropped by this cafe though. Tonight, the cafe simply looks different. It was dressed with the hanging leafs and lights on the ceiling, paralyzing us with the sweet coffee art under the spell of caffeine. Very beautiful night, I suppose.

ps. ouch here went crazy with my tummy, aftermath of too much caffeine

Photographed at Kaffa Cafe with Jeng Yang on May 1, 2012.

Ivory Plaza, Halaman Bukit Gambir (Opposite USM)

Ka Chak!

The EARTH without ART is just EH! Have you captured a piece of day artfully today peeps? I just spent my labour day on dayout with Kai, Jureen and my cup of Blackcurrant Coffee, which simply made my holiday an awesome one!

Tell me yours? :)