Pre-CNY Market Spree

Woohoo finally here I officially start my so-called short break for Chinese New Year Celebration. That is not a good thing for being only child at this time. Laugh. Accompanied my mom to market early at six something. Wow stunning shot with mobile where I was thinking right at the moment I have to captured this. The first glance right down from the car was like watching a movie scene with tides of shouts, and busy souls everywhere who are fighting over the spree. I feel I wasn't belong to that world as I find noise quite irritating sometimes. Sooner, I found a handicapped man aside, selling jackpot or lottery kinda thingy I am not too sure, and I walked over. I think, I might can help him with one or two jackpot tickets perhaps. I bought one, the first time ever, and I got the other two free because of the number matching. I bet the uncle must be wondering does she know how it works. Laugh. I took the two as my good fortune for the year. Sometimes, kindness ain't all about pennies and notes. Way more beyond.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. 
It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.
Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Jar of Hearts

With Valentine's day coming, our German teacher Frau Mayr has requested us to prepare some loves in conjunction with the German language festival at Straits Quay on Feb 13. I've prepared these additional charms for her as prizes for the little games. Come over, run into them and say I Love You! :)

If you love someone you say it,
you say it right then, out loud,
or the moment just ... passed you by.

PARIS for Paris

Second day of my holiday break. I love this break a lot for having myself some spare time to clear off as many to dos as possible. Just done with this piece of phone cozy PARIS for this babe, Paris from Malaysia. Knowing that this babe is a superb Eiffel lover, I wish to give her a bronze Eiffel charm as a gift. How cute she is for insisting me to add the bronze Eiffel onto her phone cozy. Any design will do as long as it is there. Laugh. Thank you babe and nice knowing you. :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It is def not great to be the only child during festive as you will have to help out for everything. Laugh. *random mumbling*

Well gotta end this post. I am actually having a virtual meeting right now. Bye. :)

Close To You

Listening to Close To You by Carpenters, "why do birds suddenly appear...", I have a thought of love robin brooches for this February. Jotting down the flow of thought without any hesitation, I have then wish you Love February with these love robin brooches.

(A) Cozy - Brown + Teal + Red + White; adopted by Xin Yin from Malaysia.
(B) Sweety - Pink + Teal + Hot Pink + White; adopted by Ween Man from Malaysia.
(C) Charmy - Brown + Red + White + Purple; adopted by Jin Yin by Malaysia.
(D) Snowy - Light Blue + Red + Grey + Brown; adopted by Sui Yien from Malaysia.
(E) Dreamy - Brown + Hot Pink + Teal + White; adopted by Kris from Malaysia.

Thank you for reading. :)

Charco Phone Cozy

Happy Chinese New Year readers. I am just home today, carrying along a week's break that stuffed with way too many things to be completed within the week. Yea I can survive!

Before heading to some cleaning, I managed to come out with Phileo's order. His girlfriend Gigi likes Charco, the december baby from Dooodolls and blue I supposed. That was his requirement earlier for this Nokia C5 phone cozy. Personally, I've known Phileo the photo tog for some time so while racking my mind I'm rushing over to my tote to find the little bronze camera charm. I think Gigi will surely remember of him whenever she looks at the camera charm.

Good day and happy holiday.

Whimsical Language of Coffee

Had a lovely afternoon with my Math school buddies at Starbucks Cafe, First Avenue. The coffee treat was awesome, where I got my Peppermint Mocha and theirs Toffee Nut. Been seeking for a Starbucks tumbler for quite some time, I just couldn't make up my mind with these eye candies and ended up with a basic one which is very Starbucks. So you saw my name on top? :)

The second thing was how I got amazed with its brown paper bag. I like the words and recycle idea. Stay tuned peeps and we shall see some time from now how am I gonna make use of this beautiful brown paper.

Highlight of the day was when four of us received a hand written greeting card for Chinese New Year from Yen Sin. Thank you! It's been ages... People nowadays just simply go everything online, with lappy; jotting notes, reading, drawing. Oh come on I love printed words and fun of scribbling. People actually learn more writing than typing. Read this up people.

* * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * *

Happy Birthday, Chendy! :)


Ripples; Everywhere

Sometimes when one has a clear life direction, that's when one got trapped in the ripples of other influencing factors. Just turned down an offer to second interview and decided to wait for the only application. I really wish to work over there. Furthermore, I think it is bad to apply a bunch of companies and ended up rejecting all. It is like wasting people'e effort. So I will just give myself a month to wait. Be it wanted or unwanted result, I know I've tried at least. If you think working for passion does not work, then I beg to differ in my case.

ps. Got a pressie from down under. A vintage red leather purse. :)


I found a number of booths at DK foyer today owing to friends' event named L.O.V.E by AIESEC. Walking passed the booth, oops wait something caught my attention, I saw a little hand woven lady. Approaching the booth, I saw a lot of handmade stuff and the banner clearly stated 'Asia Community Service'. With quite some hesitation on which product to choose, I decided to take this little lady home with me. She smiles, just calm. Met Paris, the cute babe as well. Later at night, I got to meet up with Natalie the German babe, Chee Kin and Michele for a dinner. Globe is round, world is small, that's how two people run into each other across the thousand miles. :)

Check out Asia Community Service Stepping Stone Centre.

Management Society Reunion

A fun night out with Management peeps and juniors. Juniors are really cute where you feel like you're someone really elder to look after them. From the first glance they caught my mind during recruitment till  today, I feel the 'growing' of them. Some from introvert to be outspoken, ... etc.

I have to grow somehow, as the time moving on...


I am back from Queensbay Mall with a little recycled bag, but full of many stuffs. Finally I found a pair of shoes which matches my new year clothes. As usual, vintage. The pink ballet pumps just caught my eyes with its grey ribbon and design. Personally I think it'd look awesome with my lacey clothes. :)

And I walked really a lot lately. I mean, I love to walk sometimes but I need a pair of good footwear. After the incident where I got my foot injured, I think flip flop might not be a wise choice anymore for frequent usage. I do love flip flop, maybe just use it lesser? :( And well I got myself the expresso/mushroom pumps from Crocs. Omg they are just way too comfy for the price I've paid neeways.

So you people out there, what kinda footwear you've in mind or currently own one? :)

Girl of My Dreams

Wow there will be a Language Festival in February at Straits Quay. We're in for the German class! In conjunction with the Valentine's festive, we are giving out love charms to lucky passers-by. Just done with cutting the felt pieces for others and sewing my part of ten love charms. Find us at Straits Quay if you love them. Who knows you might run into one of our mini love? :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I've done with Wilson's order as well. A bookmark where I got my inspiration from a song, Girl of My Dreams by The Moffats. Enjoy the song lovelies. 


Empire State of Mind

Thank you Fareez from Malaysia and so we have couple phone cozies with Empire State Building being sewn on top for his nokia E71 and her Iphone 4. I suppose everyone has a honeymoon spot no? To theirs, New York City is the one.

Share yours with us?

Dear Sui Yien

Hi there, Sui Yien. Happy belated birthday! Thank you for liking and following my blog. I hope you'll love it.

I am so excited upon receiving this order, not from Sui Yien, but from her friends who know that she likes my little creations. They told me she likes this pinky from doll-doll.com. So I specially custom this pinky charm for her. Lovely friends no? :)

Credits to doll-doll.com for the pinky illustration.

Happy Thaipusam

Crazy! It's been how long since I pull myself out, willingly, from cozy bed early at 5.30am to wash up and go out before the sun is rising. I just did it today with some photo togs to Lorong Kulit and Waterfall Temple for Thaipusam celebration. That's my first time in such a place where these jingles of pain seems yuckily pain but how grace they look like under the shine of God, I really see the hope instead. This practice is called Kavadi with devotees being pierced and claimed that they wouldn't feel pain. I don't know but it was really an amazing experience.

From left: Khar Ling, me and Mok.

Photographed with photo togs during Thaipusam 2011.

Dato' Konishi and Dreams

Was attending the career talk by Tan Sri Dato' Fumihiko Konishi, chairman and CEO of Texchem this early morning. I found he could be another person whom I adore very much for his determination and passion.  Sustain your dream, materialize your dream, don't be afraid to make mistake, innovation is what we believe. To him, we should never frame up our life. Find the dreams and work for it passionately, we should work on something we are interested in. True enough. I got the light how to move on next.

Had a brief interview session as well with Mr. Yeow, GM of Acumen as well. Glad talking to him where I further assured the differences between multinational corporations and local business sense. Learnt from Mr. Yeow that sometimes we have to copy to propel further. When we are able to copy the competitors, the standard to a certain extent must be there. Just add a little bit more effort and we could possibly surpass them. How to gain and seek for secondary information is thus a vital knowledge where it seriously reduce the unnecessarily cost incurred to do it all over again when they are already there, waiting to be revealed.

Mere sharing over here. I hope you gain some from reading it as well. :)

ps. I still haven't receive any reply for my first application. Many lucksssss....


We Live By Faith, Not Sight

My friends are organizing an event named L.O.V.E, where they came out with this photography competition that align with the theme L.O.V.E of course. I have picked this piece out of a few thousands in my HD because I simply love the stories I casted for it. You might think it is too abstract, you might think it is just another piece of out of focus photo, or whatsoever. I am just loving it for what I see in it.

We live by faith, not sight. When people keep looking afar, seeking for love; they often forgot the loves they are embraced with. Feel it by faith, not just seeing it. My thought.

ps. Grant me a like at L.O.V.E page, and a like on my photo entry if you love my story ok? See ya. :)

Reading Is Sexy

I love reading very much but somehow I seem missed it since last semester due to the tight schedules. Bounced into a lady yesterday, who was reading Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell, the thought just crossed my mind at the moment that yea I need some books. Happened to see this motivation series by a Taiwanese author I supposed so when dropping by Popular mini book fair in campus to find my cousin sis. So I just grabbed it and finished off in the next three hours during lecture. Haha pretty cool! When I have the surge of doing something, procrastination seems got no way to live in. Laugh.

Saw it somewhere else, reading is sexy. How true is it? Then it might varies with different perspectives.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Get to mingle around with Kris in the lab, a place I never been for three years since university admission. Still, no regrets over my decision to pull living creatures, molecules, pH etc away from my life. :)


Starbucks MACie

Hey readers, for those who followed me rather long or knew me pretty well, should have known me for being perfectionist in my stuff. I love my stuff to be in tip top condition. Well, just the stuff I love the most maybe. I feel seriously bad for the scratches over my charger. So with a few seconds hesitation, I decided to leave some more important stuff aside for a short while and get my MACie a Starbucks-like cozy. So you love it?

Later in the afternoon was not too great for me. I am like getting lost in the alphabets, figures etc. Got to pick up some readings oops!

Hi, Elmo!

Sorry I am just too tired to write anything today. Thank you Ken from Malaysia for his Elmo HP charm. Well I am still reading my texts today. Bye...

Crafting Day

Mere settling some crafts today. Thank you so much Brigitte from Malaysia for crafting a Winnie the Pooh journal with me.

And I am reading Airline for my simulation game of Strategic Marketing. Argh I am just feeling bored with this book due to its layout. 

I Love Today

I love today. Today is somehow a productive day for me where I no longer feeling lost in German class, where I had fun chatting at YES booth for an hour while waiting for Joanne, where I get to meet this cute babe, where I custom made my Christmas bracelet into Snowy Paris bracelet, where I just spread teeny weeny bit of smiles to some people, where I just had a funny dinner with Chee Kin and Yee Leng and where I've been are all the greatest moment.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Managed to come out with this little Joops today which is gonna adopt by Jun Kaneda from Japan. She loves elephant a lot so I am thinking a purple elephant with a bronze globe might keep her memories in Malaysia with the tiny map imprinted. Heartily, I hope she will love it and bon voyage. :)

I Believe

I believe, the short sentiment which Joanne from Malaysia just told me while describing the details on her red smiley planner. Yea sometimes, life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. George Bernard Shaw seems to be on the right track with this quote.

So people, believe. Simply believe.

I want to be remembered as the girl who always smile
even when her heart is broken,
and the one that could always brighten up your day
even if she couldn't brighten her own.

 / thinkexist / 

The Fragrance of Dark Coffee

So your heard about my new roomie in earlier post? So glad to receive a new little tall wonder from this babe where it is now lying beautifully with my room keys. I have quite a collection of little tall wonders, maybe I will give it a shot someday when I am home.

The city of love, one of the travel destinations which drive me like crazy for its significant Eiffel Tower and Paris Cafe. Sauntering along the cafe, meeting a lot of beautiful strangers and get a peek of the tall wonder through my lenses. Wow how nice! Always paint it into my vision board, again and again. I will be there one day for the beauty of romance. :)

So before you got a peek over this beautiful place my dear Eiffel lover, lets have a cuppa of Starbucks Via and sashay on your dream path with this soothing tone.

My Scratch Map

Found another piece of art today. My Scratch Map Can you imagine you could actually scratch off the places you've been on vacation and get it revealed in detail as the kaleidoscope of colours. I have to say it's really awesome!


Little Pressie

Hey ya, I am going to pass both the Wilson Grey and Jacqueline Brown felt planner to Elaine today. How lovely to have a vice president who presents her managers that makes me really wanted to be one of them. Laugh. Thank you Elaine and I hope both her managers will like this little pressie as well. :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My day seems really dull with getting exam slip early in the morning, meeting juniors for sponsorship know hows, sending a parcel at post office, tutorial cancelled off, rather blunt in German class and wandering aimlessly under the hot sun.

Luckily I got to meet Yoke Ying, a girl who followed my blog and how we get to know each other then. Pretty awesome conversation with her while giving out three colours of my rainbow set this afternoon. Then, a lunch with Abel before I off to German class. Hmm... seriously these people just made my day!

And Ciao, I am off to my crafting works now. See you tomorrow.

Ice Cream Shop

So you recognized these colours? Thanks to COLOURlovers, where I got myself all the inspirations and these matches for blog template and crafts.

Pocket Full Of Green

Went to Nibong Tebal with TOU today. Had fun strolling around engineering campus with mobile and Dainty, my teal flat pump. Never knew that there is such a beautiful hideout over there. A lake, a river, sand-like pebbles plus the green hue which make it exactly like a meadow. Do you smell the laziness today? or better word, calmness.


A Stroll on Love Sunday

Hallo good Sunday! I think it has been quite a while for me to spent such a lovely morning with my TOU babes. Knowing each other more than a decade, wow it sounds really old. True friends are just like them, without much words uttering, the bonds are there always. So you guys happen to have any as well? :)

Later in the afternoon, we went for a stroll at Chew Jetty with some snaps. Grabbing my Kipling tote on the table, here I off with my babes to this place of serenity. I always appreciate the beauty of heritage and everything small. The walk of wind, azure blue sea and laughters painted my day really beautiful. 

From the same place of serenity, I found the kaleidoscope of colours in the air with many loves and people. A foreign lady reading her book by the sea, two cute kids posing in front of camera, an old man resting on the floor, more and more and never ending stories beneath...


Oh Sing Sweet Nightingale!

I miss my craft tools very much but somehow I have to leave them owing to my tight study schedules and competition. Finally I grabbed a piece of felt and start crafting for myself. People keep throwing me with similar questions why not you make one for yourself? I got no time! Yea the typical answer from me, over and over again. So I decided to make myself a phone cozy today with the very first of my canvas label which I just received two days ago from Preethu, the owner of PriyaCreations. So you love 'em?

ps. heading off to my pending orders... :(

HIC 4 National Champion!

Oh my god oh my god... We've made it to Shanghai for HIC Asia-Pacific in March! Thanks to my lovely team mates for everything we've gone through, especially the sleepless week! Time is way better with some foods, laughters and companion. God knows our motivation is to send post cards to our friends from Shanghai. Laugh. :)

Off to Zanmai then before we were on board. Hungry, sleepy and tiring day gonna kill me to the bits. I need some food, I mean better one before going on. Hey home sweet home, I miss you already! Calling for my bed now. Bye.

Pasta Zanmai | http://supersushi.com.my/outlet_pasta.html

A Night In Boulevard

I am so nervous right now. Tomorrow is gonna like a doom which we hope to ace really really a lot. Everything is doing great up till then with touching down in KL and a cuppa of caramel macchiato before the cab ride to Boulevard, the place we gonna spend a night at. So you meet my room mate of the night, Michele who claimed you can't see her, in the third picture from left? Laugh.

The night was really cold where all of us are so reluctant to get out from the bed and start working for the big day. A lot of words, a lot of contents; oh my how to put them into our tiny brains which are malfunctioning right now due to the cold. Suffocating, I heard the whispering from the brains. :s

Well at this hour, take-away food seems to be a better choice for us. We bought some edibles from Spaghetti and back to work then with our stuffed tummy and empty mind in a couple hours later.

That's how our first night was in Boulevard and KL.

Greener Material, Greener Society

Have you ever wondered how will the world looks like in five decades from now? I never come to this thought before my competition and I suddenly realized the world is getting tedious and scary enough with all kinds of calamities. I am just a tiny one, with limited strengths to protect the earth but I know pretty well greener society is the only way to cast a reverse.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *  * * * *

For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider,
every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.
Martin Luther


Art of Zakka

Wandering in the Mall with Yee Leng with initial thought of getting a Speck case but somehow the colour options available in the store just don't cater to my taste buds well and so I'm home sweet home then with a Belkin backpack, a new green pencil pouch and a new Zakka scheduler which I heart it really much.

ps. I have a new room mate today.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Imagination is like a lofty building reared to meet the sky,
fancy is a balloon that soars at the wind's will.
Frank Gelett Burgess



Just subscribed to Yes this afternoon at campus roadshow in USM. The speed is stunningly faster than Digi broadband in my hostel. That's a good thing.