Checked Captain America from movie list with my partners in crime. :)

ps. live, laugh, love

Photographed at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa with Jessica and Eric.

I Love Paris

Oh it's my second last darling piece of July. Thank you YT for crafting with me. All my readers should know that I am really into Eiffel Tower and so this nature makes the crafting task much enjoyable for me. Tadaa here I have a piece of retro 'I Love Paris' with 100% hand embroidered tall wonder for YT's iphone, adorned with a little jingling tower. Love it no? :)

Little Taiwan

Always passed by this shop with green + white decor on my way to work. The hue caused me a misconception that it must be some organic food store. When I was loitering at Bangsar LRT station after my interview this early morning, this restaurant simply caught my sight and I decided to drop by for lunchie before back to Bangsar showroom. God knows why the green pearl milk tea's portion is really huge till pearl lover like me gotta say 'Stop Drinking Babe!' Laugh.

Tang Tang Noodle, my lunch of the day. Not too bad, I will rate it a 7 out of 10.

ps. snob!

Photographed at Little Taiwan, a Malaysian owned halal Taiwanese restaurant.

Holy Typestaches!

Found this thingy from a site, teaching us how to type Mustax in style! Oh cute! And yes, heart and mind should be one, as told by uncle.

Retrieved via Monsieur Goma.

Oh My, Oh My

Took a day off from office today owing to dentist appointment. Argh, guess my budget gonna run out quickly than anticipated! :s

Brief update: The company rang me up for an interview on coming Monday! Wish me luck people. :)

Photographed dainty flower charm which is 100% cut, adorned with a retro brad and sewn by hand at a smoke free little corner. It looks just yummy with its 3 ply red + teal felt base. Adopted by Rosalind. :)


Did I mention that I actually joined Da Yan Gong with my cousin back in last May? I couldn't deny that time just flies like nobody business. It's end of July already and soon, gonna be our very last lesson. These people decided to have a potluck for our graduation tea time which I think oh why not? eating is a wonderful thing. Oh yea even greater, when the food is super duper yummylicious. Laugh.

Oh yes, Kerabu and egg tart! I miss 'em so much.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Finally I got to meet up with my ex roomie, Nicole! Hope she loves my gift. And of course, our gold fish's story of the night. :)

Love Bird Hard Disc Cover

Thank you Farah for crafting with me. Just done with her love bird hard disc cover on my good Saturday. Argh I am just reluctant to start my work anyway. :S

Watched Wu Xia. :)

My Coral Red Obsession

Went One Utama again for outlet shutting down thingy early in the morning where later June and me, shop around by means to conduct our market survey. Laugh. Guess what! I am strolling all over today with my coral red loafer from Charles & Keith which is just so retro and catered my taste buds to the bits. Oh my yummy yummy. :)

Photographed my coral red loafers on Charles & Keith brown craft paper bag. 

O' Briens Sandwich Bar

Out of office today to shut down company's outlet in Parkson One Utama. As previous experience counts, I seriously dislike working attitude of those guys who just couldn't show people with a big grin on their face, oh come on not even a welcoming smile. I do not understand how these people get along in such a corporate culture. Owing to company's car being occupied as big boss is back from Germany, we have to delay our schedule to tomorrow.

We, June and me, decided to have our breakfast in O'Briens Sandwich Bar after strolling around the mall. O' Briens breakfast set did its job for decent portion that came along with a glass of Americano and two chicken slice+ cheese wholemeal sandwiches. Despite the rather small cafe interior, O' Briens Sandwich Bar can be a great place to linger in the morning before venturing into hustle bustle of your daily.

Later, we kind of explored the retails in the mall for goods. I always fond of visual merchandising as I deemed packaging is the most crucial, yet decisive factor in catching people's attention. Personally, I'm more into European styled decor and can't help falling in love with Polo Ralph Lauren's store display.

Headed next to Starbucks for a Java Chip and later, Borders the book store to spend the rest of my day working online.

Oh my readers, so happy to tell you guys that I got my loafer finally and it's red! Can you imagine what kinda red? If you don't, please please please stay tuned for my upcoming post. :)

Photographed along my trip to company outlet, O' Briens Sandwich Bar, Starbucks and Borders with June, my brand manager.

Red + Blue

Thank you Asyif  for his recent crafting with me. How lovely it'd be usually when customers handed me image over their ideas. I actually custom made this pair of red devil + blue toothy bag charms for him, adorning with a little alteration based on my intuition.

Along with the pair of charms, I added three felt heart charms, each embroidered as written by Asyif some time ago. Happy birthday, darling! Hope you will love these creation when Asyif passed you my little parcel. :)

Mr. Joops the Black Moustache Ring

I was off to work today with Little Mr. Joops the black moustache ring. Guess I will soon add this little Joopsie to my daily outfit wherever possible. I find it somehow a signature piece which plays ensemble role to my Joopsieness. Wondering why? Lets hop onto my Facebook page and check out the profile thumbnail!

Just a random thought, if people keep saying an apple a day keeps doctor away, could a little Joops a day keeps doctor away? I really hope my site works the same, heartily.

Oh yes, oh yes! Tell me that. :D

Photographed my black moustache ring with apples on my office desk.

Masking Sticker Set + Owl Cozy

Monday is no longer blue but colourful today! Just added some pretty sets of masking sticker set into my beautiful finds. Each set comes with 27 sheets of basic / pastel pattern masking stickers with distinctive colour/pattern. They will be great for decorative use and diary stickers. Just get inspired to add a pop of colour/pattern to your creative projects like me! I simply think of putting these colours into my palette and paint them into a real touch owl phone cozy for Farah. I hope she will love it. :)

SOLD | Adopted by Leeah, Tze Ying, Rosalind, Ieqa and Jye Yng. Thanks.

Dear Mom,

Happy Birthday.

Aspire Saturday!

Hey hallo, hallo lovelies. This is gonna be a rather long post filled with photos and oh yes, I just spent my Aspire Saturday with my course mates. How sarcastic for some of us to know each other by name when we were in the same campus for three years! Laugh, that's the bad of having so many students in the course. Anyway, really nice knowing you guys people.

We met up at KLCC to head for our lunch before went to Graduan Aspire 2011, a career fair thingy going on in my city. After wandering in the mall for quite a while, we decided to stop by at this restaurant with the name of Ki Ki Taiwanese Cuisine. Logo of the shop is a cat which I forgot to take a shot about. Argh... Well the restaurant ambience is rather oriental with its pink floral wall-embedded lamp. Meanwhile, dim yellow light is def a plus to the ambience which they just fit. Most importantly, the price is of acceptable range like RM 30 circa for a set order including drink.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ki Ki Taiwanese Cuisine

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Graduan Aspire 2011

Rather disappointed with the fair. Ok my bad, they just not my cup of tea. Sometimes I really wonder if have I enrolled the right course. End.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Popeye's Chicken and Seafood

Lastly, we headed off to Mid Valley for a stroll. I am craving for a loafer but I simply couldn't find one yet! :s And Steve Jobs's signature black cashmere sweater was really a joke of the day which impressed Say Ee that 'Oh wow, guys do shop!' Haha.

We ended up with Popeye's Chicken and Seafood for our dinner before going back. The seafood platter, I am not too sure whether I got it right, is so yummy. Oh yea the mashed potato has just listed as one of my must-savour-again delicacies!

Photographed the day with Say Ee, Nicholas, Yong Chern, Hui Min, Jin Yin, Kit Wah and Wai Hong. :)

Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter

Oh, listen to the falling rain! I simply feel so good on love Friday. Cheers everyone and it is really great meeting Veron the supplier. :)

Listening to Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head by BJ Thomas.

Internet And The Exporter by Matrade

I was attending a talk on 'Internet and the Exporter' by Matrade this early morning with my colleagues. Overall, the talk was rather boring as the speakers circled around those fundamental know hows on how to manage website, SEO optimization, SEM, social media marketing and so forth. From business person perspective, we'd be glad if they could provide us more recommendation on sites and tools which help. However, the talk somehow triggered my interest to figure out more about SEO. Anyone who could provide me with some insights? :)

SEO, abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization whereas SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing.

Beautiful Finds: Retro Camera Necklace

Oh darling, I've a dream to collect mini camera accessories. And this is my first piece of mini camera, oops no two pieces. I just put another two new loves into my treasure box. Argh I start to miss my photo buddies badly. I wish to have a cuppa with them and stroll around the enrich heritage's island now!! :(

Back to my new love, do you love camera as much as I do?

Brown leather, bronze camera with mustard yellow felt circle.

Black leather, silver camera with red felt circle.

Adopted by Mok, Ching Ching, Xin Yin, Jin Yin & friends, Jessica. Thanks!

ps. Matrade talk tomorrow. :)

The Tipping Point

I always get caught wildly enthusiastic about little things I encountered in my life but where's my tipping point that can make a big difference? 

Photographed my flat pump with pastel pink crochet floral and Malcom Gladwell's The Tipping Point.

Love Bird Tree Bag Charm

I'll poke my head into crafts whenever I am stressed out. Shop me  here if you're looking for any lovelies people. :)

Thank you.

Happening Saturday

Was attending Zul and Wahida's wedding lunch today with my cousin sis, Jess. Congrats dear the couple  who happened to be with each other since secondary and going on. It'd be a missed thingy that no one could foresee the 709 incident. If not, I think they should have more guests for the day.

Oh yea there were seriously many polices over our residential area on the way back from dinner. I dislike politics and well, I just wish everyone'd be safe. God bless.

A Limited Edition by Melinda Looi

I was attending Melinda's press conference for her collaboration with Tesco at Marmalade Cafe this early morning. A new collection named ' A Limited Edition by Melinda Looi ' exclusively for Tesco, 15 items with two choices of colours each, will be distributed over Tesco Malaysia stores in upcoming Raya. 

Working with this lady, I really got inspired by her lively character and of course, work passionately. She tends to do her thing and put her thoughts with good conscience. I admired how she placed family as her very core in designing this collection. How great would it be to dress nicely with someone you love the most. Dear Muslim lovelies, feel free to drop by Tesco stores when they are being distributed and grab yourself a piece of cozy. I ain't hard selling, but truly think that it'd be a great favour from you to support amazing lady like her to move on with her passion for work. Thank you so much, if you do.

Lastly, I think I shall leave the rest of the day to some shots with my mobile. Enjoy!

Speech delivery by Mr. Hem Patel, commercial director of F&F and Melinda.

Nice meeting some gorgeous ladies from emmagem.com and Tongue in Chic too. :)

Find Melinda at:
Melinda Looi Official Website
Facebook Page

Photographed at Marmalade Cafe, Bangsar Village II.


Time flies, like seriously! Ieqa is going to leave Mellooi for she has ended her internship this week. Thus we decided to host an intern gathering with her. Laugh. Yi Wen and I came cross the advertisement on this restaurant with rather cute name, espresSOUP and most importantly, just five mins walk from our office so it made our choice of the day for our dinner.

The restaurant, which I expected to occupy a huge space is actually very small but very peaceful ambience for chatting. And just in case you miss me, here's my photo which I start thinking when was the last time I am in the photo. Laugh. Thanks Ieqa. :)

I tried out the Cappucino that personally, it doesn't suit my taste buds and my pumpkin soup with bread. Though all of us seriously don't think that is pumpkin, but corn. However, it is just delicious!

The soup just soothed my body and shoo shoo, go away the nauseous. Was feeling sick like a dead fish sobbing in the office this afternoon. I meant it.

ps. Oh my, I gonna broke if stay eating like this!

Photographed at espresSOUP, Bangsar Shopping Centre.