CHARLIEism Phone Cozy

It has been raining cats and dogs for a few days in the island. Looking at the calamities around, sometimes I really wonder will the doomsday actually reach, one day. The weather is changing like nobody business, as if any of us couldn't even voice a NO to deter it. Ok stop rambling for the moment and shall we back to Skyler's iPhone cozy for her friend who hearts a character named Charlie the Unicorn.

That's why Skyler insisted the term CHARLIEism to be sewn. Laugh.

Owl character from the game, Birzzle which I hand-painted its eyes on plain white brads.

And a checkered, light brown brad to replace the button without her knowing in advance. Hope Skyler and her friend will be amazed by this little surprise.

Before that, do you? :)

Trick or Treat?

Hey sweeties, how was your Halloween party? Was it fun? Anything quirky? Seriously, I just realized yesterday that I did not attend any Halloween party before. Yea all kinds of festive, leaving this alone. Weird thing though. Anyway it doesn't matter much. Glad to spend my day with Kris and my baby boy, Anson. Just in case you did not read about him before, he is my lovely nephew. We were having some fun just now playing spot the difference together. Laugh.

Happy Halloween! Share your stories with me if you'd like to. :)

Love Birds Leather Bookmark

Still have a few custom made orders to go before I can really work on my felt owl bag charms which I've done with the parts and waited for so long to stitch them together. Today we've love birds leather bookmark for Michele. Thank you babe and I've added a robin blue stone to complement the dainty key at the other end of the bookmark.

Funny. I ain't an animal lover but somehow, I love to see them in still! Laugh.

ps. happy birthday, yu min!

Felt Moustache Brooch

Hey people, meet my felt moustache brooch, crafted with love for Swee Ching. Thanks babe and hey Mr. Joops! How are you today? :)

ps. dislike

Hey Movember is coming!

I love moustache
Hooray, can't wait for the next few days and it'll be November! Favourite month out of all darlings. Now it turns out to be favourite Movember month after I am in love with fine handlebar moustache ever since I incorporated the element in my old logo for mylittlejoops. Laugh.

Back to my day, I was out with Paris and we just got ourselves a new cardigan. Hers full in red and mine is fun red & white stripes. Love it to the bits the more I am looking at it right now and I found this whimsical set of I Love Moustache from Polyvore then to show you my cardigan. Failed mission though. Will show then in upcoming post when I happened to dress in.

Oh yea, still remember my Mr. Joops moustache ring? They're now lying gracefully over my little corner. As usual, limited pieces available. Grab them here now!

Credits to I love moustache by mimusik featuring skinny leg jeans from Polyvore.

Bird On Tree Charm - Pastel Blue

Dainty bird on tree charm which is 100% cut and sewn by hand at a smoke free little corner. It looks just yummy with its 3-ply pastel blue + grey felt base, adorning with a leather strap which def makes wonder to every tote. Approximately 6cm in diameter. 

ONE available | RM 18 not including postage

* first come first serve

Shiny Owl!

Oh darlings, just added another piece of owl bangle in my treasure box. Chic-looking owl bangle celebrate some of our favourite night guardian with its shiny yellow brass plated details and clear black rhinestones eyes. Seriously love this to the max! Argh how great would it be if I own this Sherwood owl handbag from Kate Spade last fall. Match-made in heaven!

Image courtesy of Kate Spade Fall Collection 2009.

Beautiful Finds: Miniature Coffee Set Short Necklace

Ola coffee lovers. Short brass necklace with very cute coffee pot and a cup of coffee charms. Spice up your busy day with a jingle of addiction around your neck today?

TWO available | RM 12 not including postage

* first come first serve

Beautiful Finds: Vintage Owl Necklace With Lace

Vintage-looking owl necklace celebrate some of our favourite night guardian with shiny black rhinestones eyes and white rhinestones detailing, adorning the yellow brass body.

TWO available | RM 10 not including postage

* first come first serve

Beautiful Finds: Owl Necklace With Blue Rhinestones Eyes

Chic-looking owl necklace celebrate some of our favourite night guardian with shiny white rhinestones eyes and black details. Each necklace comes in 士 38cm length.

TWO available | RM 15 not including postage

* first come first serve

Beautiful Finds: Moustache Connector Ring

Quirky, fun moustache connector ring with adjustable ringbacks. Moustache is enamel coated in black and lined in glamorous gold, make it a dainty piece that is perfect for all occasions.

TWO available | RM 12 not including postage

* first come first serve

Beautiful Finds: Marc Jacobs Inspired Owl Keychain

Chic-looking Marc Jacobs inspired owl keychain celebrate some of our favourite night guardian with shiny white rhinestones eyes and enamel coated body. Each keychain comes with a dainty yellow brass trinket.


Beautiful Finds: Shiny Owl Bangle

Chic-looking owl bangle celebrate some of our favourite night guardian with its shiny yellow brass plated details and clear black rhinestones eyes. Each bangle comes in 6cm width.


Beautiful Finds: Silver Brass Owl Ring

Vintage-looking owl ring celebrate some of our favourite night guardian with shiny black rhinestones eyes and silver brass body. Free normal post within Malaysia.


Beautiful Finds: Mini Owl Earrings

Each mini parcel will comes in two pairs of owl earrings, as shown on the above images respectively and free normal post within Malaysia. Simply heart the way mini owls sparkling on your ears. Don't you think so?

Real Steel

Watched Real Steel after celebrated Li Hern's birthday with Jureen and the gang at Soba Yoshi. Love the Max kiddo and robots a lot! Argh wondering all kiddos who named Max is good looking? *giggling*

Photographed at Soba Yoshi, Krystal Point. Credits to Chloe for the photos.

Of 1911 And Peri-Peri

Was out with Kai Yan and we just caught in a spontaneous movie craving. Laugh. We ended up with Jackie Chan's 100th movie: 1911 a historical epic of the founding of the Republic of China and Sun Yat-Sen's forces. God knows the rainy weather out there was like so cold even in the mall. Can't help rushing for our late dinner at somewhere warmer, I mean really warm. Wandering around the mall, thinking what kinda meal might be warmer; Nando's became the place of the night we hang out then and had some great chat. Oh gosh hot drinks soothed us so much better from shivering. Haha, yes it is. Too bad, it was just me doing the talk as the waiter seemingly chasing us away. Guess I should leave the talking to him next round. Laugh.

Photographed at Nando's, Queensbay Mall.


It was raining cats and dogs last night where Ling and me decided to go for something warm then for our dinner. Steamboat! Every single words uttered through the night was like pointless, really. Out from nowhere, we just spoke it out and simply enjoyed this kinda moment. You know what, when you are standing at the crossroad, you start to trap in a circumstance where your mind won't usually function well. Give it a shot of random, a stray of them can inspires greatness; if you believe in me. :)

Later, I saw this little doll Blue (I just named it). Someone timid, tends to keep everything deep in her heart to protect herself. Now I recalled my task to get a super belated birthday present for Pek Lin on behalf of Nicholas. Hey babe, if you're reading this, I hope you will love my choice. And, it took me quite a long time not to judge myself through other's eyes. I am improving, so do you ok?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

People are like stained-glass windows.
They sparkle and shine when the sun is out,
but when the darkness sets in
their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.

/ Elisabeth Kübler-Ross /

Photographed at Xuan Xin Steamboat, Gurney.

Sugarless Coffee

Venture on new line of craft is seriously a daunting task, still doing readings on supplies, printing and technical supports. Wonder when can I really start working on that with my shoestring budget. Decided to let go the previous plan of art pendant owing to some issues and yes, I am a dreamer. I can do many things.


Photographed Moooks's personalized felt name tag, thank you buddy for adopting. :)


How are you people? Seem like I am getting fewer posts after back in home. Just couldn't stop working on spring cleaning where yes, I seriously throw some goods this round. Wonder if you have the same habit as mine, usually I will just take-clean-put it back kinda person but guess I have too many stuff right now. Laugh. And if you sense me really, something sad happened though. I need some time and some work to clear it off. Things come, things left. A norm. So does it happen on friends. Beauty of life, when it comes imperfect and you see it another way round. That's what I can say to make myself more comfortable.

Photographed my new Inkadinkado Snowy Owl acrylic stamp from LazyBee and freshly cut owl applique which I going to turn them into bag charms in a short while. Coming soon in my shop!

Lets Pray

When I hear the word cancer, I will be deeply moved with the lost of a few loved ones. May Swee Ching's grandma get well soon and thanks babe for supporting me. Lets pray lovelies for the goods reaching her grandma and bless the lady.

ps. happy birthday, jianquan! :)

Hey Mr. Photographer!

It's crafty Saturday. Everything turns up better. Shall we leave everything behind and hop on to Nabilla's personalized gadget case for Ipad 2 based on her requests. A gift to him, happy birthday Mr.Photographer. :)


Back university with Michele to do her a favour in promoting her online competition. Get to meet Mr. Badrul and received his call later. Yes, it's hard to find job in Penang. Why not accept the job that you get first instead of seeking for what you want? I know, I know. Sometimes, wondering am I really wrong to back to the island again.

Stunned, for something occurred. I've made a step, somehow. Oh well later we went to Gil for our late lunch. A couple of friends, a glass of iced drink made my afternoon better.

Gil's zakka styled menu.

Jin Yin, working on her assignment.

Chee Kin and Kris.

Overall,  an appetizing set of lunch but the mood, ain't the same. Anyway, just a quickie. Former boss offered me a permanent position with a quite decent salary but, not in Penang...

Photographed at Gil, with Zhen Hui, Chee Kin, Michele, Carmen and Kris.


Attended the rescheduled interview, finally, today at Penang. The only job I applied in the island, basically. When I decided to come back here, I knew pretty well that my career path goes harder as I don't know what I really want. If I really selected for the job, guess I will take up the challenge that I don't frequently mess around with figures. I can do it, maybe. Though it just seems like another task impossible to others, on me.

And I am so sad over a personal matter. You meant a lot to me, really. :(

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Your whole body, from wingtip to wingtip,
is nothing more than your thought itself, in a form you can see.
Break the chains of your thought, and you break the chains of your body, too.

/ Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull: a story /

Photographed my dark brown wingtips, amidst Michele's laughter. :D


Oh well here started my crafty days again after back to the island as I left all my materials at home. Thanks Wei Kei for ordering Totoro phone cozy for Rachel. Hope she loves it... And hey lovelies, just to showcase my plush Totoro pen holder from May a couple years ago. Michele, one of my besties, loves it a lot! Laugh.

We've Got A New Look!

It has been a few days I find myself sitting in front of my laptop for long hours retouching my site with modifying HTML code myself, here and there. Tadaaaa, finally we've got a new look and hmm, I'd like to keep some secret shot for my shop landing page from you now. Stay tuned ok people? I hope you love my new site makeover too. :)

Website & Shop :: www.khoopeijhu.com


Pearl Of The Orient

I am going back to Penang tomorrow morning people! Cousin sis just gave me a pair of pearl earrings. Oh love, will def miss my uncle and family... :(

ps. met ju seang!

Frontera Sol of Mexico

Having a night out with my university buddies after whole day long shopping spree at One Utama with cousin sis. Nicholas picked me up from home later to Frontera Jaya One for some bites of authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine.

Their beverage coasters look like those green guitar pick.

Chicken Burrito - Frontera chicken, refried beans, and Frontera fire sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla, served with Mexican rice and refried beans.

Chicken Tacos - Two crispy corn or soft flour tortillas with shredded chicken topped with lettuce, cheese and tomatoes; served with Mexican rice and refried beans.

Meet Hui Min my German classmate and Yoke Ying, my friend who I get to know through an amazing way last time.

Nicole and Nicholas the chatter boxes of the night. Love to listen their stories, really. Thanks for the wonderful night buddies, though it seems like my farewell dinner. Laugh.

ps. got myself a pair of faux leather wingtip shoes!

Photographed at Frontera Sol of Mexico.

Jaya One, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Little Black Book

Time flies! A week in Melinda's office has called its end. I really learnt a lot throughout my five months stay in KL. It's because of the people who made me so wanted to stay here somehow. Life is still moving on, whispering. Just a quickie people, I am going back to Penang on cowming Monday for goods.

Currently reading Jack's Notebook from Gregg Fraley, about creative problem solving.

The Last Goodbye Dear Jobs

Steve Jobs the man behind Apple has passed away. It could be a loss to everyone who adores this visionary leader like me. Ain't it difficult to be a successful leader, but for one who live throughout his life and career with dreams that makes thing totally different.

Quoted from him, The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. Guess I should settle down and grant myself some time and seriously thinking it through on my future path.

Seriously, I am inspired and keen to find out more about this man of wisdom as I reading through more and more of his inspiring quotes.

ps. may the wise man rest in peace.


Caught some fun during dine in luncheon with June and Geet May at the new food court in Bangsar Shopping Centre. Each of us was given a credit card sized passport and you paid only upon leaving the food court. Simply find the quote is rather cute, have you burped today? Laugh.

Kinda in love with the designer Maurizio Galante's masterpiece after watched his Paris fashion show VCD this afternoon.