What Is That?

To be frank, even me myself also seldom come across with the thought of filial piety as a son or daughter and how are we treating them each moment we happened to be together. I feel trembled looking at the video, recalling the moments that we somehow did before to our dear parents. They love us to the fullest, but we? The grievances that take place sometimes. Think about it people. :x

你的爱情 我在对面

你的爱情   我在

by 橘子


Love Saturday

Hi people how are you guys lately? I hope you are doing fine. Well I'm kind of occupied lately, with loads of work to do, loads of assignments ahead and loads of books to study. So hehe this blog is going to bounce back to the old state like weekly journal I would say. May you guys had a nice week. Do you? :)

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Well as I am one of the committee members of Industrial Visit 2010. I get to go more places this coming Thurs and Fri. *wink* Motorola, Penang Airport, AMD and Noesis for mine. :)

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Thanks to Jeng Yang who brought me some sort of traditional Teochew kueh. *wink*
ps. I always wanted a grandma... :s

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Jeng Yang is back! Tiny little fish from Taiwan. Thank you. :)

Photographed the mini puffer fish charm from Taiwan.

I ♥ Paul Frank

Found this lovely piece of blog header, dedicated to my first ever blog site drops of glittering from piles and piles of colour fillers.

Love credits to Tze Ying for my Paul Frank header.

Early in the Morning

As usual, I adore beautiful things circling around my daily life. It happen even the same on phone theme plus wallpaper as well. The feeling is great when we are able to start off a whole new day with the kicks of eye candy.

Guten Tag!

Just dropped by here out of nowhere to say Hallo! dear my readers. Had a nice day? Hmm to me, might not be that great lately with tons of work ahead and the foozie people I had to deal with for swapping a minor subject of mine. Grrrr... Okay whatever it goes. I managed to get them right after all. *phewWhat else. Uh huh.. I am doing German in this new sem and I simply heart my teacher the German lady who always cast a big grin on her face as well. Told you I love beautiful things. Isn't a smile worth a million dollars? :)

simple but nice.

Read this.

Konica POP: I'm 24 years old.

I always believe there must be some people out there who treasure good oldies like me. Being such a person who seldom dump my belongings into trash, I do actually possess quite a number of teeny weeny collection encompassing almost Everything. Yea everything. Just found this god damn old camera, at least to me, a couple days ago while I was doing spring cleaning. What a surprise I got for this new year, which means the first ever photo of my life also captured using this. Argh.... It makes me feel old. Laugh.

Without this auto-dated model of Konica Pop, I wouldn't have my childhood memories captured.

The sky ain't blue, today.

As my key of life, nothing delights me more than the mornings I awake with my gracious thoughts and beautiful encounters. Today, the world is to gleam with a warm green hue for the customized handphone charm received yesterday. Love and thanks my dear.

Photographed my TOU phone charm by Jess.

A New Year's Metamorphosis

Never knew I could do these with my phone.

Toe the Line to 2010

After surfing the net for nearly an hour, I made my mind to go for Korean food this year as some what new year plus roomie's sweet twenty first celebration. Well whatsoever reasons that drive me to pick DaoRae Korean Bbq Restaurant as my choice out of all the delicious one? Yea I wonder if you guys know that brown seaweed soup or so called Miyeok Guk is traditionally the birthday soup in Korea? I think it seriously suits the occasion to the bits. :)

Hold on your breath people, toe the line and Voilà a whole new year TWENTY TEN is here.


Photographed at DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant with Nicole and Zhen Hui.

15-2-G/1/2, Bayan Point, Medan Kg., Relau, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Mon - Sun 8:30 - 20:30

+604 6402616 +6016 2407874


First Portrait Shooting

Back to ages since I kind of craze over photography I used to take portrait shooting as some kind of daunting task. After a lot of trial and error where my roomie begins growling, finally I got this as a gift for my pretty roomie. Laugh.

ps. happy birthday roomie.