I love NRIC. For the past two years, I found myself immersed pretty well in it. I learnt, I enjoyed, I knew these people. Finally I'm officially retired from being deputy director and loads of jobs for managing the few portfolios. Somehow I missed them now.

ps. hallo new board of NRIC 2011, all the best!


Thanks Miss Doodle!

Omg I'm so flattered. Joops! heartie bookmark and Domokun Notepad has been picked by Miss Doodle! Thanks for liking it. My honour. :)

Full Till the Brink!

This year is such a chaos but I've grown. :)


I Miss Ms.Purple


Loreal Brandstorm 2010 to 2011, Anyone?

Got this piece of Diesel from my roomie for what she awarded from the previous Loreal Brandstorm back in July this year. Thank you my dear.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Loreal Brandstorm 2011, anyone?

photo | Diesel fragrance from Paris

Heart Is Just Like A Wheel

... when you bend it, you can't mend it.
The Corrs

photo | Steinbeck heartie key charm from Germany


Work For Passion

Snapshot of my Domokun phone pouch. I work for passion. Shh...  :)


We Love Joops! button

Voila! We have a We Love Joops! button now. Let's join us. Do spread the joy and love around ok? Thank you, if you do. :)


An island with azure blue sea with pure white cloudies with no cars uttered a single sound. How great to live in such a peaceful land. My German presentation, Hiddensee.


Life Ahead Is Simply Complicated


Happy Mid Autumn


I Need A Decent Break!

Photo shooting time!!!

Photographed at Bukit Genting, Penang.

Advertising: USM Branding Project

So I actually did badly today as I lose temper, unintentionally. God knows why maybe it's like up till the brink which I couldn't breath. With a two-hour sleep I still manage to wake up to have a round of practice with you guys but ended waiting for no one except the girl. WTF! I seriously got pissed off. Doesn't want to be harsh but that's seriously exceeded my tolerance limit. That's how I met and talked to Markus the German guy in this sucky morning. Laugh. Still remember I told him a key of living over here. Freaking funny, but true enough.

If you are dating a Malaysian at 8pm
Set the time at 730pm
Then they'll reach at 745pm.

Here goes my USM Branding presentation. :D


Me at MGTF

I Miss Kai Kai...

Seldom see him, my lovely nephew since they moved to new house. Miss him badly.


Reading Time Anyone?

I want to read! Any books, except reference texts. :(

Lackadaisical, I just Want A Quality Sleeping

I'm like exhausted with a few hours sleep everyday since the very early days of current semester. Don't tempt me with anything else. A good sleep. The greatest thing of all.


Oh My Messed Up Baby

Sorting out my files and photos slowly, I mean really slow. More and more photo albums in FB. Shall we wait! :)


A Treat!

Thanks to Chi Way for our little secret. That's a huge favour to me at the hardest time. Hey dude I owe you a treat. Keep my words. Laugh.

Services Marketing: Hong Kong Disneyland Case Study

My life = assignments + case studies + language classes.


Hallo my dear readers... Well shall I leave with a photo of pumpkin paste I just had. Good day.

What's The Use of My Mobile?

Been thinking lately what's the use of my mobile? I'm just way too lazy to hand my thumbs over the little alphabets these days unless dealing with something important. I don't need an iphone, for now. Seriously.


International Marketing: Starbucks Case Study

As a marketing student, I never to show my love towards the BRANDING. Had one on Starbucks today for my International Marketing. I love it though I hate when they appeared in the form of assignments that came in bulk. Yea bulk! I'm serious peeps. Well moving on... Lets go ahead. :(


I'm Still In Love With My 'Olive'

My Key Per Messenger Tote from Fossil.

Home Sweet Home

No matter how far does a person go there is always the home following. One could not possibly leave it with the emotions and love aroused all these days, all these years and all these whiles. I love my home and parents but they love me even more.

It's Another Love Friday

Hey peeps it's another love Friday! How do you do? For the past whole week even. Get yourself a cuppa today and give it a kick! :)


Simply need more lucks lately. So I changed my key chain to a woody clover. Seems stupid but who cares. It is manifesting in my life. Do you? :)

When Was It?

When was the last time you placed UNO on your hands? Mine, a really long while.

September Chase

Spent a really quality noon with this babe who is so ganas! at Austin Chase cafe. Argh well I'm still in the trouble of Maybank2U and gotta drop by the bank again tomorrow. What I have is that I still couldn't log in though my account has been reset! Driving me mad, seriously!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Something to add on. That girl actually shocked seeing me talking to an old guy. And that was actually our TNC Dato' OO. Laugh.

Photographed at Austin Chase Cafe, Queensbay Mall.


People who know me well would've known me as coffee girl. My taste buds ain't cater to the bitterness, but got paralysed somehow. Read this quote from a novel I hardly recall. Not exactly, but rather similar.

Since taking drugs was illegal, coffee would be a good substitute. It helped to paralyse my feeling and kept my heart from thinking of you. I lived in a city of coffeeholic and coffee was the soul of the city and you lived in my heart. If I was a city, were you the soul of me?

Du bist nitch allein.

Just rejected on the outing today, again. When shall the hermit crab determined enough to break the bubble. The bubble of life. I feel isolated, mentally. Ok I'm pretty good. Am I? Tell me please... I am feeling bad again. I need more, more and more. More hideout. That coming along with me. Do you have your own secret place? I wonder.


You Ain't

I'm seriously exhausted. Nobody will ever understand why is it so. You ain't busy. You ain't this. You ain't that. Come on... So does happen that You ain't Me. Leave me whining to myself. Ookie?


I used to love smiley face a lot. I mean, really a lot. Out of no where I suddenly came out with the surge of love to custom made this bookmark. I named it PurpleBerry as I used to take berry as something sweet. This little joops can work for all sorta page turners up to A4 size. How lovely? Thank you so much dear Kris from Malaysia to home sweet home with it! :)

Philosophy of Colour Spectrum

Hallo my dear readers! How was your day? I'm going to share about my passion today. Photography, has been my fad back in a couple years ago. I'm not a pro neeways. Maybe I'm just in love with the way I see the world and painted them by manipulating the colour spectrum. That's something I always get amazed. Different people with different catch of moments. The mesmerizing fact in photography, I suppose so.

Le Brown Note

Just feel like showing you guys the real look after Le Brown Note. Yea I love owl sometimes. It can manifest wisdom in my life, as I believed. :)

ps. leave me a note which animal you like?

Photograph of my little brown note from United States.



Little Mr. Sunshine

I'm not feeling good today at all. So I decided to do something I'd love to. I came up with this Smiley bookmark which I named it Doreen Huang after one of my bestie's name. This little Joops! can work for all sorta page turners up to A4 size. So cute right? And this piece of little Joops has been adopted by JY from Malaysia. :)

Where is my sunrise?

Well I'm home sweet home due to the break. Though I'm here, I guess it's been while since I was showered with the luck to witness the sun rising. And so did my ability to see the colours arising and uncoil the stories beneath from the obscurity. Sighed.


Priority Inbox by Google

Cool video ads from Google. Me like!


Hey peeps I'm free for two weeks break! Ok well sounds so politically incorrect since I've loads of to-do list which my photo could explain pretty well. I gotta work on Starbucks case study, USM branding assignment, Loreal-Ralph Lauren assignment, German listening test right after the break, Panel discussion preparation for Spoken English class, 8 chapters of International Marketing, 4 or more chapters of Health Psychology and Presentation slides.Aaahaaa.. we shall see how I gotta Yoo... but couldn't finish off with hoo... for this break! :(

Alphabet Drawer

Hey peeps my photo got picked in Poladroid Project! Kindly click on the photo above and show me your *likes* ok? Many thanks and warm regards from me.

photo | poladroid of second hand books seller at Chow Rasta, Penang



It's really fun doodling and scribbling. Lets do it people!


Received this piece of Laconic postcard. Saw it peeps? It's owl! Def enlightened me, for a while. Ok well the funny part is a friend since kindergarten whom I just found out are viewing my photos and reading my blogs! OMG I'm just flattered. She asked me is this from the movie "what legend, what guardian" Sorry I couldn't recall the exact name. Laugh.


My day was so great with this beautiful people Tina from Malaysia. Tina is a girl who loves reading like me. And what she needs is a uber lovely bookmark for her daily page turners. I remembered she once told me, I love 'heart' very much besides my bf. Laugh. So here I custom made a heartie bookmark with the color tone that suits her to the bits. The same thing. She loves it too. :)