Power of Choice

Unintentionally found this deal from a site where we are entitled to access RichDad's web content for free. OMG the free content is totally not as how I anticipated to look like a somehow brief summary. Detailed with webinars. Cool stuff of course if you would like to empower yourself. Gonna spend me up a long long time to finish reading them I supposed.

Almighty Dollar

Got no idea why my paypal isn't working. So I bought the notes after KYCK's meeting at Johnny Qb. Yea I decided to send in cash form. Might-be-or not-brilliant idea of my friend! Well lets pray my mail won't get misplaced on its journey.

Home Sweet Home

Turned my old bag into camera cozy, a sweet place for my little joys.

I'm Enough

 Read this quote from an article

" Create your own story. Don't let others create it for you. "

Yea exactly. That's why I'm starting to work on something I fav back in ages ago. That's why I'm striving to persuade myself I AM ENOUGH. Gimme a little more time. I can do it, pretty sure.

Flip Flop Lover

Got myself a new pair of fourskin flip flop. It's navy blue. Woot... Has called purple a doom. I love both neeways.

Malaysia-Japan Video Art Exchange

Attended a three hour workshop today where I get to meet two Japanese video artists whom I fav. Like their back to the simplicity concept, which is pretty much alike as my work principle.


Close up of my Roxy tote, a lovely birthday pressie from my besties. Even now, I'm still in love with colourful stripes.

Me a Shoeaholic

Argh... Mere feeling of sadness when I saw my pair of platforms. When can my feet fully recovered? :(

Sweet Concord of Mind

The best, most beautiful, and most perfect way
that we have of expressing a sweet concord of mind to each other is by music.
Jonathan Edwards

Love Thursday

Dress in campaign tee today to support the Tangisan Jiwa. It would be great to see all the bumblebees around. Let's love every baby! :)


Who on earth could explain why are the books and my bag were in the right order on the road when I fell into the drain after my German class at 10pm? Basically only my head can be seen at that time! What a bad day!

I Love My Day

Had a superb bowling time with my NRIC dearies today. I scored 121 hehe. And they brought me to a place with really tasty satay, ikan tiga rasa and loads... *mouth watering*

Parents vs Children

Spoken english class was fun with noise over 'negotiations' about children's freedom. Classmates from Malaysia, China, Portugal and Spain are all having different sayings. Interesting!

The Beauty of Different

The beauty of different, a really meaningful phrase that caught me into deep thoughts about myself and how we should appreciate our life. Being raised by different encounters, the God creates us into unique pieces of art with our own beauty. None of us will be the same, exactly. So a word for you and me today, love yourself people!

Penfurnex 2010


Front desk job ain't easy after all. Always putting customer first, that's what I learnt in three days working at Penfurnex. Gift redemption counter.


Mother Dear

Mommy, I love you!
Thank you so much
for being such a considerate mom
all these while.

Happy Birthday Mommy

Fuel For Life

Inspired by Karen Walrond, I simply proclaim my final year as the year that I could have become someone of a certain age. A certain age which I need a fuel for my life, to revive it. Seriously.