Middle Line

A question from boss, what's the difference between Penang and KL? Erm there is no different. Oh how pathetic. I thought it should a whole new life after all. :x

Tong Kee Wonton Noodles

Finally got a taste on the Wonton noodles by my friend's dad at their shop Tong Kee. The grandpa passed down the shop to the daddy many years back and it's like they've been running the shop and still, ongoing.

Sneak peek of how uncle and auntie was busy working over the stove.

And hehe, that's my special treat of Wan Tan mee with every side dish. Oops great! You might want to have a mix of stewed chicken feet, curry chicken, fried minced pork, Wonton and BBQ pork a.k.a char siu like I did? Yummy duh!

Photographed at Tong Kee Wan Tan Mee; Desa Rejang.

wiener kaffeehaus

Tada! So you made the right guess on my whereabout over the weekend? Here I revealed the answer. Oh yes oh yes it's Austrian Saturday where I dropped by Cafe Vienna or in German, Wiener Kaffeehaus. I find this name so awesome as I've learnt quite a few terms which I'll mention later on in the post during my German class.

As usual, I'll pay notice to the cafe counter and this is just so glamorous with the chandelier! To me, chandelier is a-very-romantic kind of thing.

Close up of the chandelier.

Peeking through the glass.

Menu of the cafe and part of the cafe decor which I really heart.

My babe in German class, Pui Yan.

First of all, you'll see the German coffee named Einspanner. I know I sound so kiddy but I actually wanted to order all the names that I learnt some time ago. Laugh. And if you notice, there'll be a glass of plain water on every tray. That's the culture of typical Austrian cafe, especially in Wiener Kaffeehaus. I wished I'll be there one day.

My Schokoladen Kuchen (Lava Cake), a must try lovelies. Bet you are now mouth-watering imagining the chocolate melted into every single buds, deep down to the mind. Argh, what a sweet temptation.

Sachertorte! Dedicated to Ms. Jessica Loi. :)

Typical self portrait of me where people hardly see Jhu's face. Laugh.

Auf Wiedersehen, hey readers are you still on track with me. We gotta back to Malaysia after a lovely reading moment immersing in the chats and ambience of Austrian cafe.

I hope you'll love the place as much as I do. :)

Photographed at Cafe Vienna with Nat.

Lot No. 241, Level 2, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.

O' Gourmet!

Just popping in for a quickie. Today I'm bringing your eyes the yummylicious shot of our tea time, egg tarts from O' Gourmet. Oops another new obsession! :)

ps. Happy Friday, lovelies.

UCC The Blend 117

Gifted the UCC coffee from my brand manager, June this morning and this awesome cuppa just made my day! While busying with my retail handbook, I actually immerse in the aroma of the blend 117 and enjoy biting my new obsession, Cheezels Biskitz from Kraft. A bliss, a bliss.

Quite efficient progress for today. I've done putting together and sorting out existing info for the retail handbook. Waiting for next weekly meeting with Mr. Dirk, my managing director and industrial supervisor to refine the retail handbook. Oh well, here comes the draft of marketing handbook. :)

UCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of coffee and tea products from Kobe, Hyōgo. I wiki it. hehe

Ola Ola With A Cuppa

Ola ola, that's another mood lifting morning where Eric picked me up from home to Bangsar. In awe of how long I gotta wait outside office, I decided to have a cuppa at Old Town first after deposited my bank cheques at Dataran Maybank. Yeah, scrumptious or else better than ordinary Wednesday breakfast to kick start my work with a smile. And I have a new task today, writing retail handbook and marketing handbook for the company which I believe gonna take up many time and hope that I will be able to get more in depth about the whole business operation. Nah, ain't just hope but have to make it anyway.

Surfing the net, sipping my cuppa Hot Chocolate and peeking at people's gestures. Argh, they're just beautiful. I wish I'd be able to have lovely breakfast like this every morning without the need to wake up earlier. Haha bear it, I am a dreamer.

Edibles shot, with some people peeking at me in return. Laugh.

So have you smiled today? If you do not start out your day with a smile, it's not too late to start practicing for tomorrow.

Say cheese, see, told you it's easy. :)

Photographed at Old Town White Coffee, Menara UOA, Bangsar.


Oops my language test is just around the corner and I am not prepared yet, like seriously! Many lucks please my dear. I am not good in grammar and writing la duh. :x

ps. gave the tickets to my cousin as someone couldn't make it for the night, hmm never mind I'll off for Kung Fu Panda on coming Saturday. *grin*

Doggie Camera Pouch for CY

Thank you Gladys who ordered this doggie pouch for her friend, CY. I added a dainty key bronze charm for her doggie! Heartily, I hope she will love the little surprise as this gift is CY's belated birthday present. Though I am not too sure how old she is, I think girls will like cute stuff generally. And to receive a key for birthday means moving to another stage of life. Yea, to dream more and enjoy life to the fullest. :)

ps. just posted this on my way to office and yea, I am now staying with two dogs in my house oops. *overcoming my phobia*

Feelin' Good

Was busying about stock count with the brand manager, June this afternoon. Great to start my week with the beautiful sunset and bank cheques are here! Though a huge part of money don't belong to me, I am feeling good anyway. Laugh.

ps. hmm will I get to watch the ghost movie this Wednesday? haven't ask for aunt's permission yet. :x

Dainty Little Tall Wonders Are In House!

Hallo, just got to upload another piece of dainty bronze charm which are available in house right now. Please convo me and home sweet home with 'em! As usual, limited pieces are available. :)

ps. Guess what?! I just signed up my yoga class that means one more to-do for every Sunday oops.


Sorry for my backdated post again. Now I totally understand the true life of a working adult where Monday blue and happy Friday totally fit! Sometimes I start to regret over the language proficiency test in June. If I didn't take it, perhaps I will have more own sweet time for myself. Basically I am like 24/7 occupied for this few weeks.

Just free to tidy up another pending album of my very last outing in my university life with my friends Michele, Yee Leng, Rachael, Nicholas and Chee Kin. I miss university so damn much! Everytime I opened my Facebook, I will see so many ongoing events in Penang and USM. Aiks I wish I were there right now! :(

Anyway, the university life has got to put a full stop. Stop pondering and keep moving babe! o("/)O

Photographed my last university outing on May 4, 2011.

Happy Friday

I was unhappy last night. Coming to office reluctantly this morning, and found that it's almost one and a half hour to reach my work time. Argh thanks to cousin's bf who is so nice to drop me at Bangsar though I start wondering what can I do at such an early morning. Don't feel like wandering around Bangsar Shopping Center already, so I ended up sitting outside my office with some early craps on phone. Thank you my friend that I actually feeling better for the rest of the day. Sometimes I really think I am just a simple girl who will leave all the sorrows behind even with some random crapping.

Quite worry over the incident where some crazy dudes splashed the corrosive liquid towards passers by, especially lady. So I keep looking around while I was on the phone though. Dear friends who're in KL or wherever you might be, please be more alert when you're out ok? Just a warm note from me. Take care.

ps. got a few free movie passes from company printing supplier for the horror movie, Voices From The Grave. :D


Hehe I'm a movie lover if you know me well. I mean, almost any kind of movie. Just got many movies from my new friend, Ieqa who happens to be the intern in the company. Guess I've many catching up to do during upcoming days. :)

Credits to TV head.follows you by ~SilentAwakening

Snowflake Loves Smiley

Was chatting about these little punchers and yea snowflake loves smiley. I'll stay with the job though I really dislike market research. It might not be my forte, but surely a route to the country with snowflake perhaps. Start pondering over what I really want again. :s

Dainty Elephant Charms Are In House!

Hallo, hallo. I've some elephant charms and others in house now which I will upload then. Please convo me if you'd like to adopt my craft with this cute little thingy ok? Never forget that imagination is def your limit and I really can't wait to hear from you lovelies! Lets talk and see what kinda creation we can come up with. :)

It's All About Sunshine

Happy Wesak Day lovelies! And so I've a day off from work today. I am going to share the little miss sunshine charms ordered by Shyan, the cute lady and a song Ain't No Sunshine. Thank you so much for your kind support. Hope you enjoy the song too. :)


My Love, Mika

That's my motivation to off to workplace everyday. Laugh. Dedicated to Miss Xuan Yi, here you have your prince charming's photo. :D

Stormy Afternoon

 It feels like the calm before the lightning storm which is so horrifying in Kuala Lumpur. Went out to get some groceries with cousie and neighbour auntie after back from helping my uncle to sell dim sum. Hmm yea I did sent to wrong table, remembered a few orders wrongly etc. Well just a few, seriously. Laugh.

 The lightning strike was so strong that we can feel the vibration even in the car. And it was like, ceaselessly. Many cars, including us, rushing to shopping mall car park nearby for a shade.

The weather turned better after almost an hour. 

And lets meet our neighbour aunty and her treat, red bean blended dessert. Wondering how fat I can go later on. Oops.

Photographed at 记得食 Gei Tuck Sek.

I Miss Penang Food!

Oh my I miss Penang food a lot! Hehe sis just brought me to this place for roasted pork Wan Tan Mee. I was like enjoying till the bits like I am in Penang. Well that's mankind who never feel contented with anything. Now I miss Penang Hokkien Mee with roasted pork! :D

Photographed at Restaurant Chan Meng Kee, 32, Jln SS2/66, Petaling Jaya 47300, Selangor, Malaysia.

Define The 'Beauty' In Your Eyes

I don't know how much you guys treasure your dreams and beautiful things around. To me, they worth more than to keep me alive. I need endless dream in my life. Sometimes, I have to defeat by reality where I am caught between the ripples of reality. I couldn't get rid of a high pay job, the responsibility as a child etc. It might be workable in the long term to sustain living with my dreams but def not for recently. The problem arose where I need to start pondering now. Received a call from an anonymous asking me interested in a vacancy which he doesn't reveal and he was being recommended by a lecturer. I wonder who's that, seriously. Eyeing for a better pay job, but somehow I think I fell in love with the casualty and tranquility of this place. *struggling*

Beauty, just a simple word but how you define it?

ps. what are you up to? I wish to hear from you. :(

Guess What?!

Guess what?! The happiest thing today would be boss saying that interns do not have to work on Saturday! Hurray. Then I'll have more time to study for my upcoming German exam in June. Wish me luck! :s

Photographed my lunch bag at office compound.

I've A Guest

Oops how nice to have a guest today who fetch me home from Bangsar. Did I mention about my Cinderella's story? Yea exactly where I've curfew in KL. I gotta back home before 12am everyday. If not, I think my aunt will get mad I supposed. That's her principle and it actually doesn't bother me much as I don't feel like pop into anywhere else except home after work. I'm just tired.

So we ended up with a dinner at Dome Bangsar Shopping Center, which is really near to my office. And you've some shots of the night using my mobile. :)

I always look at the restaurant counter and its design whenever I am entering a restaurant, be it what kind of cuisine.

Tada, my guest Jeng Yang with his hot chocolate and my cup of cappuccino. Personally, I think my cup of cappuccino doesn't taste good. Really.

Creamy seafood pasta? I am just guessing from the photo. Sorry, I really don't know what he ordered. :D

Grilled chicken in creamy turmeric sauce.

Was heading then to an excited journey on my way home. That's the cause of someone who don't know how to back home except by LRT. God knows who. Laugh.

Photographed at Dome Bangsar Shopping Center.

Bangsar Shopping Centre, No. 285, Jalan Maarof, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.