A Cozy Eve With My Identical Twin

Was barbeque-ing a couple hours ago with my identical twin. Simple love the chit chat and my little white box. It's like a snowy new year from Japan. Love it. :) 

ps. dear you, bon voyage.

Lovey Lollipop

Hi there. Lets welcome Vivienne from Malaysia to our cozy place thanks to her sister who ordered her a blue phone cozy for her SE Aino earlier on. As requested by her sister, we have a lovey lollipop with lace and I personally added a sweet fabric tape for her.

Happy Birthday babe and hope to see you again. :)

My Precious Gift

Hi there. So have you been here without seeing me around for quite some time? I am rather sad to say that I've just started my new, yet last semester which caught me into such a hectic life. Finally everything is going on par, at least to what I could accept right now. So have you had your vision board of your new year resolutions? If not, put your thinking cap and get some ideas. You'll find how stunning a simple life can be with dreams. :)

Cheers, and happy new year.

ps. I love these craft papers from my ex roomie. Thank you! 


Just spent some time for my desktop. Nothing messy, nothing tiring, nothing mind boggling, it is just cozy and calmness.

ps. some kind of misconception where I'm like keep them hiding in the rainbow folders. :p

Flickr imagen (sorry dear the photographer, I couldn't find the source and thank you.)

I'm Busy!

I thought my life will back to the snail's pace if I am not involving in any activities.
I thought my life will be better off after the incident and I've grown up.
I thought my life direction is clear enough after spending time like ages of struggling.

However, I am just ended up with the tiredness which I couldn't get rid of which I burst into tears on Christmas night, which I thought I should've used to the pace which I won't cry anymore. I really don't know how to control my mind.

Billiard Without Balls

I've spent my time with these babes Michele and Yee Leng like half a day everyday for some works and found this hideout of billiard without balls, accidentally.

ps. wish us luck, many lucks

Hallo, New Semester!

It is my first day of this semester. Glad to meet Nicole my ex roomie and got a book from her with this stunningly gorgeous red flower and a red little torch light from Michele. It's great to have some little gift to kick off the new semester. :)

Somehow, I am not feeling great for what I've not prepared. All the best peeps!

Custom Made Holga Felt Planner 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year lovelies! Today we have my first attempt in this blog post where I have custom made a planner for Vivian from Malaysia. She loves photography and Holga, the red one pretty much. Oh yeah I missed something important, she is a vintage fans as well. So I think the colour matching of turquoise and brown with slice of lace should have catered her taste bud pretty well and personally I feel that red is uber cool on turquoise. Tada... that's her red Holga felt planner and camera bronze charm. It is 100% handstitched with love. I hope you guys love it. :)

Off To 2011 With Honeysuckle

Oh I love these! I am not a pink person but I think this colour is uber cool! I am going off to my new semester, last study year and a whole new life with Honeysuckle. Do you know what Honeysuckle is 2011 colour of the year for Pantone? [ link ]

I love how it emblazons the meaning of Courageous. Confident. Vital. A brave new colour, for a brave new world. Let the bold spirit of Honeysuckle infuse you, lift you and carry you through the year. It's a colour for everyday, with nothing 'everyday' in it.

The Dream Chaser's Journey

I love this quote "Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision and hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. - Gail Devers" very much.

And so I have this able-to-carry around vision board miniature for Joanne from Malaysia. As mentioned in earlier post [ link ], she and bf are working really hard, hoping one day they'd go Paris together. That's why she was the first person whom I thinking upon receiving my antique bronze eye candies. The person who loves Eiffel as much as I do. :)

Eiffel tower antique bronze charm, 2cm tall, and its best companion of the bronze bead chain.

For her, I have a pink macaroon, airplane and a little charm which are 100% hand picked and stitched.

Whereas for him, I have a blue macaroon, airplane and the identical little charm. It looks great on my big brown tote no? It is just so vintage, me love! What about you?

So you believe in law of attraction? Would like to get a vision board miniature of your own dreams? Tell us and we can make it. Thank you for your sweet time reading this. :)

Our New Bronze Charms

They are all the apples of my eye. So you love them?

eiffel tower antique bronze charm
camera antique bronze charm
globe antique bronze charm
clock tower antique bronze charm
windmill antique bronze charm
arc de triomphe antique bronze charm

Any Sharpie Fans Over Here?

Hallo my new colours: Green, Fine Purple, Turquoise, Black and Fine Berry. :)

I am wondering if do you use Sharpie? If you do, which colour? Welcome to leave us a note and share with everyone. 

Thanks wawa-chan!

So you find my little Joops elsewhere? I'd glad to see them all over. Today we've one of them in this blog post [ link ] by wawa-chan. So cute of her. She actually named my Domokun notebook as Domokunnie. Like it like it. Let me know if you spotted us by chance ok? Good day and see you... :)

Holiday Mood Is Still On

Busy crafting today. See even the sewing tools are dancing all around with Christmas mood like me. I want longer holiday!!!!

My Christmas Gift from Kris

My pressie from Kris for our Christmas gift exchange. So sorry babe that my card is half the size of normal business card size. No worries, I will use it to collect others. Laugh. Thank you so much. I love its classy silver with brown inner! Merry Christmas...

I spent the cozy night with my TOU babes and love the homemade blueberry cheese cake. :)

ps. my wrist and elbow part are still shading with the blue black owing to blood test. :(

I Am MOO-ed

Wow lovely! My first mini cards from Moo is here. That's how does the box look like. Yeah how exciting to receive this cute little thing.

Despite how it burnt quite a big hole in my pocket, I seriously in love with Moo and how they packed with every beautiful detail. Even the mini organizers in the box, it is just way too considerate and awesome.

Now you can see my quote is beautifully printed on the mini cards, which is half the size of normal business card. They might be too simple to you, well I am just prone to minimal thing. Simple is nice no?

Having the thought of jumble up the colours, so I could hand out them randomly to people I happen to bounce into. Won't it be surprising to receive a lucky colour in random. It should have made up their days. I hope you do if you are to get one from me.

So now lets meet my pink mini holder. I really love its sleek design and how sweet it is. And tada... I think it looks way too nicer with a Instax felt charm and bronze bead chain. Crafted with love by me. Lastly, I have a Moo logo hand sewn at the back of my Instax charm. Thank you Moo [ link ] for everything!

ps. sharing is caring :)

Spot A Melody!

I love to create. Thank you so much peeps for giving me land to chase after my sweet time playing around with colours. So how you gonna spot a Melody around? It is so lovely no? Look around and find this babe Alyne from Malaysia. Maybe there is one day you might bounce into her and our lovely little Joops! Hope you guys love it as much as I do. See ya around. :)

That's A Stick Called Bardiche!

Hey there it seems quite a while that I'm away from here. I miss you guys and this cozy place badly, really. Well today I've a new item which is gonna deal with something I am not familiar with, or more precisely never encounter before. I received an order to customize a bardiche phone pouch not long ago. That's this girl Michele from Malaysia who loves anime really a lot and how she granted me the chance to learn on a new term. Ok now I knew bardiche isn't a stick. Laugh.

Guess There'll Be No Christmas Tree Tomorrow Night

Argh I am just so sick of going out. I think tomorrow night might be another night out with TOU babes to YellowBox again for some chit chatting. As we growing elder, it seems like the surge to celebrate festive and count down is decreasing proportionately. Well... people.


Happy Winter Solstice peeps! No glutinous rice ball this year so I actually googled. :(

photo | http://tongpakfu.com.hk/en/special-en/glutinous-rice-ball-soup/

Greetings from U.S

Thank you so much dear Mrs. Debbie Portwood, one of my friend from MSS for this lovely sentiment. How much I wish I could have a christmas with colourful ornaments in my house and have a real snowman in my yard. :)


Who Am I Gonna Be?

I am seriously lost. Mom dislike me with my little business. To her, it is something which cause me the incident. It's been a few years ago since I encountered with the same incident. Feeling hard to breathe, dizzy and cramped. It was exactly the same like last time. I was freaked out when they placed me into emergency ward.

If this world is fill with people with focal point and without, then I might be the latter... :s


Domokun the Little Brownie

Oh we have a hand-stitched Domokun notebook with recycled inner pages. What an awesome fad of little brown monster! I don't know why, I'll just laughing like hell once looking at this little brownie. The feeling is great. Laugh. Thank you for wawa-chan from Malaysia to adopt this little Joops. She said it is way too cool to use recycled item. To her, they are just so vintage and cool! So do I. :D

We're On We Love Colours!

Thank you so much dear We Love Colours [ link ]. Our IPhone cozy has been spotted! It seriously made my day. :)

National Final!

Wow wow my team has made it into national final for Henkel Innovation Challenge. Oh gosh I am so not in the tip top condition right now. Shall pray that I can cope with it pretty well. Gotta have a presentation at KL this coming Jan 7. If we could grab the national champion then will off to regional competition at Shanghai and global round at Germany. Well it is just a brief description of the route. I wish we can be there as well. Laugh. I am starting to nervous already. Wish me luck pleaseee...


My Rainbow Set

Hi all, just done tidying my box. Now I have them arranged in the right order as how our colour pencils used to be. Remember? Lets meet my rainbow set of sewing threads from DMC. I love painting using them on my felts and fabrics. :)

Christmas Gift Exchange

Merry Christmas!!! May all of you have a sweet year ahead. I specially prepared a little something for my Christmas gift exchange with this babe, Kris. She loves journalling too so I wonder if a Korean stamp set might cater to her fingers really well. A cool tool for her perhaps? And she loves kitten. Tada that's a set of kitten stamp set with 15 designs for her. I bought a pack of ink pad in a few colours as well. Have fun messing around your journal with colours! Hope you love it.

Dear lovelies, beautiful no? I know it is. Let us know what you've prepare as your Christmas gift if you don't mind. :)

Home Alone

Parents got admitted into hospital because of dengue fever and I am home alone. This is the first time ever I feel it is bad to be the only child. I miss them... 

Wow it's Pink Day for Rillakuma!

Managed to clear another pending order. Thanks God! I'm just wondering do I have any other Rillakuma fans besides wawa from Malaysia? Thanks to her brother who ordered this piece of cozy from me where he told me she likes Rillakuma. Oops NO! She loves it. And she loves pink stuff too. I'm thinking such a sweet girl like her should have interested in taking photos as well. So I have custom made a camera felt charm with lace camera strap for little Rillakuma and we've declared today as Pink Day in MyLittleJoops for it. :)


One of my favourite titbits. :)

The Making Of IPhone 4 Cozy

Hallo lovelies and Apple die hard fans out there, we have listed a new little Joops Iphone 4 Cozy today which can be used as I-case, phone pouch or even any sizes that you can imagine. Welcome always if you would like to own one like this girl, Yen Wha from Malaysia. That's so sweet of her for letting me to have ample time to custom made it. Hope she will love it. Now let us back to the title, the making.

Shall I show you the first step where I cut every little icon by hand while matching their colours. That's pretty daunting and took me around an hour just for cutting. You may choose your own fav icon if you'd like to give it a try yourself or order from me.

Then I cut four pieces of grey and two pieces of black felt for base of the cozy.

After 8-hours working, finally we have a completed IPhone Cozy and a little IPhone charm with her initial embroidered for Yen Wha.

Oh yea before I end this post, I think I should show you guys as well the back of this cozy. Tadaaa, it's Apple! Oh I'm just loving Apple. Do you? Saw the purple thingy? Yea that's her initial which I've mentioned just a few seconds ago. Now you have it.

That's all for today. Stay reading with mylittlejoops ok? And once again leave us a note if you'd like to have one. It'd look nice as well even with other colour matching I believe. :)

Thank you for reading. 


Happy Birthday dear Jureen, one of my bestie which we've known each other since 10 years old. Wow such an old buddy. Although I can't accept she ate fetal duck egg in Vietnam which a site claimed as one of the six most terrifying foods in the world [ link ], it's so cruel babe!!!! Neeways I still want to wish her a good day and stay sweet as I love her even more. Laugh. :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Well I'm a Tetris lover. Bounce into this since back from Jureen's house. Just found a Tetris Battle on Facebook. Sorry Quinn, I think I have to ignore you for some time. Bye! :p

Owl Bookmark Cozy

Hi there it's an owl bookmark cozy today especially for May from Malaysia. She loves to read and always seek for a cozy bookmark. Here goes until she found MyLittleJoops one beautiful afternoon. God knows what she's an old bestie of mine! I hope she loves it. :)

Me Lurve Vintage

Had some new babies like this hemp pants and other lace-ys in my wardrobe. :)

My Christmas Bracelet

Custom made Christmas Bracelet from Mei Kay. She happens to be a business student too! And so this is my new profile picture for this season of love. :)