El Mondo Pizza

It's the first ever sweet date for our Strategic Marketing team. After an impulsive of pizza date was being proposed during discussion, we have came out with a thought of yea why not a team day? That's the story how it came to our scrumptious dinner tonight. I'll let the photos tell you the story then. :)

El Mondo Pizza the Italian restaurant at Krystal Point, Penang.

Garlic bread.

Mushroom soup.

Calamari rings, my all time favourite. Oh my, delicious!

Chicken con pollo pizza.

BBQ chicken pizza.

Ken Jee and Michele, my besties in the university.

Thanks for reading this post and bye bye... from Rachael and Yee Leng, the sweeties. :)

Photographed at El Mondo Pizza, Krystal Point.

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Boris Lim said...

you make me hungry la

Jhu said...

haha lu ai ane kin meh :P

rachael said...

ani ugly one.... no profile pic jor... sob...

Jhu said...

got lor... dedicated to you ger. skype. haha

Rachael said...

lol... next time have to take nicer eh...

Boris Lim said...

hoho, happen 2 c on fb mer