No Music, No Life

Oops it is like too late for this piece. Sorry and thank you my babe. This MP3 case is gonna adopt by Kris for her Sony E series MP3 player. Somehow, I feel that the case seriously match well with my new earphone which I just bought for my MUVO. :)

ps. went bowling again and campaign meeting at night. :) And new desires! 

Pink Dino Mini Notebook

I received a birthday order from this babe Fakhira a few days back, stating that she hopes for a mini notebook with cute, pink dino for her friend, Hana. Owing to my exam, so I hold it for a few days while racking my mind for some ideas how to put all these elements into the final work. So here you have it as below.

The mini notebook from Moof which I personally love this paper good very much. Oh yeah saw the teddy key chain? That's the photo prop I purposely grab from my roomie. Laugh.

Tadaa, cute pink dino notebook for Hana is done! Looking at my flying sparrow necklace, I just feel like adding an ivory pearl and a dainty flower crown for the dino. Happy belated birthday, Hana. :)

Roll The Ball!

Today was kinda relaxing with yummy lunch at Boston, hours of chit-chatting at cafe after tutorial and bowling session at night!

I miss bowling a lot as I didn't get a touch of rolling the ball for like ages... Went to Penang Bowl, the place where I used to hang out but there was tremendously crowded so we headed next to Sunshine Square. I love this new place for its everything-new and the ambience. Guess I'd hang out again at this place again before I off for my internship. :)

ps. beautiful people of the day: Yee Leng, Michele, Rachael, Zwai Zwai, Ken Jee, Jeng Yang, Zhen Hui, Sze Xooi and Nicholas; I will def miss my university buddies. :(

Owl Phone Cozy

It's fun crafting again! Hallo here we have the owl phone cozy for Ween Man's Nokia E71. I think it simply looks matchy with my flying sparrow necklace no? :)

An Afternoon With Beastly And Treasures

Movie date with Rachael after psychology mid term test. So we headed off to Queensbay right after we finished and that's how both people who rarely take public transport came together. Laugh. Safe and sound no? :D

The movie Beastly is seriously awesome. Oh I love Vanessa and her charming smile so much after watching this movie and the house by the lake. Urrgh! Check the site [link] please... 

Our lunch, Japanese Teriyaki chicken set. Oops I bet I will be broke throughout the week for meals.

My piece of collectible of the week - a necklace, featuring a lovely flying sparrow with the ivory pearl bead  from Forever 21. Me love.

Travel polaroid look alike memo cards with metal case. Will start to pursuit my dream again after a short break, mentally. Never give up! :)

El Mondo Pizza

It's the first ever sweet date for our Strategic Marketing team. After an impulsive of pizza date was being proposed during discussion, we have came out with a thought of yea why not a team day? That's the story how it came to our scrumptious dinner tonight. I'll let the photos tell you the story then. :)

El Mondo Pizza the Italian restaurant at Krystal Point, Penang.

Garlic bread.

Mushroom soup.

Calamari rings, my all time favourite. Oh my, delicious!

Chicken con pollo pizza.

BBQ chicken pizza.

Ken Jee and Michele, my besties in the university.

Thanks for reading this post and bye bye... from Rachael and Yee Leng, the sweeties. :)

Photographed at El Mondo Pizza, Krystal Point.

Shin Chan!

Hi peeps, hehe I found this page [link] which contain super duper lot of Shin Chan video clips! Oh my, I watched for two days already. Laugh.

ps. hmm while doing assignment and studying of course. :p

Art & Design Exhibition

It was raining heavily this early morning so we changed our street shoot plan to mansion shoot instead. Thanks to my photo togs, Phileo, Khar Ling, Mok and Ching Ching who accompany me then to Art & Design Exhibition by USM art students at Penang Times Square after the mansion shoot. The doughnuts look so delicate though it isn't real. Salute the talented art students!

The highlight of the post is def falls to the second picture which is the booth of Hazel the babe and her WaSayang branding projects. She is so creative to place a board letting visitors to write their name on the Facebook like sticker and placed them all around the board. Love the Facebook stickers very much. And of course, you're doing really great. :)

One of my photo togs, Khar Ling and the art project I loved the most. So gorgeous and detailed!

Lastly, there is a clock made from the table we usually find in hawker center. Awesome one. And as seen, it's lunch now and our tummy were like protesting already. Laugh. Off to lunch, see you...


That called my morning so delightful with mesmerizing in a mouthful of yummy food and eyeful of beautiful scenery. Handed in our report to HEP, waiting then for my roomie Xin Yin to go Popular book fair together.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I got myself a bagful of beautiful reads as well! Can't wait to read 'em! Too bad that I gotta study my abonormal psychology test for the coming Tuesday and German test then for the following week. However, I just can't control myself for not to shout it out " I found Amy Tan's Saving Fish from Drowning!!!!! " I am an avid reader of her. *blush* Hey readers, check out The Joy Luck Club when you're free. Nice read, seriously.

The Simpsons

Hallo, that's been two days where I don't take lunch already. Slept from 6am this morning until 2pm! :X As today, went McD then to join Michele and Hui Min for dinner. Since I have only my laptop without any assigns to do at the moment as I am waiting for my group mates, so I'm rather free to mess with all my random doings. Deleted my old blogs, relabel my old blog posts and tada... got the matching icon set  for my Simpsons wallpaper! I simply love beautiful things. :)

ps. Newly installed owl-shaped app named YoruFukurou for my personal Twitter account.

How Far You Can Fly?

Was having dinner with Sayee after German class at Roti Bakar. Basically this is like my first meal of the day besides the biscuits I ate this morning, argh so damn full right now with the food and thoughts about future. We chatted about family constraints that stand in the path. Yea especially when I am the only child. Sometimes it isn't about how big you can dream, but how far you can fly? :(

ps. I hope I could break all the glasses; god bless.

Camera and You

There is only you and your camera.
The limitations in your photography are in yourself,
for what we see is what we are.
Ernst Haa

The Voices Within

All objects, all phases of culture are alive.
They have voices.
They speak of their history and interrelatedness.
And they are all talking at once!
Camille Paglia

Out of Focus

I start to dislike my daily when I am in awe of being out of focus from my life, my principles. What I see right in front of me now is way too limited to embrace my bag full of dreams. I need a getaway, or a new leaf perhaps.

ps. just got back from the law firm

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.
/Mark Twain/


Met up with Chiew Tsing and Xuan Yi for lunch today. Great chat though something goes wrong with the car when we were heading off to the campus. Hey dude, we should really catch up for more lunch date like this perhaps for gossiping purpose? Laugh. And nice chatting back after me being offline for some time in real life though. :)

Something which freaked me off at night then when I am off to washroom in my hostel. Centipedes! Oh my luckily I am with specs on tonight. If not, I surely mis-stepped on the little evil creature. And where on earth could I find a lovely room mate like this! Thanks babe. She actually holding an umbrella, standing aside while I washed my face. Haha. How dramatic! :D


Before off to a brief meeting in campus, I was rushing for Mok's plushie hearts and my first felt rose brooch which I am going to put in the paper bag as well for him. Hey dude, see you soon in the coming weekend and hallo, monday blue! :s

Unchained Melody

Thank you, Yu Min. So this is my second craft of the week, a floral phone cozy for her. She has been longing for this since, hmm before I went to Shanghai. Laugh. Here go my apologies babe and glad that you love it! :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thinking I didn't watch those classical movie for some time. So I was digging this dvd Ghost out of my messy stuff and watched it while crafting the phone cozy. The song unchained melody was being featured in the movie as well. Oh I love the sentimentals...

Lost Is Gain

Was hanging out with Kris this afternoon at Queensbay. I went to Starbucks alone after lunch while she was shopping. I simply immerse in the aroma of Java Chip, surfing the net and looking at people around with different gestures. The feeling was so great!

Everytime I am out with Kris, there'll surely be some surprise of the day. Since the last video casting of Deepavali, this round is some video recording for the Tzu Chi's charity purpose to send our warm wishes to the poor people owing to Japan's catastrophe. Wrote our heartiest wishes as well on the little leaf-like note, hoping they can receive our loves and care.

One of sentences that I wrote on the note, "虽然失去了家,他们将获得更多的爱。" God bless everyone of 'em!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I got some old Shanghai postcards, which I actually hope to keep the whole set for myself, for my photo togs. The postcard above is Kris's souvenir from Shanghai with some chinese words written on the other side. Hope she will love it.

Polaroid On The Go

Voila readers, seem like I have left my crafts behind for ages. So you miss 'em? Finally I got myself a leisure Friday for my imagination and threads. I am thinking about the travel charm with hot air balloon which Ween Man requested some time ago. Tadaa, suddenly a little creature just caught my eyes and here you have it my ChocoBerry. Yea right on the point I have the idea that I am going to do a polaroid charm! So, after two hours time of cut-sew-stuff process, so you see my outcome which I deemed as somehow satisfying? What do you think? :)

ps. kinda craze over soft blue + orange combo lately *monologue*


Sometimes, oops no often! I just couldn't get myself a sweet escape from the ripple of thoughts. No regrets babe, you are the one who made the decision anyway! :x

Pecal Lele

Was out in campus merely for my German class in the afternoon. Everyday I stepped into campus, there will be a sense of reluctant to leave this place. One more day less, and I am now getting closer to Mellooi. Suddenly, I feel we are really older, or elder perhaps. The point when you filling in survey forms, the age group is like blinking ceaselessly that I am to hop into next age group pretty soon. Ok, the monologue of a 23yo. *sighed*

Met up with Aida, one of my NRIC besties and we were off to eat pecal lele the malay cuisine I always couldn't get the name right. Laugh. I love the fried chicken and I can take more spicy now? I still remembered that I dare not get a single taste on the pecal or whatsoever sambal-alike thingy when I first came to this place with Nik and Marissa. Love the day babe! 

ps. can't wait for the NRIC dinner so that I can meet all of them in one shot. :P

50 Days Ahead

Time flies! I am going to leave my campus pretty soon which I do not want to and it is happening faster and faster. Personally, I do not take myself as a person who is ready for work challenge yet. However, reality is reality where you gotta obey the nature's rules no matter you want it or not. So I am going to enjoy my 50 days ahead in my campus. Circling around friend's gathering, assignments, and what else? I love USM... :(

ps. KFC gossiping session with Jovan, Samuel and CK. :D


Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other
but in looking outward together in the same direction.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry,Wind, Sand and Stars, 1939,
translated from French by Lewis Galantière

ps. my little bear from sus


Just get to back to my home sweet home today. Sitting in the living room, suddenly I feel that I love the calmness of this little place so much! That was the feeling I had long long time ago. Since when I forgot home is where the heart is, since when I forgot simply daydream and smile are the happiest things in life. Be frank, sometimes I feel guilty when I take call from parents like a mundane to dos. To receive, say uh huh, and hang up after some brief answers. I knew they worry about me, even when I am really near. That's the flaw of being the only child of over-caring parents. Looking back at the Japan earthquake's video, I think I should appreciate all the warm whisperings. A bliss? People, we just simply forget too many simple things in life. When we are rushing out there, who says we couldn't taste a sip of laugh by staying at home with a cuppa? :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Peace - that was another name for home.
Kathleen Noris

Fly To Shanghai

I am aboard now to the windy white country. To me, my trip will def be meaningless without a camera. I can capture photos of anything, almost anytime and everywhere. To me, photos keep my memories at still. Just like blogging, flipping through old albums seem to be something I always spend my spare time on. It recalls me on who am I, where I am from. Throughout the flight journey, I met a Japanese man who is really gentleman and he actually triggered my thinking cap to explore more into the world, the very huge world with opportunities.

Please view my full album here if you are interested to aboard with me throughout the journey ok? I've added some self explanatory captions to keep you in the loop. Heartily, I hope you'll enjoy the journey with me.

See you around! :)

ps. owing to my privacy matter, I've set my albums to be viewed by friends only so please feel free to send me a friend request my readers. Thanks!