De Title

I wonder how do you celebrate your new year eve out there? I was having a simple but awesome one at De Title. Theoretically, I actually booked the whole cafe. Laugh. I felt so sorry for be there at the ending hour that they extended for an hour just for us. Heartiest thankful to the cafe owners again.

Owing to time constraint, I didn't catch much shots in the cafe. From the shop front to interior, they're all of lilac and artful. I bet you'll be amazed just like me, looking at the making of De Title from their Facebook page. One of the reason which draw me to them was owing to the passion and dedication. Oh yea meet our replacement for free drinks of the night, Iced Peach Tea as even the bartender has went home before us. Laugh.

De Shallot Chicken, the main course.

Pasta alla Carbonara, the main course.

Free flow of dessert + mushroom soup etc for only five bucks on top of main course during festive.

Colourful chocolate chips spotted at backyard of the cafe. Oh love.

Backyard of the cafe is actually the buffet area, lilac still, but adding city illustration on the wall by cafe owners that make it even delicate.

Highlight of the night, Nicholas and Shyuan. Sweet one.

Ended up with Starbucks New World Park for next round, chatting and waiting for the coming of Jan 2012. Happy New Year again lovelies!

Photographed at De Title Dinning Cabin with TOU during New Year celebration.

No 97, Lorong Selamat, 10400 Penang.

12.00pm - 3pm   and   6pm - 9pm   (closed on Wednesday)


Heritage Stroll; With Contented Soul

I find it delighting to carry my camera down the street, walking with heart that is full of love. The greatest part is when you've been to the same place for many times and yet, still having different views in each trip.

Wall art from our first stop, Armenian Street already triggered my mood today and I've Shyuan, Viv, Kris and Wilson who made my day.

Then, we went to Khoo Kongsi the chinese clan house and you know what, I'm with the surname of Khoo! You've to pay RM 10 in order to enter the building. The more I say, the more I feel we seriously acted like tourist. Laugh.

Every little part of the building is highly ornamented with its authentic historical value.

From a small passage at the left of the main building, you'll find an entrance to this ancient goods exhibition hall.

And walk further, you'll find another hallway where you got to inspire by the past, build for the future and realize the beauty of filial piety.

I spotted a very dirty mirror when we almost left the exhibition hall and tada, our only group shot of the day.

Life, has two sides. It depends on where you want to be. Outside, or inside? I am so sad to say that I always chose the latter one unknowingly. You gotta take charge of your own life!

We went on our heritage stroll after our lunch at Wang Zhao Jun. Argh lovely flower on the street. It reminds me of my mom whenever I saw this kind of flower.

As we walked into passage, I caught the kitten that I know I must hit the shutter button. Be frank I am not an animal lover but they simply look cute from afar. Thanks to Kris who helped me to call the kitten. Laugh.

Oh yea lets meet Wilson, the discovery-channel-kind of guy who actually brought a few lens along!

And walking still, never stop to unravel beautiful things.

Penang is really greener and a good place to stay in. I love the island for its aesthetically heritage, really.

I am thankful to be breathing, on this side by the grass. Whatever comes, comes. Quoted from Ron Perlman.

The sky is seriously beautiful this afternoon in its azure blue tone. We walked to Penang Road to have a taste on long forgotten Chendol. Beat the huge crowd!

At the end of the day, we managed to catch Sherlock Holmes 2 at First Avenue even. I struggled hard to keep my eyes open while my partners in crime actually fell asleep. Laugh. It was around 10 hours day trip! Contented.

Photographed at Khoo Kongsi and other beautiful sites in heritage trail, Penang on Dec 26, 2011.

Pimp Your Cube!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Contest Factory. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ever thought of how awful cubicle can influence your working mood? If you happen to be one of the pathetic guys in America who is now sitting on a broken chair, overseeing unorganized work desk, listening to endless noise of old school fax machine and most probably facing the granny monitor whole day long! Then, Pimp My Cube Contest by Contest Factory will definitely be your savor from the messy life.

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(C) Entered your video.
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Cubicle image retrieved from Tantalizing Tidbits.

E-Entrepreneur 2011

If you still remembered my weekend getaway to Kuala Lumpur a few weeks back, here is my wrap up of the event E-Entrepreneur 2011 - National Pitching, taken place at the 5 Elements Hotel. I used to be in a certain place earlier than predetermined time, adding in I got the time wrong, so I actually reached the hotel so much earlier before anybody else did. Laugh. Had myself a pretty relaxing english brunch then at a cafe, just right beside the hotel.

Sooner or later, participants reached slowly at hotel lobby and we gotta take a portrait shoot before entering meeting room.

Christopher, one of the organizing team, brief all participants through the schedule and tried to ease us down.

Paris and Wilson the funny duo.

Wen Keat, busy preparing for the last round of presentation practice.

Meanwhile, Paris and me were making fun around the room. Hey spotted our blue outfit which matched the lanyard just good. I looked even petite standing beside her. Laugh.

Participants were waiting at this spot, batch by batch before their turn.

The main brain behind MyPath, John brief the sponsors at hotel's in house cafe.

Oh the other hand, I picked my lucky number 1 thus I was in the first batch with the rest of four other participants to move to penthouse. Just a little introduction, their penthouse comprises of five suite named after five elements: Metal, Earth, Water, Fire, Wood.

Participants were then pitched their business ideas to the sponsors, as shown by Mok.

Hey peeps, it's me. Thinking of going elsewhere after the national pitching so I chose a match of basic tee from MNG and my very versatile piece of Boyfriend blazer from Phatculture.com which you really gotta have a look. I really admire both the pretty founders at their early 20s to put their heart out in online business. Pour them some support if you like their range of apparels and accessories!

Meet Veron, my coursemate back in university.

Sneak peek of the judges.

All of us gathered then at the hotel's in house cafe for our buffet lunch treat.

Ice breaking and sharing session among participants.

Later, Christopher appeared again with the stunning moment of winners to be announced in a while.

John, delivered a word or two from his very core sharing his passion in developing youth and entrepreneurial spirits.

And Jenna, who was in the same boat or put it in more english way, bear with the same thoughts also shared with the members of the floor about her insight.

Ambassadors were given a certificate of appreciation. Meet Michele the project director and my bestie of similar height. Laugh.

Highlight of the day. Mr. Ronald Khoo, board member of Entrepreneur Organization Malaysia holding an Ipad to be given away, following by prize giving ceremony a couple minutes later.

All participants were fell into camwhoring mood again after prize-giving ceremony. Meet the glamorous duo, Jeremy and Paris.

Michele, Veron and me.

Lastly, the big family shot of E-Entrepreneur 2011 before we left the hotel. Ciao!

ps. fruitful journey of inspiration and new friends.

Photo credits to event photographer of E-Entrepreneur 2011, taken at the 5 Elements Hotel on Dec 3, 2011.