My Babes

I love TOU. I simply love these beautiful people. crazygorgeousstupidfunnybrilliant I just have too many words to apply on them. Thanks for the night out. Short while, but superb! Well BlogFest Asia or TOU trip? Why fall on the same date? Headache.

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Happy Birthday, Malaysia!

ps. hey dear safe journey back to Germany. Miss you....

Cake & Cookie

I love doodling. Today I simply think of doodling a colourful cake mini card with my Sharpies and a yummy felt cookie sewn on top. It's just the right size with blank interior where your imagination is def the only limit. I have given this piece of Joops! to Nana from Malaysia for her gift of cute teddy coil board. Thank you, I like it. 

We Love Starbucks

Well I'm a coffee lover. Today I simply think of doodling a cuppa from Starbucks mini card with my Sharpies and a snowy felt creme sewn on top. It's just the right size with blank interior where your imagination is def the only limit.

I'm lazy, verbally.

Argh people I got a really bad lifestyle these days. Should have eaten more. Should have slept more. Should have relax more. Oh well... Should have talk more even!


Enlighten or Being.

Somebody said I made up her day! Who says we need tonne of notes to enlighten people. A cozy, little matter counts.



I'm feeling bad all over again. Isolating my real sorrow from people around. I'm like hiding in nowhere that I couldn't find myself either. A tiny stone, where no one cares about. I miss all my dearies so damn much. They wouldn't know, I suppose so. Save me from the nights!


Caffeinated Escape

It's been a while since I had my last coffee chat with roomie. Miss those moments! Hence we decided to call our to-do lists an off day and grant ourselves a relaxing day.

It's all about food and chit-chat. :)

Photographed at Station One, Queensbay Mall.


OMG I'm just in love with this old piece of art. Laugh. Saw it at CG today. Can you imagine the rider has a helmet with the same orangey? :p


Another Brunchinnerper

I'm so tired with my life lately. What an unhealthy lifestyle I ever had. Well for quite a while. The only meal for me today at 10.30pm! Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner-Supper All in one. Oops...

Happy Birthday Sweetheart(s)

Just had my advertising presentation on Super Bowl Sunday. Not too bad. I suppose so. Don't know why on earth I miss these babes so damn much! Happy Birthday!

Danny and Annie

from StoryCorps on Vimeo

via chookooloonks

We Love Colours

Argh I hate Monday! Blue Monday. Well just got a little time to take a snap on my goodies from We Love Colours for the short-listed entry of mine.

ps. seems useless to me, who wants it? :D



I also don't know why I feel so close to this little girl. So touched looking at her blog post about me, yea me... She claimed that I'm like her sister. She even bought me a IMU chocolate. Miss her so much...

Photographed by Jared during NRIC 2010.


Happiness is not how much you have,
it's how less you complain.

Love the World

That's the love the world card I custom made for my German homework. Recycled paper matches the tiny yellow heart to the bits and they both really look lovely I swear.

Let's love the world. Our world.

Fly, Little Bird Fly!

Hallo! That's our new piece of Joops! art Little Birdie bookmark which is specially crafted with love for Myra from Malaysia. Happy birthday!!! I'll be def enlightened if she loves it too.

Polaroid Land Camera

I love polaroid and I do love people who share the same passion as well. We have Marylynn from United States today with her custom made polaroid land camera phone pouch for her iphone. I'm flattered when she said she love it. What about you?

Crayon Shin Chan

We have Nat from Malaysia today who wants to find her friend a special birthday gift. She's a girl who loves crayon shin chan and pink colour to the bits. That's how I got inspired to custom made this piece of crayon shin chan pouch for her w870. We shall hope that her friend will love it too.

Olive the Little Peacock

Peacock changes its feather annually and thus, a symbol of renewal. I'm a buddhist. When buddhists associate peacock feathers with openness and the ability to thrive in the face of suffering. I'm all in as well to earn me some better days. I Am Enough, keep telling myself ceaselessly.

350 Challenge

Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge

Dear friends who blog, lets grow the 350 challenge by putting this badge on your site. We could make a difference if we want to. A tiny move, helps. Get one by clicking the badge now. Why hesitate? Mother earth belongs to all of us. You and me.

Law of Attraction

It was an amazing day to get a pat and 'Well presentation!' from my Portuguese classmate in Spoken English class this early afternoon. I feel so flattered. It motivated me even further in overcoming my phobia of speaking in front of acquaintances. One of my flaws. I'm getting better. Can you hear me peeps? I'm so happy.


Breakfasting today with delicious nasi lemak bought by my roomie. Mere fun calling that. Well fasting over here is one of the symbolic practices of Malay culture during this holy month of Ramadhan in Malaysia. Drop me a note perhaps if you know the true meaning behind? Many thanks, if you do. :)

Call Me a Multitask-er

Went for second foot massage as my feet is still in 80% recovery state. Pain enough, but cool enough. I have done with my draft of advertising questionnaires over there. Sounds cool right? Multitask-er, yes I am. Laugh.

It's Another Love Friday

Hey people it's another love Friday where I gotta back home. Feel so uneasy as time passing by. No, I should say the time is flying.

I Hate Bumblebees

Without any further life progression, it has reached the sixth week of current semester. I gotta pick up my mood and really work harder. Day-to-day-increasing to do list keep bugging me like a bumblebee. Argh I'm so tired of present. I don't know why am I tend to procrastinate although I know pretty well deep in the core what I want and what I gotta do. I'm craze for a break!!

NRIC 2010

Bounced into a friend today. And he told me he actually received a NRIC pen from supplier whom he ordered his name card. NRIC 2010's publicity were way too great isn't it? :)

My ChocoBerry

Nothing much to say today. No point for me to whine when people keep saying I'm good. I don't mean it people. I'm an ordinary.

I'm In Love

Yea guys I'm officially broke after another impulsive buying of new gadget. I can foresee there must be something I could not care less but as what my friends told me. To make myself happier, I have to let go. There's the only way. I know what I want, and trying hard to change. Stay in happiness, I'm lovin it. 

A Cup of Coffee

A cup of coffee shared with a friend
is happiness tasted and time well spent.
unknown source

Ole, Ole

Anyone with the idea where does Ole, Ole come from? Read from Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat.Pray.Love, Ole, Ole is actually evolved after centuries of life from Allah owing to geographical difference. No matter who you are, just don't stop keep the faith in you and He, will be with you. Always. And yes, I did something great today. For myself, at least. I was driving on the highway. Can you imagine? The first time ever. I said I can make it. Yes, I could!

Job Interview Workshop 2010

Went UTP today with Mr. Yazid and Tini. Gorgeous building of library has caught me amazed and of course, unexpected meet up with hui xuan!! Well impromptu talking of Mr. Yazid seriously made me even more keen in brushing up my speaking skills. 

Love Our Mother Earth

Don't blow it - good planets are hard to find.
Quoted in Time

Look At Your Feet

Look at your feet.
You are standing in the sky.
When we think of the sky,
we tend to look up,
but the sky actually begins at the earth.
Diane Ackerman


I want more and more opportunities. Somehow I'm getting more and more laid back. Irony.


No cloud above,
no earth below.
A universe of sky and snow.
John Greenleaf Whittier


The wind shows us how close to the edge we are.
Joan Didion

Amazing Race 2

Second team building of First Solar I've participated so far. I enjoyed KYCK's event very much as I always get exposed to different things that I am used to. Superb weather and azure blue sky had brightened me up. A good day, I proclaim.

Looking Afar

I see my dreams in reality through my powerful visualization. The law of attraction, what people named it.

Purple Your Way

There is nothing greater today which worth my post than this! Warm wishes from Malaysia sweetheart. Nothing much but we just knew it, as usual. Thanks babe. XOXO


Way too much coffee.
But if it weren't for the coffee,
I'd have no identifiable personality whatsoever.
David Letterman


Went Golden Sands alone for venue inspection. The staff was superb. I think this is what Dr. Azizah taught us about the importance of frontline. Watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice as well. Not too bad, though got some critics from friends beforehand.

The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a wood,
and I, I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Robert Frost

Dream in Blue

The sky is that beautiful old parchment
in which the sun and the moon keep their diary.
Alfred Kreymborg