Christmas is coming! Hohoho... Everything I see lately are just warm, guess the influence of this season of love. Laugh. Night out with Paris the babe and now I shall doze off, been staying up late till 4-5am almost everyday since back at the island! Hope I'd be able to wake at 5am for my work. Bye people...


New photo featuring my joops necklace. :)


Sometimes, it is just so lovely to be with friends where all turn into chatter boxes. Laugh. Thanks to Sien, May, Kris, Samuel and Jin Yin in a row! And I am happy that I completed my report this morning. Phew...

Photographed at Roti Bakar.

Hoot hoot!

Hoot hoot! Here launched our new product line, sketch notebook/multipurpose notebook you name it. Each notebook is hand-stamped and retouched, adorning with dainty crystals at certain details on brown paper cover. At the back of the cover, an inner pocket is taking place with hope to cater to your needs when it happened that you need a space for your receipts, short notes etc. It's gonna be a so-personalized gift where you may request for any debossed words to be done on the same piece of whimsical art.

I heart the joy of doodling and scribbling my thoughts on paper that typing hardly replace. Why stop yourself from doodling, from reading the printed words? Those alphabets are so lovely to be twisted around your fingers. I hope to bring the fun escape of doodling to everyone. There are no rules, no gridlines to be obeyed. Thus, here popped my idea to work with whimsical others on these imperfectly beautiful paper goods. Humming with the experience of immersing in the beauty of crystal elements back in my days in the fashion house, I try to adorn these little jewel-like onto my later crafts.

Thanks someone for adopting our very first piece of notebook as a Christmas gift to Jin Yin.

I hope Jin Yin and all of you will love them as much as I do. Have fun scribbling. :)

Owl illustration by our whimsical friend, Rebekah Ginda.



Photographed my new tools and dream with no related blog content.

The Author's Thought

It becomes my daily habit to drop by and write something. Enjoying the life to be the author of my own. I think, I write, I read, I smile. Sounds like a narcissistic one, laugh. Tonight, I simply feel thankful for having companion of Kris and Paris the sweeties and caramel hot chocolate that made my working night more enjoyable.

Soon, it'll be over.

Photo retouched with software; I wish I could paint like this one day.

You & Me

Thanks Yee Leng for adopting this smiley face music player cozy. She needs more smiles so I hope this little wonder will do the magic. Or kindly, do the same magic on me too.

Workload for the coming weeks are crazy. Bad of failing to reject as usual. Repeated Just You & Me by Zee Avi for more than fifty times, really. Simply love the tune and the way it soothed my hard feeling last night.

Will not be here as often for two upcoming weeks though. Argh I can do it! Lets dare to dream, you & me...

ps. only the creatures of the night, will harmonize with me :)

Pre-School Graduation Concert

Was doing my babe Sherril a favour today in this pre-school graduation concert thingy with Shu Kai. Here goes my lovely Saturday with arty errands and laughters looking at the innocent faces. Sometimes I wonder why on earth kids nowadays grow so fast? Even a few minutes sketch can be filled with such lovey dovey that how the prince proposed to the princess and their relationship being objected by parents where they overcome all difficult circumstances living merrily ever after. Laugh. Ain't it be pre-school? 

ps. I am sucks in rejecting.

It's Delicious!

Night out with Stephanie, Wilson and Zhen Hui in my mustard yellow top, plus jade green tote and shoes. Love Zee Avi!

Popped in for a quickie dinner at Delicious before Zee Avi's homecoming tour.

Meet Stephanie the dancing queen and her four cheese pasta.

And meet my Aglio Oglio and hot mocha.

ps. Gosh, I missed some shots of the guys. Laugh. Will show Zee Avi in upcoming post then.

Photographed at Delicious, Straits Quay.

Racking mind, again.

God knows how long I never write reports. Ok cool I am writing my report now in Starbucks with Kris. Need a dose of coffee to make my mind clearer. Working on the 2500 words. Decreasing though, 2300 words now! I can do it. *self-motivating*

ps. I dreamt of auntie this morning on her 100th day after passed away. Hope you're doing well.

Photographed at Starbucks, Queensbay Mall.

Blissful Night

This is a rather belated birthday post as I just received the photos from Miss Photographer, Tzyy Shyuan. Laugh. We stayed up late until 2 or 3am early in the morning where we chatted a lot.

Mostly circling about my problem with a friend at that moment. I do not know how to respond, even now. Life, goes on. Guess that will be the most appropriate quote to soothe my inner core.

Back to Sherril's birthday bash, we were hiding at her house where Siang Kuak the bf was out with her. The little babe does not realize her house was filled with a few intruders once she stepped into the house but how surprised she was to look at the cake.

Hey mom, daddy leh? Wow... surprise somemore... Ice cream cake ar?

Be frank, I couldn't recall exactly what she said but def a laughter. And the brilliant her heard the footstep noise made when we ran to upstairs. Too bad that her dad was coughing at the wrong moment so our plan ruined. Laugh.

Belated happy birthday again babe, and thanks for the love and care peeps. Dear our new sister, Siang Kuak even. I do appreciate someone who offered the dessert treat at random too.  Thank you though we did not make it. It's my bliss to have you guys. :)

With love, Jhu

Photographed at Sherril's home sweet home.

Cookies & Elmo

Hooray! Cleared my pending orders in a row. Thanks Emelda for adopting the bookmarks and I am really happy here to find another person who bears the same thought with me, like exactly the same. Omg. Guess it was the day I text the most for the last two years. :)

ps. mom is asking, and keep asking but got herself disappointing answer everytime :D

When Boy Meets Girl

Today we've Jerome with his order, a couple bag charm hand-embroidered with dainty blue florals and couple with a cookie in between. Look exactly as told. Hope he and she will love this! Thanks. :)

ps. glad to have Chendy dropped by and the craps! laugh. Glad to found companion to the music tour, yes.

Hello Kitty Ribbon Brooch

Thanks someone who adopted this for her friend's birthday. Shall wait till the actual day and I will tag owner of this little piece of joops! Stay tuned. :)

ps. a few more pieces and I am done for the week. 2500 words report to conquer then. phew...

Que Sera, Sera

Thanks Anish for adopting the flower bookmark. As usual, this babe will illustrate her idea for me which make my work so much easier. Looking at the flower, it reminds about the conversation between a reader + friend and I just now. I am glad that I still able to type such deeply moving quotes in Chinese and get him found himself again. Laugh. And I would like to share this song at this moment. Hope I can find a right song for every upcoming post later.

When I was just a little girl
I asked my mother, what will I be
Will I be pretty, will I be rich
Here's what she said to me.

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be.

When I was young and fell in love
I asked my sweetheart what lies ahead
Will we have rainbows, day after day
Here's what my sweetheart said.

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be.

Now I have children of my own
They ask their mother, what will I be
Will I be handsome, will I be rich
I tell them tenderly.

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be.

Listen to Doris Day's Que Sera, Sera [here].

Frosty The Snowman

Frosty the Snowman phone cozy, Xue Qi's order for Pei Shi. Thanks babe. *keep working*

ps. 不懂得自己做的对不对,或许对某些人来说无谓的坚持是固执、是愚昧。可是,朵朵说的话给心里打了支强心针,“就像一隻小鳥無法變成一架飛機一樣,一個人若是不能依照他的本質去活,是不會快樂的。” 看来努力从平凡的生活与梦想追逐、嬉戏的不止自己一个,呵呵,不寂寞了。

Hey Penguin!

Thank you dear my junior's sister, Xue Qi who placed her orders sometime from now. Just done with her penguin phone cozy and now, working on her piece of snowman. Stay tuned!

ps. should have quite a few creation updates for today :)


Thanks to Pei Shan the little babe for adopting her new mobile phone a red Smiley cozy with a ribbon charm. A smile goes a long way. Yes, I always believe that  a smile is a curve that sets everything straight. :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Was out with Wei Seong to Berlin's Bier Houz at night and had a mocktail of Lychee Margarita Frozen. To him, I never change.


Thanks Haridan, hope the mini parcel had reached in front of your door safely.

You Are The Apple Of My Eye

Spent my whole afternoon wandering around jobs fair with Tze Hou, again and again. Guess I really need a getaway soon. Had deposited only five resumes on hand, I hope they work. Need a job right now, for my dreams, for my getaway. Later, met up with May who happened to in need and would like to thrash her work pressures to somebody. Been chatting about career and shared the thoughts until it was time to join my other sisters for You Are The Apple of My Eye. Read this book during my secondary so I was really craving to watch the movie then. 

I do not know myself either. Just that, barely able to open my heart to everyone. My ex roomie told me once, There are some people who simply can't open their heart. For example, a bungee jump. It can be a really daunting task for those people who seriously couldn't move a step and poop! in the air. Yes, I am this kind of person. I actually treat everybody, very truly but not the inner core of my little secret corner. I reveal all, only to some who I am comfortable with. We got a cuppa after movie and chatted almost everything. Back at home around 3.30 in the morning and relief, the feeling I stuffed with throughout the rest of the day. It's a bliss to have them.

Current mobile ringtone that lasted for a few weeks, Our Last Summer.

I can still recall our last summer, I still see it all.
Walks along the Seine, laughing in the rain.
Our last summer. Memories that remain.

Thanks Shyuan for the postcard. Anyway, I decided to hop on board end of next year. Trying hard to open my heart, meanwhile. Hoping I will be able to make it to somewhere unreachable by phone, by internet.

ps. 寻找着愿意陪我丢下一切“出走”的人. Laugh. :)

Making Memories

Went to law firm yesterday and things do not turn out really good. Yes, I am still uncertain on how to proceed over here. Keep telling myself, just a short period I guess. Finally received my mini parcel from the States. Argh, making memories metal box! :)

ps. just done with my 3 mins video of Time dot Com which I spent my whole afternoon racking my mind.

Sashay Into Winter Warmers

Step into the Victorian dinner delight with me people, as we sat amidst the flowers under the spinning fan.

Have you hear, what the flower say? I do, the whispers of all the darling buds are so sweet calling us to sashay in such a vintage winter mood. I have a thing for Christmas, as I told you so.

Victorian floral cups and saucers. Mine, the romantic rose.

Salad, served before the main course.

My Chicken Spaghetti and white porcelain tea sets filled with my choice of Earl Grey.

My roomie's Tuna Pasta.

My belated birthday gift from someone, oh gosh so dainty piece of lovely. New collectible, again.

Duo shot with my ex roomie, Xin Yin who I get to know for only a couple months back in university as I was traveling quite frequent that time but still keeping a rather close knot now.

Oh yea, forgot to introduce her other identity to you guys. Laugh. She is running a craft store Red Jodie named after her little red man, hop to her [here] if you are looking for some craft supplies. :)

Photographed at Winter Warmers, Queensbay Mall.

Peony In Love

The feeling was good upon finishing a book, and another... Peony In Love by Lisa See had set in century of Manchu China where three lovesick maidens, fought against the social norms of people at that time, seeking their love. Intricate foot-binding, death rituals and afterlife casted another mystery of ancient China culture throughout the storyline which made it a must-read.

Next list: On Gold Mountain by Lisa See

Image credits to LotusReads.com.

Bird On Tree Charm For Yenfei

Still remember my other november baby, Yenfei? Thanks to her Mr.Pilot who made this order! That was pretty funny when he told me that Yenfei mentioned about this charm a couple months ago. My first reaction was so does she still like it? Laugh. Thanks god she does! :)

ps. suddenly feel that I've quite some to-dos on hand, wonder if I get a proper job now and it'll be 4-in-a -row routine. sighed.

The Beauty of Simplicity

It was an inspired Monday afternoon with Zhen Hui. While we encountered with some particular situation that colours came to a mess, laugh, I was thinking about this lady the TV host of 庞铫敲敲门 and her quotes.

She once said, “简单的生活状态,最能酝酿出好的创作” which means the greatest creation is ever to be found in simplicity.

The next quote from this inspiring lady, “我喜欢用“减法”,减掉、放掉,才知道自己真正想要的是什么。因为减去生活中过多的颜料,才能看见真正的自己。” which means I love to apply the principle of subtraction where letting go, eliminating enable me to know what I truly want. As we are letting go excessive colours in our life, we are seeing our core of being much better, clearer.

And so I am just in the mood of presenting photos for today in lesser colour. Hope you people got inspired with the beauty of simplicity too.

Was having afternoon tea at Paddington with Zhen Hui.

Peekaboo, laugh.

Oh I always love desserts for their portion and mouth-watering displays. We just had a Mini Treasure Box that comes with dollar pancakes, mixed fruits, nuts etc. I think he didn't know that I actually have a thing towards treasure box.

Next, Pannekoek with Banana and Cheese.

Later, we managed to catch a movie, Tower Heist. Oh my god it was so damn funny in the cinema because of some laughters and I really adore Tea Leoni the FBI agent in the movie. I love her eyes, like really. Met up with someone after the movie and thanks god, Zhen Hui was there. I just did something I never imagine I will be doing anyway. First experience count? :)

Photographed at Paddington House of Pancakes, Queensbay Mall.