Harvest of Happiness

I'm like living in a little cottage at this beautiful morning where I have my thanksgiving breakfast in this piece of land. Harvest of happiness, I named it. :)

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I found a dream, a real dream. I am actually struggling. Should I pursue it according to my own will, or it might be another desire after all? It is simply too far, a dream in six thousand miles away. : |

I Thought It Was Christmas

Wow I've been here for four days already. Be frank, I kinda enjoy laid back life over here where I keep eating, being couch potato and hmm meeting new people. So it's my fourth day with Swiss Pepper Chicken and a hot bowl of mushroom soup at Olivenz Cafe as my dinner. I always love the coziness, especially in a night with heavy downpour. Chit-chatters just blast the warmth from nowhere till I don't even feel the cold. I like Elaine's friend! They are just great and cute. :)

Photographed at Olivenz Cafe, 65, Jln Medan Ipoh 3, Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.

I Love to Make Pictures of Everything

Sometimes, I just don't need something Big. I can see everything small beautifully, as usual. To me, at least. 

Thanks Jess!

Thank you so much for your love and support! We're so glad today to have Jess with her sweet words. Hope to hear more of yours my lovelies. Welcome always to drop us the url of your thoughts about us. Good day!



Nothing is sad on a beautiful morning save to look down and
realize you just had the last sip of coffee and the mug sits indifferently empty. 
Terri Guillemets

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So we have some ideas for the competition after a brief brainstorm session before our scrumptious meal by our main Chef, Elaine. And same still, stay tuned for my snaps of the Land of Grace. :)

The Land of Grace

Hallo people that's my first day here in the Land of Grace. Everything is fine and I'll keep you posted on my daily bit of stories in one shot after my whole journey. :)

Mr. Tangled

My day was so awesome where a few of us fooling around at Queensbay, Xuan Shen and Gurney Plaza after our last paper of Health Psychology. I love it when I'm surrounding with these beautiful people. I love it when I don't feel like talking, they just have the power to make me voicing out more and more twaddles. Naturally, everything happens this way. :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wow so you see our [Nicole, Kevin, Jeng Yang, Yee Leng, Zhen Hui and Nicholas] masterpiece in Xuan Shen, from the most decent to the most... well tedious looking delicacies. Laugh. Never forget of Kevin Tan's classic quote " Sorry ar, we came from jungle one. " Oh my he actually spoke this to the waitress. *thumbs up*

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was feeling really great today. Finally I got everyone to accompany for this kiddy movie. Laugh. Lovely! I love it very much... really a lot!! I adore the way Rapunzel has her own dreams and the courage to make it true. :)

Zhen Hui loves this little creature! Laugh.

Have fun peeps! A must watch, seriously. :)

Pictures of Rapunzel (Tangled), retrieved from bscreview and Film Filia.

Ich Heisse Magda

Haha this is what I found in littlegerman.com, a German name generator. So delicate no? And it's pretty dramatic to fit in all the little steps from start button to even take out the ticket. It engaged you all the while. A good way of holding people's interest, that's my teeny weeny bit of Marketing insight. Laugh. Check it out and tell me what's your name perhaps?

Hallo! Ich heisse Magda Fahrenheit. Und du? :)


Meet the Slim!

Hallo lets meet my new little blackie Slim, which I just got today to replace my old blackie Fat. You may visit it here to check out the reason I need one. :)

Happy Birthday, Purple Dolphin!

Wow my days were so packed with my hard work over a fabric camera case for Instax 7s polaroid. Still in process, 90% completion I would say. Stay tuned people! I let its owner to have a peek and she love it! Oh my... flattered Joops.

Ok so we have Michele from Malaysia today with her purple dolphin phone pouch. She made this order especially for her friend, Yin as her I-don't-know-what-kinda-age birthday. This pouch is custom made to fit her Sony Ericsson T707. Hope she'll love this piece of cozy and her own piece of art in mind. I actually made this based on the illustration she chose and handed over to me.

Lastly, we have a mini card for her. Happy birthday to Yin! :)

You're the Apple of My Eyes

My day was awesome with this babe, Kristinah at Sakae and settled my payment for material procurement all in one shot at Queensbay. Well I really glad that she loves my little packing with the implicit quote. Do you? :)
You're the apple of my eyes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I love my university very much! A nice place, to me. And oh gosh my application letter has passed to En. Nazru! Oops...


Small Is Beautiful

I always think, our mother earth is way too beautiful to be ruined. We should protect her, seriously. So I'm doing my little part in my daily where I got inspired by some sites that they made used item into something beautiful. That's what I am doing for my little Joops packaging. Impromptu, with material on hand, and with my little brain set on at the moment. :)

Somehow I find this babe Jessica, with dimples and sweet smiles, whom I believe will bear the same thought with me. So I made her my first inspiring of little something. Hope she'll smile upon receiving her Paris pouch.

Carry on... Appreciate the small. :)

'We Love Paris' Zakka Phone Pouch

Here I have my first attempt on fabric sewing after such a long break and I made this eiffel pouch. It is just so lovely with its zakka fabric and hand-sewn Eiffel embroidery. Don't you think so? I'm even glad that my first prototype of fabric sewing has been adopted by this beautiful girl, Jess from Malaysia. Hope you'll love it. :)

We're Back!

Hallo, my readers! First goes my apologies for being away in the past few weeks which I've been loaded with tight personal schedule, material procurement and site make over. As a marketing student, I always bear in mind the importance of total customer experience. That's how I work the best that I could to delight you. Thank you for your love and support, heartiest.


Friendship Bangle from India

Wow awesome! I love this bangle. Thank you Michele. I'm currently learning book keeping from this awesome lady. :)

Learning And To Be Learnt

I have so many things to read up, research and learn. Who says business is mere money and money? It is more, ain't so easy after all.


One Is Better Than Two!

Haha my specs suddenly broken into two pieces! Oh darn I got to pick up my old specs or contact lens!


My Label in the Process

I got myself a natural canvas brand label. It's on its way! Yuhuu... I admit I spent seriously quite a sum of money in my inventory and branding wise but I know I'm serious. It worths every penny. :)

Living the creative life I envisioned can be a reality. It's important to be empowered to go for it! I read this from Liz, owner of cozyblue in Etsy. Inspiring!


That's Simply Me.

Finally the Advertising final exam is over. I'm not too sure whether will I screw up the paper seriously. Laugh. Just grant me at least B+ and above, I'll be really glad then. :)

Got myself a profile banner. That's just simply me, without the need to utter a single word.


Material Procurement

I know myself. I wouldn't have so much time for mass production. So I headed over better material, less quantity to position myself as sorta exclusive craft. I think this is a better direction for me where I work for passion. I love it when I'm done with a masterpiece of mine, def no-no for mundane. That's just not me!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You have to follow your passion.
You got to figure out what you love -- who you really are.
And have the courage to do that.
I believe the only courage anybody ever needs
is the courage to follow your own dreams.
Oprah Winfrey


I Love My Job

I do not know what I'm currently doing. I'm a big Dreamer. I love to do many things in my mind. Never learn or study these stuff, it just came into the right place and right thought where my hands uncontrollably put them together. I couldn't believe actually that some of my dreams are starting to manifest, bit by bit, in my real life. The law of attraction, it works. :)


Happy Birthday, Jessica

Sorry my babe... Happy Birthday! Every time I look at my tote from Shinzi Katoh, it reminds me of you... :)

Mini Mini Moo

Argh I'm so darn eager to flip my rainbow cards now! Have an idea over here, wouldn't it seem surprising to jumble up all the colours and give it randomly. The day is red, the day is black, the day is green and etc. Only one word for it, the day is beautiful.

Ich Mag Schokolade

Wow I just got my Ritter Sports today. Love 'em and here goes my German paper. 16 pages for this round. Please... lets pray that I won't score too badly for this paper then I still have a tiny hope to get an A- for final. So glad that I got an A- for my German coursework. *praying really really hard*

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thank you my HK baby. Hope to see you soon in HK.

ps. Nat, remember the date of three. :D

I've A Beautiful Name

It's been really some hard time for me struggling over my identity. I don't want my relatives to know what I'm currently doing. I have my own dream and life. However, I decided to let go certain degree of this unwillingness as I found my name really special. You might disagree or whatsoever I couldn't care for more. I googled and found there's only one ME but a lots more of relevant search results with Joops so I headed over my personal name card with my own identity, my beautiful name which is gifted by my parents some time ago. I love myself. One day, I'll have to be able to find the value in me. :)


我  应该还是我

dare to dream

A Big Ass Camera No?

I'm a really avid blog reader. Every time I browse through some nice blogs I will have a voice within that whisper ceaselessly urging me to opt for a big ass camera sooner or later. Somehow I'm not too sure whether I need it or not.

A quote from Mark, my German course mate every camera can make good pictures if you have a good eye for pictures depicts this pretty well that ability to appreciate the beauty does not constrain to what kinda camera you are using.

Oh gosh I actually feel much better. Laugh. :D

Showcased my old blog header with my teeny weeny thought.

Happy 22, me.

After racking my little brain for hours finally I get the sharpies and start doodling. Here I have my chocolate mint cake from my dearies and rapid ride with HK baby to Butterfly Farm for my very grand opening of the 'Reuse' sketch pad I just got for my sweet 22. Nothing big but really cozy. Small is beautiful. :)


Well gotta pick up my German from today onwards. The difficult feeling I found in German actually ease down by these mint-ness left by my babes last night. Yummy. Thank you, from the core. :)


Today Has Gone Wild With My Big Day

Well the title explained it all. My day has gone wild and pretty awesome with loads of wishes and surprises. Thank you people. Appreciated.

ps. I'll share more in details in upcoming posts.


Smiley Smiling the Ribbon Bookmark

Hey people have you faced similar problem as Elaine from Malaysia where you can't find a ribbon bookmark for your planner but hoping to get a piece attached on it? If you do, now you're on the right way. Look at what I've custom made for her. She loves smiley face. She loves royal purple. She loves brown. and tadaaaaaa... Here you have it!

This is how it looks like in full, following by the close up of little button I specially custom for her.

Finally, that's how this little baby will work on the planner. Everything is just on the go. Good day and bye bye for today. :)

Oops I'm 22

OMG! I'm going to reach 22 in a day or half without achieving anything Big. I mean something. Think I should have work even harder to seek for the value in me which I barely see a bit now. :s


New Babies!

Hallo everyone I just came back with a little bagful of ribbons and threads. Love the colours! Should work on upcoming projects pretty soon. Thank you so much my readers for your love and support. I mean it. :) 

Where to Go?

So I'm working on my German today and busy preparing my resume. Haywire over which line should I embark in for my internship in next May. I wish to go as far as I could but there are just some commitment which I couldn't care less. :(

ps. suggestions anyone?


Happy November

Received a birthday greeting from Laconic then only it reminds me of wow it's November! Time flies. *working hard for my dreams*

Hohoho, Merry Christmas!

Happy November everyone! I know the title seems pretty mismatch but somehow we have Ken from Malaysia today with his elmo bookmark. Lovely no with these childhood memories? Thinking of elmo and the upcoming festive, what came into my mind was why not I custom made something christmas? So here you have my art of the day. First piece ever for christmas series, Crazy Elmo Plays Santa.

Firstly, I've doodled the paper bag with a candy stick using my Sharpies.  

Adding in the Elmo and a mini Santa stocking with his initial at the back, which are all 100% hand stitched with love.

Next, I have put a white ribbon which I personally think best complements the candy stick on the paper bag with a lovey mug mini card as a plus. 

Finally, it's time to say bye and thank you to Ken. May him and friend have the sweetest Christmas ever! So do you my readers. :)