One Shot Coffee, Babes And Thor!

Get a shot of Java Chip today at Starbucks First Avenue this afternoon, after watched Thor, with my babes. Oh my I love the happy hour deal so much! Was fun playing around with Yee Leng's beannie, dao zheng. :D

Photograph of Yee Leng and her three-year roomie, Su Ching. And of course, three of us who hardly get the group photo. Gonna miss 'em!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Argh, I think I'm in love with Thor. Laugh. Great movie though.

ps. upcoming post on J.L. Gourmet again, bye.

Of Chatters And Fries

That's the best I could make out of my poor pixels mobile anyway. Argh love the midnight date of chatters and fries with these beautiful people at Khaleel. Typical university night life. Laugh.

Top (from left): Nicholas, Su Ching and Hui Min
Bottom (from left): Yee Leng, Michele and Gene Harn

Photographed at Khaleel Ivory Plaza, Bukit Gambir.

Vintage Lace Camera Charm

Thank you Ween Man the little girl who has been crafting with us for a couple of times. I was like OMG that's just so flattering when she texted me that she loves my little thing and I've such a good taste to her. Oh lovely! :)

Strolling In And Around USM

Was having a stroll in USM with Yee Leng this early morning to settle some stuff at HEP or student affairs office. Reminiscing the time I spent in this building for the past three years, and here I feel sad for leaving this place again. I ain't reluctant to take up a new challenge, but I am just the type person who holds on tight to memories.

Headed next to meet up with Mr. Shahidan, one of the lecturers whom I admire for his openness and dedication toward students. Unintentionally trapped into a somehow-long-hour meeting and from the moment, I get to visualize the difference of mindset right in front of me between these people. Last meeting I'll be having in USM though.

KFC, Tea Tac Toe and Nazri for kerabu next for the rest of the day. Eating blissful meals with their sweet presence is simply a happy, yet wonderful thing to me. :)

Dozing off.

Hallo, Seanny!

Hooray I've done with the other eight pieces of charms for Seanny. Feel so excited knowing that the little parcels will be on their way to their adopters in a few more days! Can't wait to hear the story from Seanny soon regarding the farewell party. And heartily I hope big boss Roy and his associates will love these little Joops. Thank you so much, babe.

ps. one more paper left and I am off to leave my university! so fast. :s


I can't help sipping the magical spell of coffee and find myself awaken in the illusion. Cozy afternoon at Starbucks with Ken Jee, Rachael, Extra Mocha Frappucino and Chocolate Tuxedo's accompany. I care only the matters which I wanted to, and others I simply don't give it a damn. My flaw, always.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

A little coffee bean test before I off to my Airline simulation game. Can you find 3 lady bugs and 3 baby faces in the first illustration and for second, a man inside the coffee mean? It's seriously bizarre where after you found them, you'll see almost immediately every time you look at the illustration.

According to the article I read, doctor has even concluded that if you find the man in the coffee within 3 seconds, the right half of your brain is much developed than others. If you find the man between 3 seconds and 1 minute, the right half of your brain is developed normally. If you find him between 1 minute and 3 minutes, the right half of your brain is functioning rather slow and you have to take more protein. If you have not found the man after minutes, the advice is to look more for this type of exercise to make that part of brain stronger!


Arc de Triomphe Charm for Roy

Thank you so much Seanny for crafting with us. She ordered nine pieces of charms from me where I only managed to complete with this piece for her boss, Roy due to my exam. I am sorry... Personally I love Paris and this arc just in case you don't know what is it, I am going to tell you now. Its name is Arc de Triomphe, and this gorgeous building is located in the city of romance as well. :)

Ok, eight more charms to go!

ps. next simulation game paper gotta be another chaos :s

Rainbow Threads

If people usually have butterflies in the stomach, then I am having a tangled rainbow in my heart. Can't wait to start my work list after my next paper on Thurs. :)

ps. spotted the twenty-twenty

Giveaway: Notice

Hallo my readers, hallo; just some kind of random act as I am listening to Que Sera Sera this morning. Laugh. The second giveaway was a chaos for the confusing visitor count and I am just too shocked to find out from some friends that they couldn't see the counter at all on their browser! So I think I've to find a new way for the following giveaway. What about an usual giveaway post like others where I'll scheduled on the 1st day of every month with random topic, question, photo task etc. Oh well whatever that come cross my mind at that moment and for those who would like to participate, welcome to leave a comment on the respective post and I'll announce the winner at the end of the day. Please take note that the giveaway will be closed on 23:00 GMT +8 for each of the scheduled post. So if you're not too sure about the time zone difference, you may check it with this simple tool [link]. Heartily, I hope more readers will be able to participate. :)

Now I'll share how am I going to choose for the winner. I'll be using a mac app named Randomness which you can get it here [link] for Mac OS users and here [link] for Windows OS users.

First, set the maximum number based on the number of comments I am gifted on that day. For example, 50.

Then, set Quantity to 1 as I am going to choose only 1 winner.

Just a tap on the Generate button and the winner of the month will be comment with number 38! Easy!

So you love my new giveaway method? Shall we stay tuned for May's giveaway on the coming May 1, 2011. I am racking my mind for the task already. Laugh.

Happy Easter!

Giveaway: Ashlyn

Thank you readers, it's our awaiting second giveaway. That's sad case that our 10001th reader didn't turn up so it goes to 10002nd reader, Ashlyn. I have a beautifully wrapped floral parcel for her. Hope she'll have fun crafting with me.

ps. The red Jodie is on his way to send her the mini parcel. :)



Dinner with these beautiful people then at Roti Bakar when I back hostel. Initially, I would like to study with yee leng after dinner but all of us seriously don't have the mood for Strategic Management so we just get back to each other's doing right after dinner. No coffee today, hmm just not the day for it. Thus, I ordered a cup of hot chocolate to soothe my blue. Still warm, still cozy in hand but the heart doesn't say so.

(from top) Ken Jee, Jeng Yang and Yee Leng.

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.
Emily Brontë

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sometimes I seriously don't know what am I doing. Health condition seems to on its downside, the symptom is back where the heart pumps really fast and simply not feeling well. I hate taking medicine very much where I just got the two-folds prescription from daily 4 pills to 8 now. Argh!

ps. I really don't feel like studying.

Photographed at Roti Bakar, 1-1-5 Plaza Ivory, Halaman Bukit Gambir, 11700 Glugor, Penang, Malaysia.


Hehe finally I get to eat kerabu sotong, one of the food craving is checked. Laugh. And met up with Vera for eh... might be the last meet up. We ate, chat and laughed a lot! Random chat do kill the blueness, sometimes. Thanks babe for the night. And hallo, John who just received his camera charm and will put up next on his camera bag! *happy* :)

ps. Dear vera, manik & dear pui yan, stay tuned for May haha.

Flying To The Moon

Hey dear, today we have something sweet for Elaine who wants an airplane illustration. As I am listening to the song, there was such a surge suddenly to come out with this piece of charm. :)

Flying to The Moon by Frank Sinatra

Everyone in life needs a change
Need something they can't explain
Never mind the reason why
Free your soul up to the sky
Take me high, make me fly
Forget all the troubles that I've seen
Take me up, you know why
To this whole new world that's me

Another Japanese Fad!

Another Japanese Fad! charm for Max. God bless me for my first final paper - German later in the afternoon.

ps. got myself a little gift and one my life list is checked! hooray, can't wait to show it in coming May. :D

Simplicity Is Love


In my conversations with a few friends of mine lately, I have been peppered with the doubts that came in many forms, many perspectives but somehow sound rather similar, unintentionally.

'What actually the love is?'
None one of them can give me a final word on this question. Love is meant to be complicated as how people always insist, perhaps. Got the following story from a friend which seriously drives me crazy. Where else on earth can we still find someone like this.
There was a couple who have been with each other for many years. Everything just happens its way as pre-planned. Having no surprise, duties and responsibilities that matter instead. All these went well until one day the guy decided to call it off. The girl felt all of a sudden her dreams were ruined, her sight was lost. What she could do to live the days was bursting into tears, hoping for his return.Somehow he did return to her embracement, owing to the guilt of responsibilities but from that day onwards, he does not enter her house any more not even once. More of a kind of driver who take her to and back from work. More of a typical friend who having meals together. More of a family member-like individual who cares for her, like how it should be. Where is the love? Can you find a tiny bits of them in the air? I couldn't. However, the girl does not give all these a damn because she just loves him too much, uncontrollably. According to her, I am satisfied as long as he is still with me even though my existence is a nil in the core of his heart. I love him...
Frankly I got no idea whether to agree on her stupidity to cheat herself. Maybe, this is also a form of love. Who knows?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

执子之手,与子皆老 means heading on your life journey with your loved one till its end; holding hands. Love could possibly be so simple as such a cosy companionship, without uttering many words. Don't you agree?

To me, simplicity is love.

Photo, which I received from someone lovely, with source unknown.

Black Swan

Not a new movie recommendation though, just to share the thoughts provoked by Black Swan regarding perfectionism. Always being a perfectionist since secondary school years, I start to feel tired and about to let go more and more. Perfectly imperfect, as my friend told me. True enough.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Everything is perfect in the universe, even the desire to improve it.

/ Wayne Dyer /

Vera the Felt Monkey

Smiling with the rosy cheek, a girl next door who likes pearl and Christmas etc. Guess who? Vera the girl and the felt monkey I named after her. Can't wait to see her hanging around with the adorable Vera. Laugh. :)

ps. Babe, nice knowing you and I so wanted to eat kerabu now! :s

Hallo, John!

Oh haha yea so we've John today with our dainty bronze camera charm again. Thank you dude! Can't wait to send off this mini parcel. :)

ps. Just back to hostel and ready to dump myself into piles of alphabets. First paper on coming Thursday. :s

BBQ Party

Went to BBQ party specially hosted for Tangisan Jiwa krew last night at Tasik Harapan. The night was great with all of them, especially Jun, Jam and Vera. Had fun chatting with Vera till I forgot to take a photo with her. :( Dear Vera, never forget my graduation. Laugh.

Can't help laughing whenever I think of the new YDP of student representative council. He was such a funny dude where he greets us with wo ai ni (I love you in mandarin) that he confidently deemed it as how are you? Those who witnessed like Jun couldn't agree more with me. Laugh. Met Samuel and Jovan when I am about to back home! I miss Management Society too. Argh I gonna mumble again that I seriously don't feel like graduating. Just ignore me lovelies.

Later around 1am I received a call from Jun that whether can I please do her a favour to send her friend to clinic. Quite surprised to find that her friend used to be my junior in Management Society later on. Hope she is doing well.

ps. Glad that I am in USM. :)



Voila another two pieces of craft with dainty bronze camera charms! Thank you Omg! studio where it's owner love camera applique just as much as I do, so I purposely custom made both of her camera straps with different camera charms. Hope she loves it.

ps. she makes really awesome shots, feel free to drop by her site [link]. :)

Vintage Leather Multipurpose Strap

Hooray I am done with my first piece of art project with Ginael using the vintage camera charm which you can find in my shop. Glad knowing that she likes it and trusting my taste. She actually give me full extent with the creation. I feel so happy whenever some earthlings told me that they like mylittlejoops, or love would be even better! Laugh.

A felt name tag with her name embroidered on top. 100% hand-stitched with love.

Tada, and you see the dainty bronze camera charm? I added a little glittering thingy where I found from my old ear studs specially for her.

And as a whole, the leather strap can serve the purpose as camera strap as she wished for, or handphone charm, or anywhere on earth you can name it.

Frevia Vintage Leather Camera Bag

Lets meet my new camera bag today! For my friends or readers who know me rather well should know I have a thing for brown or more precisely leather and vintage thingy. Despite not in the perfect condition upon receiving my new collectible, I simply love it and its room for my cameras.

The bag inner cloth is stripes pattern in black and white which I personally think they're complementing each other great.

It also comes with a flexible compartment divider where you can stick onto everywhere according to the items you're going to stuff into the bag.

The bag is actually quite big where you see in the above photo the room for an Instax, my Lumix and not a problem for Harinezumi if I seriously want to stuff it into.

Lastly, I'd like to show the accessories that came along with the leather bag, a leather camera strap and a metal monkey bag charm.

Mary and Max

Have you ever wondered two unlikely penpals could be the best company for life? If you don't or never think about, I recommend you with this awesome movie Mary and Max. Initially, I thought this movie will be boring as the storyline is quite slow but as I watched, I found the essence in it. The beautiful encounter in life.

Max, a severely obese man living in New York with Asperges and Mary, a 8yo girl living in suburb of Melbourne with distant family. Both of them give each other the faith in life, despite being isolated by people around.

That's where I got the inspiration from the movie, a pair of Sweetie Pie mouse wrist rest support which is now adopted by Xin Yin and Johnny. :)


Dainty Bronze Camera Charm

Hallo readers, the bronze camera charms I ordered a few weeks back are in house now! I've ordered only 10 of them. So contact me at your earliest before they are sold if you'd like to own one of 'em for any craft projects with mylittlejoops ok? Drop me a note at mylittlejoops@gmail.com please. Can't wait to hear from you. Thank you. :)

Available: 0

J.L. Gourmet Cafe

So I went to J.L. Gourmet Cafe which is located at Prangin Mall. My babe, Kris has strongly recommended this place over and over again for its mushroom soup. Finally we are here to dine in after our heritage stroll. It could be the very last outing before graduation though. *sighed* Before I move on, hallo from Joy, my harinezumi. :)

Here comes the mouth watering moment. Both of us ordered the set lunch with a main course, mushroom soup, dessert (a scoop of ice cream) and a glass of iced lemon tea for RM19.90. I think the price is quite reasonable for its portion does seriously cater to my tummy just great or maybe more than enough.

Oh yes, oh yes I love the mushroom soup as how printed word on Kris's shirt exclaimed! It was so delicious. And I just got to know J.L. Gourmet Cafe is having the same owner as Mizi Bistro at New World Park.

Overall, the lunch was delighting. :)

Photographed at J.L. Gourmet33-3-09, Prangin Mall, Jln Dr. Lim Chwee Leong, 10100, Penang.

Spring Cleaning

Hallo lovelies, wow it seems that I can actually survive without Internet for a week. Do you guys miss me? Laugh. Was away for some spring cleaning catch up before I am back to hostel again and heading next for my final exam. And soon, pretty soon I am off to another city for my internship. Argh I know the hard time it could be as I was being over protected for over twenty years. As the only child, sometimes I seriously don't feel the fair side of it. Ok whatsoever everything is settled basically. Wardrobe, cupboard full of treasures, book shelf, got my internship confirmation letter etc. Stay tuned then for upcoming posts regarding my last weekend bus ride with Kris.

ps. My working time sounds great. 10am-7pm!

Bis bald. :)

Auf Wiedersehen, USM!

Never thought I will end my university life this way, with a super early morning German test which caught me seriously headache especially for the oral part. C'mon Frau Mayr, my German teacher actually gave us Hochzeit which means wedding as our oral topic. I have no idea at all how to talk about this topic then Frau Mayr try to give me some hint like why don't I talk about the wedding ceremony I've attended before and I actually answered her 'Well Frau Mayr, I really just attend! I don't know anything...' where she almost fainted on the spot! *blushed*

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Off to bus stop then to meet my babe, Kris for our heritage trail adventure. Looking out from USM bus window on my way to the bus stop, I find how tranquil and peaceful this land can be and how deep I've falling with this land where I've spent my past three years in. Always wanted to leave the study life, but when it is just around the corner I am starting to hold myself back to state where I don't wish to leave.

ps. I know all these places but what's up next? I don't know, seriously. :(