Breezy Breezy @ Hard Rock

Hard Rock Hotel is really awesome for photo shooting. Wilson and I lingered at the beach for a couple hours? Had fun though. Laugh.

Breezy breezy sunny day is heart. 

ps. Hear me rawwwwwwr if, and only if when I'm up to the sky. :)

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I got 108, 111, 118
in today's bowling games.

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Happy Birthday!!!
Not fun attending party alone.

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Quite a funny one.
Squarepants and orange mushroom's webcam fad. XD


Life is Just Like A Bus Ride

An email i found very inspiring and would like to share with my dear ones. I have translated them into English for some friends who can't read mandarin. Hope you guys like it. :) *sorry for the poor translation*

Everyone's life is just like a bus ride.

A never-ending journey that out of our ability 
to anticipate what is coming ahead and ahead.
Only point of departure and arrive
that all of us
know pretty well, skin deep..

Nobody is the same in this world.
So does our journey.
Each varies..

Some people
could have slow down their life pace
enjoy their life leisurely
and appreciate the beauty of mother nature.

Some people
could not get themselves
out from the hustle and bustle
of the hectic life.

if compared to some other poorer one
perhaps we should feel glad
that we are blessed.

Comfortable life
is what everybody longing for
Scarcity makes people lost their mind
and pawn between the tug of war
of it and them.

Lucky one.
Are pretty lucky enough.
Got a seat for their own
once they up to the ride
without much endeavour and waiting.

Unlucky one.
Are pretty unlucky enough.
Even when everybody left
even when ample seats are available
They are still standing
alone and alone...

Looking at others.
Chances are coming and leaving
from time to time
from one to another.
Looking at own self.
It's still me and alone.
Still and no little changes as hope.
Pathetic one.

Just when you decide to leave
for another better one perhaps.
Now you see someone's leaving
and you, missed the chance again.
As if the chance did not turn up.
Once and again.

Hurting others blindly
owing to own's sake
of own self.
Selfish people are borne.

While some others choose to
hand over the chance to others
for all the reasons
known or unknown
seems benefiting or not benefiting
good or bad.
As long as they are deals of life.

Some people.
After a long while waiting
After go that extra miles to seek for
Finally they got their own seat.
Own opportunities.

But at the right moment
right timing
the bell is rang
And you have to leave, whether willingly or not. 

Turned back to the past
reminiscing the past
It's just a seat.
Only a seat that matters most.
But why? 

Even we have a chance
to turn over a new leaf
to get it start from the very beginning
all over again
We will still being trapped in the quicksand of competing.
If we don't, we might lost the
existing position as well
even if we do not look for higher, greater aim.
Life is cruel.

Unless you never wanted to take a ride.
But somehow
That's out of your control.
You are destined
to make a life decision
that we think the wisest out of all
by hook or by crook.
 Even when someone leaving
There are still someone there.
As usual...


When daily is a true happiness
Now you see the merry side of life
When daily becomes a duty
then all of us are only the slave of life
Putting happiness and duty together.
Then happiness will turn out to be a duty as well.
No longer a blast of emotions.
A passionate moment.


When i saunter under the moonlight, I found you.

Watched New Moon with zhen hui. Not bad though but the ending part is seriously ________________________ flat. I was like Huh?! Ended this way?! They must be trying to earn another penny from our ticket for the third, supposed. XD

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Met shyuan, yoke ming and wei seong as well. I miss tou... Out of a sudden.

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New gadget with white colour theme & new journal with Bella's Lullaby my fav are heart. 

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Just commented in someone's blog. Where's my inspiration? Where's my beautiful thoughts? Hardly I think and recall but still ...................... Amnesia is ugly as inspirations diminishing and beautiful mornings fading. I want them back!!!


Been bounced to forex trading lately from my brother in law without knowing how actually it works. In brief, forex trading means foreign currency trading where people could possibly amass a huge fortune out of it. And here is one of the free forex demo accounts available online for the novice like me or perhaps you as well. Check this out! If you are interested my dear.

Image retrieved from projectmovement.com.

My Random Color Play

Had quite a fun trip today. However, it's kind of bad as we only manage to visit a few places. Many places ahead. :)

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One of my favourite spot in Burmese Temple. A little feel of road not taken. XD

Toss yourself a wish or many wishes at the wishing pond?

Is it so embarrassing for a guy to carry bags for girls? Look at chee kin's friend. then you'll get a rough idea, perhaps. Laugh.

Sincerity of heart. 

When I look upon, I see hopes.

Found your mind entangled this way?

Me, praying for health and happiness for everyone.

Chee kin's friend was acting. = =

Group photo of the day. 

Next, we moved to Sleeping Buddha Temple.

A shot on pagoda miniature right at the entrance of the praying hall.

Statue of Sleeping Buddha.

This is actually a fortune-telling machine which none of us get a fair saying that day. Chee kin the worse, unbelievable:s

Bye bye.

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Random me. So damn funny. Ignore me people. @.@

Photographed at Burmese Temple and Sleeping Buddha Temple, Penang.