A Sweet Place For Sweethearts

Oh gosh I am in love with this box of SOPHiSCA chocolates all the way from Taiwan. A sweet place for sweethearts. What a candy!

The moment I opened the box, the mini packs could seriously mesmerized the air that I felt so warm. They even came in my initial PJ and a good luck clover. So sweet... Thanks Tim! 

ps. I'm up for some major decisions, good luck jhu.

Of Friends & Errands

Was away from home for twelve hours! God knows luncheon with the three musketeers, taking curricular transcript in universities, dinner with NRIC pals and coffee chat with Jianquan simply made my day to the fullest. Wonderful university days are truly unforgettable. :)

Photographed at QB Subway with Xuan Yi, Michael and Jin Yin.

Inspired Thursday

Photographed my graduation gift from Kat Kards . Thanks babe, I'm truly inspired by the quote on top. Don't you? :)

No Music, No Life

Listened to Rod Stewart's For The First Time while working on my crafts. Music always made wonder to me in such a way that I rarely remember neither the lyrics nor the song title. To me, I really enjoy immersing myself in the graceful ballet of its tune, especially when I am stucked in never ending errands. Mentally rejuvenated. :)

Thanks George for adopting my felt cassette charm and instax choco charm.

Out Of Africa

Hallo people, it's gift from Africa again! Thank you Lucas for the antique zebra necklace with colourful beads and brass zebra charm.

Haha fell in love with zebra besides owl now! Hmm cause it's black and white perhaps? Laugh.

Wonder if you still remember the United Against Malaria bracelet I received from Mok a few days back? And yeah, now I have two pieces of love from the Safari Land. *cheers*

Hey Peanuts!

I finally made my visit to Charlie Brown cafe, or more layman term the Snoopy-themed cafe at Straits Quay. Stepped into the cafe, the colourful light panels on ceiling seem welcoming and cheerful after all.

Very cottage inspired interiors.

Walked further into the cafe, you'll find a wall art with Snoopy comics panel.

Savouring Smurfelicious dishes while listening to music. Haha aftermaths of watching Smurf.

Our meals and you know what, it is ain't easy to take table top shot this way. And my height, made it an even daunting task. Laugh.

My spaghetti, that I couldn't ask for better for a themed cafe. Quite decent.

Was having quite a bit of chat then. Meet my antique brass chair necklace from Kris, I heart the colourful blocks a lot!

By chance, if you read my blog for quite some time, you'll notice how keen am I in observing restaurant counter.

Close up of the restaurant counter.

Time to wander around the little cottage. Xin Yin, my ex roomie and me with Snoopy.

Another companion of the night, Kris and me.

Paw prints on the floor.

Have a look on the Cafe from its entrance peeps before off to cam whore with us.

Kids are just cute no?

Simply love the night and it's rather bad that Michele didn't join us.

Photographed with Xin Yin and Kris during night out to Charlie Brown Cafe on Sept 24, 2011.

Straits Quay

Owl The Lucky Chip

Met a German lady who happened to love and selling her owl collectibles during night out with Kris and Xin Yin. Oh my! Look at all the night guardians that I simply can't take my eyes off. This awesome lady just triggered my thought to seek for these beautiful night guardians myself to add into my shop too. Lastly, I am calling a toss of good luck with my newly acquired antique owl gambling chip ca 1910. People, that's my lucky chip.

ps. awesome pillow talk with Kris and Michele and yes, barely have time to craft... hmm when can I finish the remaining felt I wonder.

Lovely Nat!

Guess recent posts will be filled with graduation shots and gift posts. Laugh. Thanks Natalie for this lovely felt camera photo frame, 100% crafted by babe. I was laughing like hell upon receiving the gift. Hope we can still keep in touch babe! :)

I Am Graduated!

Time flies! I am officially graduated this morning. Thank you so much for all the wishes and gifts, especially dear those who actually dropped by my convocation! Your presence really made my day better. Oh poor me who seriously have a thought like... convocation is tougher than hiking which my friends deemed as classic quote. Laugh. Argh so tiring!

Zhen Hui and Nicholas.

Nicholas and Ken Jee.

Zhen Hui, Nicholas and Ken Jee.

Michele, Nicole and me. And purple Minnie tee, my graduation pressie from Ken Jee! Love.

My favourite dish of all time, Chicken Schnitzel because it is boneless. Laugh.

Group shot of 60% of the gang. Too bad that another three of them didn't get to turn up. :(

Photographed at Blue Reef; Straits Quay.

United Against Malaria Bracelet

Hey Mok, thank you for such a lovely graduation pressie! Peeps, meet my United Against Malaria bracelet from South Africa.

Each bracelet carries a small pewter signature bead which is a mark of authenticity, ethical business practice and the organization's philosophy.

The other side of this signature bead is a dainty, debossed Africa map.

I really appreciated what my friend just got me, knowing that this bracelet was handmade in Africa as an unemployment project to give dignity and hope to unemployed, unskilled people and $1 from the sale are going to support these heroes and to protect children from Malaria across Africa.

Simply heart the quote, "More than a string of beads. It's a lifeline." What a meaningful one.

Camera Everyday Pen

Oh my I really heart all my graduation presents to the bits! Thanks to K.Ling for this gorgeous everyday pen printed with camera illustrations from kikki-K. Me love, really.

So sweet of her saying that she knows I love doodling so this might make a great tool for me. Yes, babe!

All the dainty cameras are just cute no? :)


Back to university for convocation rehearsal this early morning, followed by a talk by Executive Vice President of Nestle India, luncheon with juniors and dinner with phototogs. Still didn't manage to settle my university activity's errands! :(

ps. Love all my souvenirs + graduation gifts! Stay tuned, stay tuned.

Hey It's Mickey!

A big thank you again to Alice! I hope Sean will love this phone cozy too!

ps. yoohoo cleared all my pending orders and ok gotta rush to university for some errands now!

Oh Paris!

Yes, a few more crafts to clear my pending orders and I will head on more ready mades from my existing felt stocks. I will most likely to stop felt for some time. Shall hope that I'll be able to do as many ready mades as possible before off to KL after graduation. Simply lazy to travel with such heavy stuffs that if you can imagine the weight, I brought them all!

Photographed Alice's eiffel phone cozy on my laptop case. Thanks babe!