Dancing Smoke: Let Yourself Free

Beautiful piece of art by Ólafur Arnalds

Study Week

Argh I hate this!!!
22 chapters of Advertising
12 chapters of International Marketing
17(?) chapters of Services Marketing
Psychology and German.
That's too much!



Joyous Diwali

My first henna art painting in a surprising afternoon. The feeling is good. Lets wish everybody a pleasant day filling with endless happiness in this festival of lights.

Happy Diwali!

Life Is Like A Bus Ride

Earlier on I have a post regarding bus ride which I personally fav the most. Today I've created my own version of the story. Might not be something great but I always believe in the power of small is beautiful. Every tiny matter does matter. So I decided to give my day a kick and head on to Little India with Kristinah by taking public transport. The sky was beautiful amidst the rain and I take a deep breath. Everything is just so delicate as how they fit the place they are supposed to. Just like me. :)

I am who I am today
because of the choices I made yesterday.
Eleanor Roosevelt

A Surprising Afternoon

Being a Penang born baby, I've never fail to fall in love with this piece of land a beautiful place with decent warm around. Strolling in Little India the city of Georgetown, slower and slower, and I found my surprising afternoon over here at the right time.

First thing that came into eyes was Henna art painting. When I was amazed with this thingy, there was a guy with video cam who approached and ask me to have a try for free. I was like 'huh!'. God knows why what is happening and I don't mind. So they actually taped the process and interviewed me where later an old lady ran out from nowhereto stand beside me. That was pretty funny till the RTM lady asked me whether I know that old lady. So bet you know my answer, as I shook my head, she laughed. :)

When you live in a city, you feel the warm from the people in the city. Whoever they might be, they are all the beautiful faces.

So, I'm back with contented feeling today which I adore everything, beautifully. My quote.

ps. thanks Kristinah for inviting :)


Celebration of the Blue Sky by Hitori Nakayama

Standing 26 metres tall and erected in 2007 with the help of seven engineers, this sculpture is arguably the tallest non-religious sculpture in South-East Asia. According to Penang State Art Gallery Chairman Datuk Tang Hon Yin, Ten people will look at the sculpture in ten different ways, as the work is abstract, that's the beauty of it.

We are now trying to follow a model after a small town in Japan with name of Takachiwa that has over 100 sculptures from worldwide artists. Although we have long way to go, we hope one day people will visit Penang for its wonderful sculptures.

Personally, I'm indifferent in this case but I do agree with the high potential that bears by Penang in its place branding influence. A heritage site which I adore its beauty, always. Pearl of the Orient.

photo | Penang Sculpture Trail at Jelutong Expressway

Rhythm of Life by Heng Eow Lin

Created by our renowned local Artist Heng Eow Lin back in year 2008, this sculpture actually came with a note which sounds this way.

The musical note reflects rhythm;
When the rhythm of a song is right...
all things fall in a place.
It is easy on the ear as it is harmonious.

When it is a happy song,
the feeling is happy and pleasant.

This sculpture interprets life as a beautiful rhythm.
The sculpture - a simple note rising high...
with bright vibrant colours
reflects the basic element of a life synchronized.

Like the vibrantly coloured musical note elevated high,
when life is in sync - it is easy and happy.

In short, it strives to echo the age old truth...
that when you have the rhythm of life...
life is easy, happy and often colourful.

photo | Penang Sculpture Trail at Jelutong Expressway

Craving for Egg Tarts

I'm like so damn mad over getting egg tarts lately. Laugh. So I finally got them last night or maybe this early morning. Delicious! :)

Ain't Easy To Be Smarties

Looking at the books which piling high up on my desk, how much I wish that I'm such a Smartie. Got no idea how to score a better CGPA for now and this coming semester which happen to my last. I am so worried actually. I know what I want but that's not what I'm equip with. Dilemma. Where should I go for my internship. Give me some light? :s

ps. happy birthday, yu min the smartie


Not Too Bad Perhaps?

Had a icy dinner time with Pui Yan. She knows why. Laugh. And finally German oral is done with lotsa funny pause. am Samstag, but in Klassenzimmer for example. Our conversation just don't make sense. 5 people in a group. That's the reason why we got tangled up. Glad that my second German paper didn't score too bad actually. I seriously gotta boost up to get a solid A for my German paper. I'll speak German everyday from tomorrow till Nov 10! :D

A Berry Happy Day. Put A Dot for Everything.

Got a lovely strawberry from Zenita today. Me love! super duper. Thanks for remembering girl. Well finally everything has came to its end where I'm done with Loreal presentation even. I got no idea what I'm doing. Everybody has their own life planning except me caught struggling with my own dreams and reality. Maybe I shall leave everything behind and start working hard in building my dream. It might seems kiddy to you but that's my dream. I LOVE MY JOB. One day, I'll proudly show it to you, all of you. Yea Jhu, you can make it!

photo | strawberry jelly from Cameron Highland

Say Bye Blueie, Say Hi Blackie.

I lost my pencil. I actually feel sad for the tiny one. So I got another piece of Sharplet but this time in Black. I need something strong lately. Laugh. I have been using Sharplet all these while since my secondary years where I've used all black, blue, pink, purple, yellow.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Time flies. I got no idea where I'm in right now. Moving on! Glad to meet these beautiful faces from my spoken english class. Miss you peeps! Well I screwed my German paper today. 9 pages with 150 words essay and grammatik. Doom!


German, german, german. Still german.

Nothing is ever greater than German today except my Perfekt buddy, Michele! Happy Birthday! She wants to be a jack ass for all trades (in a good sense peeps!) but she really does. Superb lady! I adore you. Laugh. :D

Polaroids Fad

We love polaroids and the mini photo machine which is seriously awesome. Shall I introduce Instax 7s to you my readers, thanks to Fish from Malaysia who ordered an Instax case from me earlier on but custom made progress still in pending where I'll hand her over the little Joops this December. So I made this piece of Instax 7s in 9cm x 9cm which is quite huge especially to her in advance. Hope that she will love it. Oh yea her Instax 7s is in PINK as well! Glad that I found a twin for her. :)


Had an awesome night out with JJ and all my German babies. Immersing in the German culture,  I knew pretty well my choice is right deep in the core of my tiny brain. It might not be but I'll defs work for it. :)

ps. happy birthday, jacqueline

Childhood Favourite

Hallo everyone! I'm so happy today to have this pretty babe, Elaine from Malaysia with us. She loves Mickey Mouse, she loves her phone and she loves pink of course. So I've custom made this piece of art specially for her SE K660. With a pull string attached, that's where you can spot a Mickey silhouette which this babe requested earlier on. I bet she will love this as I do. What about you readers? :)

Black Pepper or Curry?

Went McD with Pui Yan after German class in the late afternoon. I was so excited to try out the new Black Pepper burger but somehow... argh... it seriously came with the taste of Curry. Well now I'm start to think about how far the extent of local adaptation should actually goes. My thought. No bias. No comments. No deviation from any. Simply my own opinion.

Services Marketing: How to Improve An Entrepreneurial Business

Hooray! Services Marketing presentation is done. One more stuff is checked. Lalaalallaa... We must really thanks Mervin the founder of Tea Tac Toe for letting us to use the brand as our study subject.

Lets check out this cozy Taiwanese bubble tea house at http://www.facebook.com/teatactoe


English Debate

The house thinks that Today's Education System Is Inadequate for Today's Society Needs but since I'm from the opposition team so I've to fight all my heart out to say it is Adequate. Pretty hard.

How to stand out from the crowd?


Advertising: Loreal Project (Ralph Lauren)

Men are always boys in heart.


Well Done Renovation

Time flies! Hallo my dear readers how are you? Finally I'm back in this mid Oct with a wholly new site layout. Do you love it?


'Purple' Project

Oh gosh I still have a 'purple' project to do with this little love.

day 92/365


Happy Birthday, My Babe


Another Cheesy Escape

Three people with lotsa to dos but the will to escape is even stronger! A good afternoon in Kim Gary. lalaaaalllalalalala


Bagful Journey

Today we were visiting IDS which is more like the logistic channel of Loreal and got to pick up the stock, see how they label the product, and all sorts of stuff we have in Operational Management it might be. Each of us is back with a big bagful of gifts. :)

Bye bye KL!


Advertising Field Trip to KL

The day began with a burger at A&W where sooner or later you'll find Michele with this pose. Mic, you should got the story behind. :p

The first spot was Media Prima. You'll got amazed just like me.

Then, we headed to the Star. It'll be really great to work over there if you're the kind of person who wish to have a working ambience like a hotel or etc.

After the visit we went to UM Guesthouse straight and I got to meet up with May! Mid Valley for dinner and Station One with their Aiesec friends next. Great talking to May. It's been ages ok? That's basically about day 1. :)