I am tired! Busy fine tuning presentation slides, felt sewn mock up and studies. Suddenly, I feel like a zombie again today. Oops no! I am a passionate dreamer. I am just having a really contented life. :)

ps. yea bumblebee always working hard, ceaselessly

Nicholas's Starry Big Day

Had lunch with Michele, Cheng Fai and Mei at Yaki Teppan. The food was quite delicious but with rather huge portion for tummy. Compared to Sakae, Sushi King etc, Yaki Teppan is somehow cozier to me than the commercialized setting of the formers. Savouring the delicacies at Yaki Teppan is like eating with family, very warm and delicious. :)

Was mingling with classes and friends later on in campus for whole day long. We celebrated Nicholas's birthday at McDonald after met him at Tea Tac Toe. Michele, Yee Leng and me were singing birthday song in 5 different languages. Awesome no, with help of Google Translate sometimes. The highlight of the night which cause me can't stop laughing was Jin Yin's brilliant idea of making her name card as greeting card. Laugh.

Happy Birthday, Nicholas!

My Taupe Scarf

Was doing some shopping for my next trip. Argh wallet feels hurt badly as I bought lotion, lip balm, 16gb memory card etc. Oh yea I love my scarf very much and it's somehow indie as usual. I simply love these... 


Oh my! That's another difficult task coming up next. Oops no after tonight. My Monday is like a total chaos revamping presentation slides, tutorial, German class and now adding this business simulation game into the bandwagon. Will have a quiz on player's guide at Thursday as we've to fly to Singapore again this coming Friday.

Wish me all the best. Love.

Are You In Blue?

Hi, we have Ween Man again for today's creation. She loves blue, sky, sea and star very much and requested me to do a piece of bookmark with all these elements. I've sewn the little beads representing stars but they can't seem to appear glossy in the photo. Oops, my apologies but I can ensure it is a nice piece in real. Laugh.

For friends who run into me recently will take me as a brown person, or earth tone more precisely. Actually, I used to a blue person back in secondary. My blue collection is tremendously a lot, ranging from pencil case to ruler, stapler, pencil lead, pencil, pen, highlighter etc. Almost everything. Sounds weird? :D

Decorative Wedding Pillows

Third piece of craft for this weekend. Thank you Shanice from Malaysia who showered with the first attempt in sewing decorative pillows for her Malay friend's wedding. Throughout the convo, Shanice told me she wants a couple of love birds and lace and so I have this design for her. Every tiny detail is hand sewn on natural cotton linen which made it looks zakka, especially when the lace element is added. :)

Oh yea I remembered I've a mini card which I couldn't recall where I got it last time. Here's my little gift to the couple. I hope you guys will love 'em!

Stay Sweet, Hussin and Finaz!

* I've corrected the one on pillow as well. 

Dainty Little Tall Wonder

Second piece of craft for this weekend. Hallo, Ween Man from Malaysia! Lets meet another little tall wonder lover. She wants a piece of the bronze Eiffel charm to be placed on her bookmark, initially. I simply feel it doesn't complement the bookmark well so I made my mind to turn them into bag charm instead. A really dainty piece of creation which is 100% hand-stitched with love. See you then in next entry. Fyi, I gotta settle as much creations as possible before I am off to my next trip! Yes, working hard, playing hard with my colours now. Bye.

Hollandaise Shin Chan

First piece of craft after I back home. Happy Birthday in advance to Jin Yin's friend. Jin Yin has been same school with me since secondary and still counting for university. I was actually kinda surprise when she approaching me with the look like Wow! I never thought that you're in such a business. Laugh. So do I. Having the dream for so long, it was actually the matter of time which forced me to implement into my real life or so, my last semester before graduating. I simply want to achieve something before I am out.

As Jin Yin requested, her friend loves Shin Chan, windmill, purple and Japanese perhaps. That's what I've painted in my mind a few days back and finally sew them out into the real touch cozy today. I hope you guys love it too, my readers. :)

He Who Loses Courage Loses All

Finding these on my shelf once I reached my door, oh dear I love them! Thank you so much Phing! I really, really love them. Will share with you guys after I read them later on, but the magnetic bookmark and quotes on the cover itself have already caught me amazed.

He who loses wealth loses much;
he who loses friend loses more;
but he who loses courage loses all.

We can do anything we want
as long as we stick to it long enough.
Helen Keller

True enough no? Many people have dreams, but without the courage to utter 'em out and so, they become dreamless people.

No Coffee Today

I actually don't get point that I have to study 6 chapters in a day for tonight's Strategic Management. My brain just couldn't function properly where I find SWOT, bla bla bla bla bla and bla bla bla are all so boring to the tip while tea-tac-toeing with Yee Leng. And Hi, so you meet my cup of caramel milk tea which keep me awake as it is way too sweet. Yea no coffee today. :D

I'm Going to BizWeek 2011

Something special has just occurred this morning where I get to meet this babe, WeenMan for the first time ever and had some sweet chat. She is just too innocent till I couldn't see my reflection on hers, but reminiscing. Now I agreed that time changes someone, when people growing elder the pure happiness and innocence tend to be washing out. Keep up the trueness in you babe!

Got this badge from my Management Society junior and it's now on my backpack, carrying along with love and support. :)

Sweet Escape to Lion City

Went to Singapore for the one day trip with Michele and Yee Leng. We went to Takashimaya after spent half a day at Henkel Singapore's office. That's like a haven for craft lover like me. Holding the extra SGD 20 in hand, I actually wandering around to seek for something. Bear in mind that ok I gotta save for my next trip to Shanghai, I keep persuading myself to hold my shopping plan later on. Laugh.

With the SGD 20 and everything covered, I still have quite a huge sum of balance actually. No! I want to get myself some stuff. Except for food, I can't seem to find any right at the moment and soon we gotta rush to airport already at 9pm. I found Changi Airport is like an oasis. Really beautiful place. And we had a stroll around the airport as our flight was scheduled at 11 something.

And so you see what I've brought home from Singapore. A flag brooch and rainbow set of wooden craft sticks. Yes I want to be there again! For the sake of my crafts thingy. Laugh.

ps. thank you Ken for picking us up as well. :)

Where Is The Joy of Passion?

Group shot of my team as requested by our advisor for his write up. There you have my lovely team mates, Michele and Yee Leng. They are stunningly great to me! :) I don't know. As a dreamer, I shouldn't have bear with all these thoughts. I am just too tired perhaps. The problem is still there where I find myself really awkward in front of acquaintance. My life is like a zombie, stumbling across family, studies, competition and my little business. Seriously, I am not feeling well this few days where I fell in toilet yesterday, nearly fall down for a couple times in campus today etc. :(

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Had my dinner with Michele and Yee Leng at Sakae after exchanging Singapore dollar for tomorrow's trip. RM 400 for SGD 126. Argh poor little purse is so hungry right now. :(

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Got a little love parcel filled with chocolates from May, Michele's friend. Thank you babe! :)

Anyone can catch your eye,
but it takes someone special to catch your heart.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Festival of Language at Straits Quay

Straits Quay holds the first ever Festival of Language in Penang on Valentine's Eve. Reached around 6.30pm by university's Innova, my eyes were caught by the beautiful CNY decoration over there. First thought right at the moment was I made the right choice to bring along my camera. Hopping down from the car, we were heading to German booth first to meet Frau Mayr, our German teacher.

Straits Quay looks tremendously gorgeous with its British settlement buildings look-alike. Strolling around the building, I saw the red stage that was crowded with many people. Peaking through the crowds, I saw a few girls are performing Chinese yo-yo, or 扯铃. They are cool but didn't manage to hold my eyes for a long while. I left to my German booth after a five minutes stroll around the stage.

The night was awesome with quite a lot of visitors who participated in our German crossword, Wheel of Fortune, Love Quote Translation etc. And of course, we were giving our handmade love charms all around to the people. Happy Valentine's Day!

There were some of the beautiful moments which are worth remembering. From left, you have my German teacher, Frau Mayr and her daughter, Sarah. Then, you see a uber cool daddy who called his son 'moving table; brother' and showing off his Italian in front of Campbell House's owner. Hey peeps, do check out the Campbell House site seriously. It will def be a really beautiful boutique hotel I believe, we shall stay tuned till this coming April as now it is still under renovation. Lastly, we've all the loving parents who willing to spend some time with us and their children. Thank you everyone for making the night really great.

Walking around the booths while distributing our German crossword, I spotted the book with title Wonders of The World at MPH booth and grabbed it home. From the quote by Walt Streightiff, There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million. I wish I am a kid, who sees everything great.

Finally, it came to end of the event. That's my shot with Frau Mayr and Sayee, my coursemate. Tschüss and good night,  from three of us.

Beautified My Gmail Inbox

I am like reading my own blog while checking mails. Laugh. Good one! and another busy day for competition preparation. Some funny ideas are coming in. Berlin, Berlin, here I come! :D

ps. find us at Straits Quay tomorrow night! :)


Design Management

Finally I got to meet up with Hazel for a couple minutes today. Thank you for lending me the books. Yea design management! I am one who will do my best out of what I could if I really love something. Knowing I am not well equipped, I must work an extra mile. So I am starting up some reading by myself first since Mr. Dirk is going to hand me some when internship is near. :)

Dream is awesome. It links the two persons who bear with different encounters together, realizing they actually possess a lot of similarities. That's life. I hope you will ace your dream as well babe!

ps. Busy weekend with German festival, six chapters of strategic management, slides amendment etc. Fortunately, flight ticket to Singapore on next Tuesday is done.



Flying in to Kuala Lumpur at the time of 11.15pm last night with heart full of dreams and passion, I knew pretty well all these while what I want for my life or more precisely, what I hope out of my life. Fortunate enough to got myself the internship opportunity at Mellooi Creation, fortunate to have uncle who willing to pick me up early at 1am and we reached home around 2am, fortunate to myself for having a dream comes true. It was really nice meeting Mr. Dirk, the German managing director who showers me with the 'possibilities' and 'determination to learn' in fashion industry. He is a great dude whom I am looking forward to work with besides Mdm. Looi. After I confirm my exact starting date, Mr. Dirk will try to put me in the team or get me a project which caught me seriously hyper. I am going to have a taste on delicacies of 'out of ordinary media'. Personal invitations, fashion shows etc are just tempting to me right now! Oh my I love the three-months internship. 

Was really exhausted after the interview. Planning to back Penang straight, however, I have to wait for an hour till 2.15pm for the bus ride. Ticket for Nice executive coach for today was RM74 still after rebate of RM10 owing to membership. Why are everyone flurrying back to the island? Jade Emperor's birthday?! It seems so. On the way back from Kuala Lumpur, everything seems dreamy as I hugging the cozy pillow and looking out there, it is real. I saw the reflection of myself amidst the fading scene. :)

I am just a dreamer
I dream my life away, today
I am just a dreamer
Who dreams of better days

/ The song named Dreamer by Ozzy Osbourne /

I Made The Boomerang!

Highlight of my Australia class today was how to make a boomerang. Here you meet my teacher, Sharan from Australia. Wow wow wow that's pretty exciting to mess around my fingers with colours! Got a blue paint brush from Sharan and here off to the making of all talented artists. Laugh. Waking up at 5am, my eyes were actually closed halfway until this time. I am totally awaked!

As shown in the shot of the making of talented artists, everybody was busy crafting, thinking of own ideas to paint. Laugh.

Tada! That's our masterpieces! 
Good day, mate! :D

Sports Lover

Last day of my Chinese New Year break! :( Done with this piece of notebook for Aqhairi. Thank you so much. I hope you will like it.


Lunch with parents at dragon-i today. It has been a while for us the family to come out together already. Dad has somehow changed after the incident I guess. He def won't tag along last time so the thing I long the most during childhood was family day. Laugh. Suddenly feel I sound so pathetic. Actually I don't, they really love me where dad put me at the toppest prior even more than themselves. I really love them, but I decide to leave the island for sometime owing to my dream. I sent out my application without their knowledge. Will find a chance to tell them then.

Simple shots on some of the delicacies. Too crowded in the restaurant. It is rather awkward to keep taking out my camera. Laugh. :)

ps. spend some time for your family too.


It has been a custom for TenofUs since many years back to bai nian every year. From 2pm till 11pm here we go with six houses this year. Love them a lot. Knew them since primary or secondary for more than ten years and it is counting! 

The last station was Thor sisters' house. Pick up some time for chatting. When parents are old, problems seems starting to boom, yea boom like never ending. May god bless auntie. She is a nice person. May my blessings reach her.

ps. when you're like over 20 years old, have you reconsidering the word 'filial piety'?



Second day of Chinese New Year. Oh so I love my snow flakes knitted tote very much! Do you the same? It was Khoo's gathering today. Family dinner with people and doggies. Haha you got it right, I did mention doggies. Doggies are my sister's babies! One thing I just found out of it, they will jealous?! Laugh. I am not an animal lover, where I find they are cute from far. Oh please... I will run away whenever they are approaching. Oh my... Yuckie.

ps. dear dog lovers, I ain't mean anything bad about them know? :)



First day of Chinese New Year where I've got a bowl of tong shui and  paid a visit to relatives. I love the shot of my niece! So delicate right? Haha it seems to be inappropriate wording that I've used. That's all.


Hallo readers, I know quite a number of you couldn't read in mandarin so I'll sorta translate beforehand? Laugh. Today is our 除夕夜 (pronounced as chu-xi-ye), or pre Chinese New Year, where the family will have reunion dinner. To some family, it might really be the only moment where all family members are gathering together, at once. Every year, the most awaiting moment for me is the fireworks which I find really beautiful and will have many thoughts that lay further.

Don't you think fireworks are like microscopic life of us? When you are blooming, you shine from within where later everyone sees you with the glorious and you start fading? I might sounds pessimistic, but somehow that's life no? There wouldn't be bed of roses for one's whole life. Ignore me if you are to beg a differ. :)

Happy Chinese New Year peeps!

The Chinese in Me

I am not too sure about other family but this is my traditional practice where mom will place all these stuff together in a basket and place on the table. To her, these stuff carry their own great blessings and meanings. Drop me a note if you are interested in knowing the meaning behind ok? I will do you a favour in consulting my mom. Laugh.

See! That's what she got for this Chinese New Year. An apple candle. Haha she's great in seeking these stuff. 合家平安, means whole family are safe and good. So I wish my readers here a good and prosperous year ahead. :)