I am actually very sad and worry about sis who caught into an accident last Friday night. Guess people around me won't notice that even. Well that's me. Looking at the cars on my way to work, deep down in my heart I weep my tears and praying hard, may she faster wake up... :(

ps. pray along with me please?

A Lighthouse Romance

Met up with my ex roomie, Xin Yin after half-day working on this Saturday. This babe actually made her way lost in the town to look for my whereabout. Laugh. So we ended up popping into Lighthouse Coffee which is just stone's throw from my office for the sake of her convenience. It's been quite long since I last visited the cafe [here], something little caught my attention once I got seat. Beauty and the Beast. Argh! Immersed in the romance me. 

The cafe is def a steal for cozy getaway despite having rather small space, there's this little old man who is calling you silently to enter their relaxing world. Especially when one's heart is heard. Peek into the colourful post-it notes, you feel the tingling sensation of those brains.

And I just got my notebook from Korea, printed with a pencil illustration and inspiring wordings. Whatever you can do, or dream, you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Stay passionate.

And this is my ex roomie, Xin Yin whom I spent my cozy afternoon with.

Our pick of the day: Cafe Oat Lemone (left) and Orange Moon (right)

Xin Yin's cafe spaghetti. Quite a nice one.

Next, lets spoil your taste buds with a bit of cheesy indulgence.

I am loving my Chicken Sausage Baked Rice just too much, very much.

God knows why I am just in the mood of pink today. Heart my pink satchel that caused a funny chaos in office too. Laugh.

Actually, my mind is flowing somewhere today. I am like having a phobia of accidents, crossroad and next path after some incidents over the years. God bless. May sis is doing well and wake up soon... :(

Photographed at Lighthouse Coffee with Xin Yin, my ex roomie.

Logan Heritage No.4, Bishop Street, Georgetown, 10300 Penang, Malaysia.

Mon - Sun 8:30 - 20:30

012-4360836 (Victor)



It is sad not to love, but it is much sadder not to be able to love.

/ Miguel de Unamuno /

Boutique Bystroe, Again

I always wanted to drop by Boutique Bystroe again after my last visit with Tze Ying but the plan got delayed for quite a bit. Finally I am here again today with my colleagues after our half-day work on this cozy Saturday.

Messed around with colourful UNO cards while waiting for our food. Kill the hungry tummy, very torturing!

Heartily served Mocha Frappe in its artie mug and Jesyca's Heineken.

The happiest thing to do after work would be savouring good food in a relaxing ambience with loved ones. Couldn't agree more with that. We started off with soup of the day before going on to our main courses.

We picked Stir Fry Pesto Pasta.

And Chicken Lasagna, my favourite dish out of all, cheesy temptation that'll def keep you mouth-watering.

Lastly, their signature All American Burger which I deemed the portion as more, more and still more than enough for my tummy.

Not to miss something which I always do after meal, wandering around the cafe. Found a talking Polaroid! I've one piece of this treasure too and yessie, way too expensive to play around. Oh yea books, shall find a day to squirm in the couch reading them.

I really appreciate my weekend getaway after work. Paint, colour and simply let the imagination runs wild. I drew myself a mug that I decided to hide it from your eyes. Laugh.

I am happy to land my petite footprints in this cozy shop again. Really glad.

How about you lovelies? Good weekend? I hope you just stole a smile with me! Have you smiled today? :)

Photographed at Boutique Bystroe with Saw Yean, Huey Pin and Jesyca.

233-C, Burmah Road 10050 Penang, Malaysia (Just opposite the Malaysian Buddhist Association). 

Mon: 11:00 - 22:00
Wed - Sun: 11:00 - 22:00



Another bar of chocolate from colleague, Saw Yean. Thanks babe! I really enjoyed my bowling match with all of them and hey bowling buddies, I started to miss you guys. It's been a while since I didn't contact with them though. Time to give them a tinkle. :)

Boat Ride to Peaceful Island

It really does not pay much to cherish our life with mother nature. After my sunrise, sunrise getaway, we hop on next to our car and off to Pulau Aman. The awesome thing is you'll find something different everytime though you've been to the same place for a couple times, never fail.

Along the bridge, you'll find people who fight for their living in the maze of hugeness.

Further down, you'll find the twisty little creatures which do the same like mankind.

Under the sun, walking on our journey, we are just no difference.

Out of sight, out of mind. I wonder how many kids nowadays actually place their foot on the muddy ground, chasing after the little chicks that has been portrayed as fine illustrated art moving around their electronic gadgets.

Unlike the busy life in city, Pulau Aman generally seems of slower life pace and fundamental.

The houses amidst the green hue that we missed so much.

Sauntering along the passage, we found a place.

A place I called it as peaceful island.

With no artificially-carved piece of beauty, adorning with rocky path.

And whispering, my soul, the greatness of life.

Later, we found a bay.

Imperfectly stunning scene with the canoe, people and nature.

In addition of unknown life warriors.

The bay simply overseeing a even vast ocean of tranquility.

Walked on next, we spotted this signboard pointing us to Telaga Emas or golden well which caught me anticipated how does it look like.

Ended up with this pool of water that I got really disappointed for walking so far! Laugh.

Hey peeps, not to miss our very last surprise for the long walk before answering to our tummy's call, very huge wintermelon equivalent to three and a half of my face!

Finally you'll see something edible after such a long journey with us. Meet Mee Udang, my lunch with coconut drink and laughters.

Got really sweaty on my way back but looking afar, I know everything is just on the right track.

And my fulfilling weekend will bring wonder to ease my Monday blue. Absolutely.

Photographed at Floating Restaurant, Pulau Aman where a 15 minutes boat ride from Batu Musang new jetty brought us to. 

Unique Penang Art Gallery

Today's entry will be embraced with somewhere artie, Unique Penang Art Gallery, run by two creative minds Joey and Clovis.

There are princely sum of awesome paintings and miniature form of these art in postcards form in the gallery. And a cute thing, you get to post to future. After drawing, scribbling and colouring, now it reached the question of how to post it? Spotted the pigeon hole behind us? They were named with different date and month where we may pick ourselves. Later on, the creative duo will help us to post it on behalf. Shall see I'll be still remember what I wrote next year upon receiving my pick. Laugh.

Mingled for quite some time in the gallery, with the tune of ukulele and lunar eclipse, my night was humming in wishing my dreams come true. :)

ps. got yourself a postcard for future?

Photographed at Unique Penang Art Gallery on Dec 10, 2011.

62, Love Lane 10200 Georgetown, Penang.

3pm - 12am


有一种等待,叫做宁缺毋滥。 :)

Hey lovelies, Happy Valentine's Day!

Photographed my love chocs from colleagues. 

Sunrise, Sunrise

I always think, what is life if we do not stop and stare. The world is really beautiful. Woke up early at 5am in the morning, not for work, to get myself an escape from hustle bustle of life. We went to this place in dark, walk cautiously on wooden bridge and star-bathing under the big bright moon.

Fooled around with Shyuan's hand while waiting for the breaking dawn.

The breeze was soothing with the matching tune of glittering drops.

And soon we saw the rays.

The rays of wonder which slowly shine from the other part of the world.

At that moment, my mind simply being blowed away.

Looking at the fishing dudes.

Looking at the sweet couple.

Looking at doggie and my babes.

Everything simply seems mesmerizing, bespoken under the sun and moon.

Argh what an innocent pair of eyes.

Get a shot of our footprints before off to next destination.

I appreciate your existence babes, heartily.

I appreciate all my single steps, and still loving them a lot.

Turned around on my way back, thank you God for your creation of tranquility. :)

ps. next destination of the day, Pulau Aman

Photographed at Telok Tempoyak, Penang and wrote this while listening to Norah Jones's Sunrise.