Coffee, Peony and Muffin

It came to the end of June, indicating almost half year's time has been checked over the scheduler. Do you guys bear the same thought as mine, what have I done? throughout this half year. Everything I could think of basically does not run much off the tiredness, or even lethargic. I need a rest, a decent moment especially when I was really tired with the work loads over the week which I don't know why. A lovely morning with sipping a cuppa, listening to the jazz and immersing in the beauty of peonies and yummy muffin simply soothed me a lot. It's time to move on again anyway. So how was your last day of June? Seriously, I'd be glad to hear from you. :)

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Flowers whisper 'Beauty!' to the world, even as they fade, wilt, fall.

/ Dr. SunWolf /

ps. I wish all of you a beautiful Thursday 

Photographed at Coffee Bean before off to work.

Bangsar Shopping Centre, Jalan Maarof.

The Story of Cosmetics

Today's work mainly circling around research for organic and finding quotations. And wow, glad knowing the new intern who is selling her crafts too! I really enjoy meeting handmade buddies. :)

Lovely Obsession!


Oh my oh my, I am going to add one of these beautiful stuff into my treasure box! Lets make a guess, shall see how well you know me people. :)

via Maria.n. on Polyvore [link]

Goethe Zertifikat

Yoohoo finally I got my certificate for my German proficiency test. I was doing so great for my happy Monday where I late to work for half an hour, away from office to Goethe for three hours plus. Laugh. :)

ps. going to fine tune my resume


Last order from Anish for this round. Thank you and I really touched with such a wonderful friend who reminds me of my babes. Her friend loves KPop and SuJu and there's a korean brand hoodie named SPAO which is quite expensive to her so Anish thought of giving her this hoodie charm as her birthday present. Oh my how lovely! :)

Monologue; Under The Sunset

All of a sudden, I'd hear wind's whispering over the light trails telling me life is way too carefree while I am strolling down a street.

All of a sudden, I'd hear melancholy in the wind and strayed a few steps in the light trails over the same place.

Did you?

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If you see the world and yourself through a lens smudged by negativity
then you'll find much misery.
If you look outwards and inwards through lens brightened by positivity
you'll find much to be happy and appreciate about.

/ Hendrik Edberg /

ps. happy saturday

Felt Kitten Keyring/Bag Charm

That's another order from Anish, the name which I supposed you've came cross quite frequent in recent post. Thank you babe for loving my craft and sincere apologies for altering the design as I do not have many colours on hand right now. Currently, I do not plan to reorder my materials as I am still in the new city, with my new path undecided.

ps. still seeking for a new job

dayshift & inblue

I am going to have a beautiful quickie today about something which is not-so-me. However, that's part of my dreams. I wished I were this gorgeous babe, running an art boutique that features artwork from over 40 southern Illinois artisans at Carbondale. Knowing Mary Lynn since I first bought my owl leather journal from her, and the relationship goes like we'll drop a warm greeting out of a random morning, sipping a cuppa of coffee, looking out the window when there's beautiful sunset. I mean, anytime which seriously random. And of course, my pending post regarding dayshift which is a must have insert in this site.

Just in case you guys have left my owl leather journal behind, I gotta give you a sneak peek before I continue my words. At the right portion of the above image, you have Mary Lynn the owner of both dayshift and  inblue! C'mon everyone, lets pop a hallo to this gorgeous babe. Personally I really have a thing for leather and earthy tone. That's the factor that drives me to her, and to the artwork. She triggered my thought to be an Etsian which in fact I am now though didn't sell over that amazing art hub yet. Laugh. That's how lovely of her who will give me some sweet words, at a certain time they meant. Thank you Mary Lynn. :)
Lastly, I'd like to show her work made from leather and stampings. Everything, from journal, wallet, ipod/iphone sleeve etc. Not to say vintage, but each piece of her creation simply carries a magic spell named the unique touch of retro and the aroma of leather. Prepared to taste it yourself?

If you just thought, I do. Why not? Of course. Yea, sure. Yes! and whatever answer it might be. Then feel free to hop into her little corner in Etsy [link].

ps. I bid you goodbye and see you there! :)

Photographed my leather owl journal and others by Mary Lynn.

Felt Monkey Keyring/Bag Charm

Second day in client's place. Everything was about quality inspection, as previously. Argh tomorrow I gotta be there alone as Mel need the other girl to back in production. :s

Anyway, highlight of this post should falls on this monkey charm ordered by Anish! That's for her friend whose birthday is today but she was lying that no birthday present for her this year. Haha what a cute friend, guess her friend must be really surprised upon receiving this little charm. :)

Happy Birthday, Kim.

Out of Sight

Will be based in client's office at Jaya One for a couple of days for quality check inspection. The office is really green with wood plank wall and its decor. However, the people here just don't talk often. Hmm that's the characteristic of graphic designers? I wonder.

My inspection work for upcoming event.

Old Town, seems to be my second home which I keep dropping by really frequent. Laugh.

Red Car Charm for Tiey's

Thank you Anish, the talented girl who will draw her ideas nicely and show me then for painting the ideas into real touch cozy. Oh yea and I am now working on the next piece of her order. Stay tuned! :)

Happy Father's Day!

Hallo with sweet Tiramisu from Alexis Bistro, and I hope all you dads are having your sweet time with your family too. And dear my daddy, I love you too. Thank you for giving everything, selflessly. Today is the first time ever I really miss home since I am in the new city. :s

ps. Lets see the love from everything, it'll always be there.

Photographed at Alexis Bistro; 29, Jalan Telawi 3 59100 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Sushi Tei Date At Pavilion

The weekend was awesome to have Viv and Greg for my love Saturday. We went to Sushi Tei Pavilion and have a bite of small lunch before our movie the Green Lantern in late afternoon.

As usual, I love observing the design and people at the restaurant counter.

Seriously beautiful personnel. :)

 Tsubu Kimchi.

 Aburi Butterfish.

Sweet Beancurd with Salmon Salad (back)  and Tako (front). I love the beancurd thingy so much! 

Cooked Salmon with Cod Roe.

I always love to spend my time with my TOU babe. I miss them a lot! Hope to have a pillow talk with Viv soon. And thank you my dear for the BFF necklace. :)

Photographed at Sushi Tei; Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.


Yoohoo! I passed my German proficiency test! Was so nervous this morning, wondering when should I call Goethe Institute to check on my result and at last, I picked up my mobile phone and dialed on the contact given by Mariyanma. Thanks god! Argh, the world seems more beautiful tonight. :)

Dinner at Kissaten Coffee and Restaurant

Today's work was rather boring with writing press release, stock replenishment for Pavilion etc. So I decided to write about my night out with Karyen and Shan at Kissaten Coffee and Restaurant last Saturday night. I love the wall art a lot. It just caught my sight once I stepped into the entrance and I know it's a must-take-photo item later on.

Our night at Kissaten was surprising with a guy performing street magic over our table. I still couldn't figure out how he twisted the fork, how he read her mind etc. After the street magic thingy, finally the food is here. I was so hungry! That's our Chawanmunshi and my bitter gourd + cucumber juice. It sounds awful but actually tastes not too bad.

Salted Pork Belly Udon, which personally I find the salted pork belly doesn't taste good.

Mushroom Onsen Tamago Spaghetti, where you gotta break the egg. Doing so will make the spaghetti slippery. The taste is just fine; not too heavy, not too light.

Must-try of the night def goes to this Char Siew Pizza. Shan recommended us with this Kissaten's signature pizza which later I found many food bloggers had commented. The BBQ pork complements the Teriyaki sauce really good, I never thought of this combination!

The night was great meeting these babes and of course followed by a group shot as usual. The last photo (from left) are Shan, Karyen and me with Kissaten's Paulaner wall before leaving.

ps. Oh my, oh my! It's Happy Friday tomorrow already. :D

Photographed at KISSATEN Coffee and Restaurant with Karyen and babe.

L12A-1-1, Palm Square, Jaya One, 72A Jalan Universiti 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Mon - Thu: 11:30 - 00:00
Fri - Sat: 11:30 - 02:00
Sun: 11:30 - 00:00


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Felt Dog Pouch for Jess

Hello lovelies, today's highlight will be another quickie of the made to measure doggie pouch for Jessica's hard disc. Glad that my sis loves this little creation a lot. :)

ps. I've more upcoming tasks in my work. Preparing press release next. Bye.


I had many blogs since my secondary year like the case that if you are seeking for a blog-switcher, then I could be the avant garde. Laugh. From Blogspot, Wordpress, Xanga, Wretch, Live Journal to Tumblr you name it all, I almost had an account or more before. The days were great to fill up my personal space with beautiful pictures I searched online, without putting credits of course.

This habit changed someday, when I am into making pictures of my daily on my own and started to venture into my craft business. From the moment onwards, I knew how awesome is the motivation someone gets from the appreciation of their arts, be it photography, craft, design, bla bla bla etc. It's like a jingle that signaling you to keep moving on.

There might be all sorts of tricks to refrain our property from being stolen. For instance, when the computer savvy people are brilliant enough to disable right click on the site with (whatsoever) code. There will be another way round that people can actually print screen. When you place the watermark, there might be someone out there who is devil enough to remove them. As the saying goes, there's a will, there's a way. Exactly.

I always think, to change this phenomena we need the understanding of intellectual property and the only way to do it, by awareness and education. I do not mean that oh wow you've to memorize or know pretty well every clause in the law book. Appreciation with heart and LINK with love, that's all! Very simple indeed to share with respectful manner.

Really got inspired and amazed when I came crossed LINKwithlove [link], started by Kal Barteski. We totally agree with Maya Angelou's "when you know better, you do better." Lets learn more together and spread the kind words around. Spotted my badge in robin? Lovely no? Drop by the site now and grab yourself a kindness. :)

Images retrieved via Brene Brown and LINKwithlove website.

So Near Yet So Far

I am sick! The feeling is bad when it comes along with Monday blue and I've to wake up at super duper early hour as my cousin sis gotta attend her course. Reaching the station at 7.30am and the cafe where I lingered upon for my breakfast usually is closed still. So I just wandering around, found a spot for my sweet reading time. Tranquility, out of a random encounter sounds good. :)

ps. So near yet so far, quoted from someone whom I just mis-bounced into this evening. Laugh.

Faith the Felt Flower Charm

Thank you George for my crafty Sunday. He ordered a charm for his special someone, neither a bit of romance of love, but someone who saved him once. Long, long ago. She's the girl like an angel to him, more than any words that rhyme with greatness. George said, she's a Christian. The moment that cross me with the thought of faith. Yea faith, and I'm inspired too! :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.
Mary Manin Morrissey

Friendly Trade: Ribbon Tag

I've done something over the weekend for my friendly trade with a friend. She will do me a favour where I'll present her my craft in return. Tadaa... that's her ribbon tag with her name embroidered on the other side circling with hand-stitched angel's wing. I bet she'll love this dainty piece of vintage!

Went for a cozy dinner with Karyen and a new friend. Love the night with babes and a random street magic dude. Awaiting upcoming post, I mean it.

ps. cancelled off my movie with viv, next weekend then! :)


Company's potluck where we just intend to have some fun for the workplace. Oh my god the potluck was ended up with chicken fiesta as three of us brought chicken. Fortunate enough, they're all of different flavours. Everything is fine. And we've Filipino dishes from Kak Marivi, the maid. Not to forget about the dessert! It's so yummy which made up my Friday! Oh so sweet... :)

ps. movie, movie tomorrow

Bubbly Eiffel In Summer

Hey lovelies, so you miss my craft? I hope your answer would be 'I do.' Your support motivates me to keep writing and sharing, heartily. I have a dream of running my craft business as some kind of I-couldn't-live-without thingy. However, my mom doesn't think so and I think she'll kill me if I make this as my daytime job. Laugh. Anyway, I am glad to say that many things have came to their ending. I am on way now to my new craft store that checked another life list of mine. Without your love, it wouldn't come true for sure. You made it happen! Many thanks. :)

ps. colorful spirit is dancing around in this summer and I'm in the mood of bubbly for this Eiffel charm too. Thank you Yen Sin for adopting my heart made pieces.

Scrapbook It! With Scrappingville

Oops I know it's a little behind for the update since a month's work in Bangsar. Finally I dropped by at the shop ScrappingVille. A true haven for scrapbook lovers, or those who is in love with beautiful little something. The retail seems cozy with zakka-styled display and for the right picture, you can spot a numbers of beautiful print from BasicGrey [link].

All the stamps that I wished I could home sweet home with, be it plastic, wooden etc. Oh my oh my... the price is rather pricey but if you are one of the lazy bug who dislike to shop online and hold your shopping items right in front of your pair of eyes, then ScrappingVille might be a great place for you. Or even you, person like me who will search high and low randomly for beautiful something.

Sneak peek of the other corner of the store. Overall, this is the biggest scrapbook I found in Malaysia up to now with seriously a lot of offerings from tools, prints, stamps, embellishments to almost everything. Feel free to drop by this cozy little store if you love my photos in this post. I bet you'll love the store ambience even more. Oh yea Scrappingville do offer scrapbook lessons as well, here [link] you can find the schedule for their lessons.

I have some fancy colorful thingy in my shopping bag of course on my way back. Can't wait to craft and I've something new to myself coming up next! *hopping of joy*

Photographed at Scrappingville; S7, East Wing, Bangsar Shopping Center.

Mon - Sun 10:00 -9:00

+603 2284 4302